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  1. Hi, Thanks for the responses to my post. Kind Regards to all.
  2. Hi, The following airports, for example, Venice (LIPZ), Genoa (LIMJ) and Dublin landing Runway 28 (EIDW) seem to have changed frequencies and /or amended their runway headings. Any ideas to help remedy these issues? I am running P3D V3 and virtually flying the Aerosoft Airbus 318-321. I have tried to input other sourced ILS frequencies into the radnav but without much success! Thanks for any help you can provide and apologies if I have duplicated this topic.
  3. Keep it simple as they say. You are right it is fun.
  4. Information overload....maybe it's easier to fly a registered drone and have some fun! Seriously, i will consider everything everyone has suggested and plan to work my way through all of it as soon as I can. Thank you all once again.
  5. Thanks for the info. I will implement as you suggested and be very happy when it works. One thing for sure all the responses i have received prove this autoland stuff is not "black and white" stuff. I expected to observe how the autoland worked so that I could progress to manual landings. Ah well I'm so grateful for all the feedback I have received. Patience and practice is the name of the game!
  6. Many thanks for your advice and videos. I will use all the information supplied and see if I can get the airbus on the runway with confidence. Avsim community is undoubtedly a great resource. Very grateful four your interest in my problem. Regards Cheers David. I will gladly take your advice and hopefully I'll be able to at least automatically generate silky smooth landings...... :smile:
  7. Thank you for your response. I will give it due consideration when I have a chance to sim tomorrow. I would have thought autoland the best place to learn and observe how it worked before taking on manual landings. Regards. Thank you for your response. A great deal more to this aspect of flight than I expected. You have provided a good deal of information which I will process over the next few days. Being retired now with time on hand to enjoy this wonderful hobby and keep the old grey matter active is a bonus. I have tried 33 autolands with a success rate of just 6 completions. Why 27 failed and 6 worked I have no idea. It is frustrating not to know what I'm doing right or wrong with the autoland procedures. I am certain my problems start after the Approach Checklist completes. I will take onboard all your comments and see how I get on. Regards Kevin
  8. Your swift response is appreciated. Whether I select the push or pull option to descend to say 4000 feet the plane invariably flies over the target runway at 4000 feet. Strange thing is I've completed autolands (not many) and cannot understand where the inconsistency(ies) lie. In other words I'm baffled or maybe a little stupid! If I understand you correctly I should pull the knob to initiate descend to say 4000 feet after TOD and if nothing happens on arriving at 4000 feet I need to dial in a lower altitude and press APPR on the FCU. How long do I wait before selecting a lower altitude if the plane maintains its 4000 feet level? Everything I'm currently doing is predicated on my notes as described. When should I activate both autopilots? Many thanks.
  9. Hi, I continue to experience difficulties in attempting to autoland the Aerosoft Airbus. The Aerosoft tutorial flight e-manual is not helpful enough for me in this regard. I am a novice pilot managing all phases of flight reasonably well except for the autoland. The airbus refuses to descend below the managed speed set i.e. 4000 feet. I have been successful on a small number (20%-25%) of occasions performing the autoland but how I achieved this I do not know! More importantly I can't understand why I fail to autoland on Cat3 equipped runways after following these "guidelines". Could it be a question of timing or possibly the order of events during this phase of flight or both? I keep some important notes in front of me when attempting the autoland. These include; 1. Check I have filled in the missing data in the MCDU Perf Appr page.....I complete this page during cruise. 2. Descent prep can be started one minute after starting cruise. Generally I start it about 10 minutes prior to top of descent. 3. I key an altitude of around 4000 feet about the same time but do not push the knob at this time. 4. On passing top of descent I activate descent. 5. Approach Checklist becomes available for manual start on MCDU2 marked in orange. 6. After Approach Checklist is finished the Approach phase in the MCDU should be manually activated. 7. Auto activation of the approach checklist is also possible at the Decel Pseudo waypoint. 8. When Loc Alive call made press Appr button on the FCU ensuring AGL altitude is below 8,000 feet. Too often I don't receive the Loc Alive call or capture and the same applies to the glideslope alive call and capture. I would be very grateful for a response enabling me to achieve a much improved consistency in the autoland so that I can progress to manual landings. Regards Kevin
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