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  1. PMDG's Boeings are officially licensed, the FS Labs A320 is not, maybe that makes a difference? Either way, shame on making P3D users pay a lot more for the same product being sold for FSX.
  2. Rich I looked at Vienna Airport on Google earth and the road and highway layout looks different. Leghorn can you please tell us what airport that is?
  3. Thank you for all your hard work! Can you please tell me what airport or add-on scenery the above approach shot shows?
  4. It was a promised feature that for me was a major selling point of the Narvik scenery package. I fly in the real-world and flat runways don't exist, every runway has its own unique bumps and curves, some more, some less. I find it hugely disappointing that such realistic scenery is paired with such an unrealistically flat runway, it kills the immersion factor for me. I can only hope that they will make good on their initial promise and deliver this in a future patch.
  5. Wow so for the last 3 years Orbx have been teasing us with various messages and screenshots detailing a sloped runway and then when Narvik finally gets released after many years of us all eagerly waiting, then there is NO SLOPED RUNWAY!!! I am so very disappointed, what a joke that they advertised something they finally didn't deliver!
  6. And I'm still trying to find out what happened to the much advertised sloped runway at ORBX ENNK Narvik, see my post here: http://www.avsim.com/topic/493340-orbx-ennk-narvik-where-is-the-sloped-runway/ How can John Venema announce this as a feature and of late I've only seen a flat runway in screenshots here? Does anyone know what happened?
  7. Rob, did you not have the sloped runway activated or why does it look so flat? I thought ENNK was supposed to feature a sloped runway, see my post here: http://www.avsim.com/topic/493340-orbx-ennk-narvik-where-is-the-sloped-runway/
  8. Does Narvik airport have the promised sloped runway? See my post here http://www.avsim.com/topic/493340-orbx-ennk-narvik-where-is-the-sloped-runway/
  9. Back in April 2013 when the Narvik developer introduced his ENNK project, he detailed a sloped runway: http://www.fsdeveloper.com/forum/threads/sloped-runway.425635/ In 2014 even John Venema, the ORBX CEO, commented on this project's sloped runway. Various screenshots followed detailing the development with the airport's sloped runway. I haven't seen any recent screenshots here either before or after yesterday's release of Narvik showing any sloped runway. Did the Narvik sloped runway get cancelled or is this an option that nobody has turned on in their ENNK control panel? I ask as I was really looking forward to a bit more realism than the standard, boring and unrealistic flat runways that sceneries usually seem to have.
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