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  1. I had a similar issue some time ago. Apparently two different sound drivers were installed. I deinstalled/disabled one of the two sound drivers and FPS went back to normal. Just my experience, but yeah it could be anything
  2. Check your sound driver settings or temporarely deselect your sound driver, run p3d4 and check your fps
  3. Hi Maarten, I will send you both log files via mail. Thanks Patrick
  4. Hi Maarten, Looks like this version is working now ~80% for me! I am happy coming from lots of disconnection issues using the network setup. Thank you Maarten! Some issues still not working: - not possible to start p3d in simlauncherx from client pc - monitoring e.g. fps using this option in simlauncherx results in connecting issues again. - maybe more tot come... Thanks, Patrick
  5. Hi Maurice, What you describe is exactly the point where my "journey" stopped unfortunately. I simply cannot solve this "connect/disonnect issue. Hope you found a solution for this as I really like to run this amazing piece of software on my client PC as well. Thanks, Patrick
  6. Are you using the latest nvidia driver (384.76 or hotfix 384.80)? I had a serious fps drop with the above drivers (5-12fps, slideshow!). Yesterday I installed 382.53 again and fps is back to normal (very smooth locked at 30fps).
  7. Anyone having issues with the Save/Load scenario buttons after updating the Hotfix? Looks like the buttons are not working properly in the menu. At the startup screen I see similar issues as well, hmmm
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