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  1. Good Thing I did not buy this plane. Just the fact that you must tweak the hell out of it and half of the plane does not work (IAE model) is already enough to wait for FS LABS.
  2. Quote by FLEX1978: "I suggested merging the Advanced with the Basic however I do now agree with the dev's stance on this, they will release it when they are ready. Unless you are on the Beta team theirs no reason for the devs to be communicating, at the moment myself and a few others talk with the devs and know the status, any issues I talk with the users directly" I might by harsh on this, but this is exactly why I hate developers. What do you mean by they will release it, when they are ready. They have been NOT READY for long time now with no news on the work on advanced version. Do people realize that when they will be ready, nobody would even want their product since other developers will release a better one, like FS LABS?? If you know the status on advanced version, then please share it with all of us! I give you a props FLEX1978 for helping the customers, but the rest of AIRSIMMER team can suck it! Thank you Very Interesting Post: http://airsimmergangster.blogspot.ca/
  3. Thanks Man, I will get that into consideration. and I am using WIn 7 64 bit. Windows 8 is BIG POOOP!!
  4. THank you for that Info. Are there any Crashes to Desktop? and What are the most frequent bugs that you experienced with it, basically what are the minuses. It is Great, But since Microsoft Closed down their Flight Sim studio, we won't probably see any new Sim in some time. X-plane is pretty cool though. When the next gen CPU from Intel comes out next year that are very powerful and cause less stress on the computer/lapop, I will buy Alienware M18x , then it will be FS X all the way)
  5. I am still sticking with FS9, I just cannot switch to FSX, though I Can run FSX at medium-high setting. ^_^ My Most Favouirte are PMDG ofcourse, I have their MD-11, 747-400 and cargo version, iFly 737, Level-D 767, feelthere Embraer 145 Version 2. I am though waiting for PMDG 777 for FS X. I really love that plane, so I will be switching to FS X with it comes out. BUT no good Airbus, I have WIlco Evolution Vol 1 and 2 for FS 2004, but it's perfect and textures are aweful. So yet to see good Airbus. I am hoping for Flight Sim Labs
  6. Oh Man! Thank you for that heads up. I would not mind playing with that Advanced Version to be honest. I do not understand why people create stuff with not being fully comfortable with finishing it. No wonder why PMDG and Level-D But mostly PMDG are the greatest and what they do, becuase they actually Finish their planes and at good quality
  7. Yeah I Saw the video and like it a lot ^_^ . No, I am from Russia. I am a First Officer, I am a Pilot, I am getting a type rating currently on 320
  8. So do you know when it will be out? I pray to god its not dead
  9. Really, there you go, another project Dead. Airbus I Think is cursed for Flight Sim You mean you have the Advanced Version of Airsimmer?? How??? On the website there is no clue to when or where it will be available? If it came out, I would get it
  10. I am also waiting for Next Level Simulations for their Airbus 380 :lol: Seems like everybody is working on Airbus, but none are relaeased which are good .There is no good Airbus for FS2004/FS X. Wilco is crap, Aerosoft Airbus X is a joke, Airsimmer looks nice but the flight model is big poop, airliner xp is out of bussines. There is one, Airbus Extended X which is ok
  11. I am not sure if you knew of this company, I remember couple years ago, a company called Airliner XP was also making 320, their screenshots for the FS 2004 I believe were amazing!! I thought It was a real plane. Sadly, there is no news from them still. I think they stopped the project
  12. Oh, no its ONLY for FS X (Sadly Oh sorry, it is out apparently, is it better than their 320?
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