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  1. The 747 is still the most beautiful heavy flying I think!
  2. Answered my question I guess. Can day textures simply be replaced then ? Mark.
  3. I've always thought Gabriel's sky sets were fantastic in both FSX and FS9. Do they work in P3D also?
  4. Serious yes. High quality yes. Bad paint job..yes. Feels like a steel train cab. The greys a little (largely) overdone in my opinion.
  5. The IFly 747? I have all the major brands, but this one is s step above everything right now. Be nice to see it thought of.
  6. I have the NGX in FSX and the IFly NG in FS9 and now spend more time in the IFly. Got more options, flies better, some features the other doesn't, and cheaper. And like mentioned above, Pmdg cockpit is very much comprised and feels like sitting in a steel steam roller. Awful graphics. Graphics on this A320 aside, what is the FDE like compared to the real thing?
  7. Wife convinced you? Wow, so lucky!! Does she have a sister?
  8. Yeah I came here just to see a hot sexy 'chick' in the cockpit. Instead all I got was a stupid chicken. Just kididng.
  9. Fan boys need their wingtip fix you know. I believe you have to press your head right against the window in the NG. Not just a turn of the head. I use both the NGX and IFly 737. One has wingtip view. One doesn't. Neither changes my enjoyment in flying both. I'd be interested in trying out this bird. Not a 'scarebus' fan though. But then again, I used to hate broccoli too. Mark R
  10. I'm the same. Seems a little pointless to go through the hassle of setting up P3D and not getting the same results. Seems to be mixed results with P3D. This is after multiple updates. And after many comments that it performs faultlessly with no tweaks needed. Yet this thread is full of issues. Perhaps it's not the be all end all sim it's made out to be. Mark R.
  11. Thanks, Sacha. So many great settings to try. This one from the library is really good.
  12. Seriously? That's your response? I don't have time to 'troll'. I used NI for years. Until,recently I switched to CP at recommendations by others, now I have a stutter free sim. I only said try it. Can't say why it works. But I'm sorry I don't have the same problems as you. Maybe I'll go back to NI so I can follow your recommendations just so I can come on here and say you fixed it.
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