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  1. Yeah I'm loving the 777-200/F and quite happy to spend the money on the expansion pack but its proving a little difficult.  I brought up the old post just to show anyone who reads it that I did try to resolve my issue before starting a new topic. :) 


    Forgot to mention too, that I have used Firefox, Chrome and IE all with the same error message - no luck!


    Thanks again

  2. Hi Guys,


    I too am having problems purchasing specifically the 777-300ER expansion pack (also can't purchase anything else either).  I too get the message saying cannot add to cart.  Strange because only a week or so ago I purchased the 737NGX with no problems at all and haven't changed any settings since doing so.  I have tried all the above advice, before I open a support ticket, and this topic being many years old, has anyone come up with a solution.


    Thanks in advance.

    Mark Osborne

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