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  1. Hello, I have a quick question. When you switch ON the Battery switch for example when in VC mode, there is no sound. But in your FS 2004 PMDG 747 Sounds folder, there is a sound assigned for the Battery sound. How can I make it play? Thank you
  2. Hey, How are you. I have a question for everybody. I need major help out there for the Airsimmer 320 CTD's and freezes and things like that. Yesterday, I purchased the plane on Flight1.com I installed the latest 1.4 version. I have FS9.1, with many famous add-on planes and sceneries. I have Active Camera and registered 3.99 FSUIPC. Everything is bought and not pirated. I installed everything and with administrator privileges (Since i Have WIN 7/64BIT) I tried flying the plane. The plane is beautiful, i like the VC animations the plane itself. HOWEVER, I cannot pass CTDS and freezes. The plane gives me many ntdll.dll and MSVCR80.dll crashesh when I execute a route in FMGC or when I try to look at my route on PFD screens. For example selecting different view from 5 to 10 to 20 and so on. Do you know of any solutions how to get past that? Thank you so much in Advance. I really want to fly the bird but I cannot even start the engines without freeze or crash. My Specifications: Toshiba Qosmio X500 - 18.4" - Core i7 740QM RATED 1.73GHz (8 CPU's)- Windows 7 Pro 64-bit - 8 GB RAM - 1 TB HDD, NVIDIA GTS 360M with latest drivers and updates. Reply Report
  3. I have not but now I will try. Thank you for the info. Cheers
  4. It is Ailerons and Elevators axis. Why is Fly 5 joystic bad? I read all the good reviews about it?
  5. Hi Flight-simmers, I have a MadCatz FlyStick 5, joystick. In all my add-on planes, like PMDG, Ifly, Level-D, Wilco, etc.. The yoke and throttles keep twitching for no reason while on the ground, in flight and when autopilot is on. My sensitivity with FS 2004 is all set to high and null zone of 0. I played with the settings and noting worked. I also have registered version of FSUIPC but everything there is by default. I have no idea what causes the twitching. When I disconnect the joystick via USB, the twitching stops. So it is the joystick that is causing the trouble. Any help is appreciated Thank you Nikita T.
  6. Feelthe I agree is a good quality plane their ERJ V2 and E-Jets V2. Sadly they are not making any other plane with that quality. Wilco However I don't understand what Fool buys their products nowadays, and How do they get funding and from where?? :huh:
  7. Thank you my friend for the info. Yes exactly, like the yoke has low fps but I don't have low fps on the plane if you know what I mean. Only Yoke behaviour is jerky
  8. I have bought Wilco Airbus Vol 1,2 and 737 For FS 2004. I also have E-jets V2 and Embraer 135/145 V2 but its made by Feelthere. I am not sure if its the same as Wilco. I have been disgusted by quality of the plane both inside and out. (Airbus and Boeing) Visuals are horrible, flight dynamics are even worse. They customer support is non-existent and I Feel like they are ripping people off. As an Example, their Wilco AIrbus Evolution series, what already must have been included into the basic version, they go out and release an expensive update. Also their new Falcon 7 news here on avsim main page, the comments have been negative and rightfully so, but they have been deleted to hide the truth. Shame on you WILCO! Does anybody have any other stories? P.S. Feelthere E-jets v2 and Embraer 135/145 V2 are very well done. I love those series.
  9. By accident, It should be in FSX Forum
  10. What do you guys think about this? Is it going to be another crap or actually a good quality product? https://www.wilcopub.com/dassault
  11. Yes I am using Real time weather that updates every 15 minutes. But not having Turbulence is very unrealistic :mellow:
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