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  1. KrisNo95

    Prepar3D PC - Enough Power?

    Alright, thanks for the update and info!
  2. KrisNo95

    Prepar3D PC - Enough Power?

    Thanks for all the answers. One more question I have: Does the water cooling make sense for this system? Or will I be just as fine with regular fans? Fyi I'm from Germany, here the 970 and 1060 cost about the same if you buy them seperately. Kris
  3. KrisNo95

    Prepar3D PC - Enough Power?

    Thanks for the fast responses, awf and AnkH! I forgot to mention the 16 gigs of 2400mHz RAM from Crucial the system will have. Now I'm going to see if i can put a 1060 in it or have to take the 970 (the store only lets me select the 970 at the moment. But I'm gonna figure it out. In terms of PSU I'm gonna trust you, AnkH, because of the source you linked and also because it's cheaper to afford than another 200 Watts (although I know that's not a legitimate reason ). So once again thank you! Kris
  4. Hey guys! I'm planning on buying a new computer, partly for Prepar3d (v2.5, going to be upgraded). I was thinking about following components, as I'm still on a certain budget: - Intel i7 6700K - Asus Z170-K Mainboard - GeForce GTX 960 4GB - 250 GB Samsung SSD - 1 TB Hard Drive - 600W PSU - Water Cooling. Cost: €1100. My main concerns are the GPU and the mainboard. I want to play P3d with addons like the Aerosoft A318/319 or A2A GA Aircraft on high settings with at least 30 pfs, among that I will also use the PC for CAD work, video editing and music production. Therefor the question: Should I invest in like a GTX970 (which is even older than the 960) or even the Radeon RX 480? And is the mainboard capable of handling it all? Also: Is 600 Watts enough power for the system? Thanks in advance for your help! Kris