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  1. I would definitely be interested in seeing your settings for each of the filters used. Been using freestyle for a while but haven't been able to come even close to this effect!
  2. Thanks for your feedback ErichB. Unfortunately, I fly mostly GA aircraft as I prefer bush flying not big iron. Therefore light addons are slim to none with GA aircraft.
  3. Out of curiosity can the new light models/effects be used on the user aircraft as opposed to just the AI models? I know some developers tend to really miss the mark with lighting so I'd be curious if this was possible before buying the product. Thanks!
  4. Is anyone else experiencing the awful engine phasing noise when rotating around the plane in external view? Any solutions to this?
  5. My apologies @Jim Young I was not trying to suggest that Orbx was required to provided technical support for FSJ. I meant my comment as complimentary to them for including what files needed to be disabled in the Oahu FSJ island folder and Hawaiian Airports folder. I was more seeking clarification from the community here if there were any additional files that anyone discovered in the Extra Content Scenery folder from FSJ that needed disabled. Orbx stated that there are potentially files in the folder that need disabled, however some users are saying its not necessary to disable anything. Just seeking clarification as to people's experiences 🙂
  6. So I'm seeing lots of different information right now regarding the FSJ Extra Content Scenery folder. Has anyone found the need to disable any files in this folder? @DannyR you indicated you just reinstalled the the FSJ package. Orbx did a great job indicating what the files were in the Oahu island folder that needed adjusted and even the airport packages folder, but not so much the Extra Content Scenery folder. Looked at the forums on FSJ and they haven't been updated in quite some time. Any tips from folks here in the forums?
  7. Not to add more to your plate Umberto, but I was curious if GA aircraft support was still in the works for GSX level-2. Specifically GA aircraft support in terms of the animated passengers, baggage loading, etc. I know it had been mentioned as something in the pipeline for Level-2 development but was just hoping to check in and see if it was still actively being worked on or considered. Thanks!
  8. I wanted to chime in and share a few of my thoughts as well. I get the sense that the product will be released for the current gen Xbox and obviously will be compatible with the new Xbox when it is released as well in 2020. However, my understanding is that even current mid-range PC's can easily run the products currently released on this generation of consoles, at least that has been my experience. After watching the Microsoft E3 presentation and their emphasis on cross-platform support moving forward I have serious reservations that they would require a monster PC to run the new sim. I think there will likely be advanced features that users COULD utilize if they wanted, but so much of the technology that people are talking about (RTX for example) is still fairly expensive to the average consumer. I do think that there will be a "game" side to this that is somewhat similar to the Acceleration pack we saw in FSX. Perhaps a more modern take on some of these missions, after all that would be the path of least resistance for them. For simmers to completely write this whole sim off just because it is being released on a console is pretty sad. I really feel like the Acceleration pack, in particular, brought in a new generation of simmers into the hobby and that really helped grow the community exponentially. Lastly, I'm also not as skeptical that the footage we saw in the trailer was completely doctored (the hangar scene appears to be the most CGI of anything) but, if we look at the movements of the AI they still appear to be plagued by some of the same issues we remember from FSX (baggage carts driving through planes, road traffic driving through itself or into buildings). There's also very minor instances of texture popping. I'm more optimistic I suppose, but I imagine after seeing the explosive growth and popularity of P3D and X-Plane it wouldn't surprise me that Microsoft would spend a substantial amount of time developing a new sim. If they completely developed their own engine internally they would be perfectly capable of producing these types of results as they are not as limited as engines like P3D. I still remember when the trailer of the most recent incarnation of XP dropped everyone started making very similar comments to what I've been hearing now about MS Flight Simulator, claiming the footage is all CGI or not the actual sim etc.
  9. Does anyone know how to disable the damage or auto failures with this or the octopus-g aircraft? I know, I know, I SHOULD fly it correctly, but I'm a noob so any help on how I could disable it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  10. Greetings Iceman. The general consensus of the community at this time is to create two profiles and uncheck cloud shadows (and any other sort of terrain/tree/building shadows) during for dusk/dawn/night flights. This will allow you to avoid this issue temporarily and easily switch profiles for daytime flight. Lockheed is aware of the issue and are "Working on it"
  11. Not gonna lie, I was a little disappointed with the stream. If you choose the automated announcements you don't actually hear any announcement. However, if you choose to make the announcement yourself there is also no PA sound effect either. These would be small but not able features in my opinion. What would be an even more cool feature is that if you made the announcement then PACX would play it back with a filter over it so it sounded like it came through the PA system on the plane.
  12. Kayla Kinzel, one of the Devs over at LM stated that their team is aware of this issue and is looking at what might have caused this to occur. It doesn't appear to have been something they were aware of or something that was intended with the recent patch. You can follow the discussion here; https://www.prepar3d.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=6312&t=133165&start=90
  13. I agree, with the introduction of PBR and enhancing loading times for complex scenery that utilize the 64bit capabilities there is much work to be done before a v5 would be justified. I would venture to think that the next few updates for v4 are likely to be mostly back-end changes that optimize code and begin to resolve some of the long-standing issues that have plagued the platform since FSX
  14. This is actually different than the [SOUND] TIME_CONSTANT=0 issue. I've already added this into my p3d config. This tweak actually resolves an issue where it sounds like the engine are throttling up on view changes. I somewhat found a resolution via the all-powerful google gods, but was curious if anyone was aware of any other workarounds? Below is one of the solutions I found;
  15. Yikes, not sure if you're on the BETA team or not but someone somewhere is breaking an NDA which is a pretty serious issue. Really don't mean to sound like I'm lecturing, but might want to avoid giving out specific dates even if you have insider knowledge about something. Just trying to look out for you and your source Dave!
  16. Greetings friends. I was hoping someone might have a solution to this problem. I'm mostly a heli pilot in p3dv4 and have several that I absolutely adore from nemeth and cerasim (Cera's 222 in particular). However, I have this horrible phasing issue when panning view in the external aircraft spot view. Does anyone know of a solution for this problem?
  17. I agree with @Drumcode , for a product that is dynamic in nature screenshots only tell half the story. It would be nice to see some recent video of the product since the last time we saw it was in alpha. I imagine this will be coming in the final stages of the marketing campaign but just thought I would offer my support of this move from a consumer standpoint.
  18. I 100% agree with this. Despite @rstough even recognizing that their marketing tends to not align with consumer experiences, they seem to be utilizing the same methods this time around yet again. The sad thing is there is really no accountability for these sorts of things. My best piece of advice is to read all the reviews and experiences from other people before investing in something that makes such revolutionary claims. After I bought into the Skyforce marketing I too found that the reality of the product was far different that what I actually experienced. I get the sense that this is likely going to be the same with EnvironmentForce. After watching the initial product reveal really closely it seemed that the cloud textures were just fading in and out, not really "forming and dissipating". I'm willing to accept that the product was early Alpha when it was initially shown. But I'm also a little apprehensive since nothing has been shown since then in terms of video.
  19. From what I read on the reviews on simmarket it looks like the model is extremely nice and FPS friendly. However, the gauges in the VC are in russian... so if that's a dealbreaker prolly not a good investment.
  20. @rjfry I agree Rex Worldwide airports HD is a great product, it unfortunately only replaces textures on airport buildings and models. I believe the OP's product was a full texture replacement for all autogen textures in the simulator.
  21. Greetings All, We all know that P3D has some serious limitations with helicopters in general but I'm looking to get a little bit more realism in terms of a slow spool startup from my helicopters in p3d. I was curious if anyone uses the Low RPM keys in P3D during the startup process and where they typically implement it in their startup procedures? There are some excellent sound packs out there for helicopters but many of them suggest using the LOW RPM feature of FSX/P3D to get the smoothest transitions between sounds. Any help would be appreciated 🙂
  22. Hi Dave, I looked around for news about the "high end texture package" you mentioned but didn't see it on the hifi website. Do you have a link with more info on this? Disregard, Its in their development roadmap for 2019-2020. Not very detailed but I encourage folks to give it a look. I will only speak for myself but generally, REX products over the last few years have been a lot of hype and then release of a product that doesn't entirely deliver as promised. My understanding is that Skyforce is the 1st of several products that are slated for release that would ultimately end up being an entire weather sim tool. Part 2 would be Weatherforce: a dynamic texture engine and shader engine, and shader/processor enhancer. For me, I find that ActiveSky + ASCA + ENVTEX clouds do the trick and look absolutely astonishing. Thanks, -B
  23. Great point gentlemen. By all accounts I'm hearing the effort required didn't really translate into a major boost in immersion, lol.
  24. wouldnt that setup impact any sound coming through your headphones? Including aircraft noises etc?
  25. Greetings all, I was curious if anyone knew how to apply a radio sound effect or filter to a TTS voice? I use Ivona or Cereproc voices but also have found a few Windows voices and have noticed that something that tends to kill the immersion is that there's not radio effect to the voices. The only ones that do have this effect are the VOXPOP voices which sound a little too robotic for my tastes. Was just curious if anyone had figured out a way to add this effect to VOXATC?
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