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  1. Thank You Eddie. Will get it for sure. Thanks Walt
  2. Thank you. I will check it out. Happy Thanksgiving everyone. Walt
  3. Thank you. Guess we will just have to wait this out. I'm sure someone will fix this tough. Have a Happy Thanksgiving and again thank you for your help and advise. I do appreciate it. Walt
  4. Thank you. You're right. Just hoping Aerosoft is aware of the issue and can correct it. I received a reply from Honeycomb and they said "Unfortunately, some addon creators use different code than the base code of the simulator, so the controls don't work properly with the plane itself. That may be what's causing the issue in your case as well. We apologize for the inconvenience, but we are limited in the scope of the code we can use, as we use the same type as the base simulator. We recommend checking with the forums as you have done to see if there are any ways around this issue!" and hopefully this can help Aerosoft fix the problem. I'm seeing $500.00 for a Yoke and Quadrant and $70.00 for the CRJ, and for $600.00 I want these things to work. I'll be patient, but at least have Aerosoft look at this problem. I Love the Aerosoft planes and I love my Honeycomb controlls. Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Flying
  5. I purchased the Aerosoft CRJ Package. The 500,700,800 and 900. For some reason none of the dials on the quadrant change the settings in the plane. I have to use the mouse to set ALT, VS, HDG, ALS, Course, etc. I can only make these settings "on The Screen". The Speed Brakes, Throttles, and Flaps work on the Quad, just the dials are not seeing the CRJ. On my honeycomb yoke I also noticed the Light switches don't operate the switches in the plane, I can only move them on the screen. I'm thinking this is an Aerosoft/Honeycomb problem because I just now tried switching the aircraft to the Cessna Citation and the QUAD dials work as they should. I notice when I select the CRJ the Altitude window is always showing 10000' before I even change the ALT. Anyone else having this problem? Any solutions? Thanks Walt
  6. Yes I installed and it is so much better. Thanks to everyone for your help on this. Happy Flying, see you at 20,000. Walt
  7. Does anyone know how to get rid of the Big White Info Tab that lingers over the airport, when you zoom in to select a parking spot? Thanks Walt
  8. Glad I was able to help. We're all a team here, and that means so much. My special thanks to all of you.
  9. Based upon what you reported about no weather injection please download the VS 2019 redistribution files and install them. https://aka.ms/vs/16/release/vc_redist.x64.exe This is my reply from Rex. Seems to have worked
  10. Thank you Cap ! I think Rex does have a problem with SU6 Update. Will have to wait and see how they make out. But Thank You. At least now I know it's not only me. See you up around 40,000'
  11. Yes, my AFC-bridge also shows as uninstalled in my content manager also. But It is working as I have lights on my Throttle Quadrant. Not sure why this is but If I get an answer I surely will post it for you.
  12. Anyone here using Rex Weather Force 2020? I have it. It was working fine until I did the Rex update, and now it's not working. TAF data not available, Not sowing Temp/Dew Point/Wind/Wind speed or gusts. Search for Airport and I get "Your search did not result in any records." It's like it isn't getting weather Data, and airport data. Did anyone else have this problem and were you able to fix it. I uninstalled and re-installed Rex 4 or 5 times and same results. Also I don't know how to insert pictures to show you in this forum. Not sure how to get a URL link to my pictures. Thanks Walt
  13. Oh no that's OK. I know they had a download from day one but that was just to get the lights working on the Quad. But They did have a new download this time. Not sure what it did but I downloaded it and installed it. I did find out what my problem was though. It was from profiles I created for the different planes. So I'm back up and running. But I do want to say Thank You for trying to help me. It is greatly appreciated. Walt
  14. Found out why my Honeycomb dials wouldn't work. It did have to do with one of the profiles I created, for the single engine and single engine complex. At least I now know it was from something I did and not MSFS2020 or Honeycomb. Again best wishes to you all and Thank You. Great bunch of flyers on here. See ya at 10,000' in the clouds. Walt
  15. Honeycomb did have a new download for MSFS2020. I was really surprised when I saw it. I downloaded it but it still didn't fix my ALT and VS problem. I am going to try something now. I think I have an idea what is causing it. I think it has to do with my profiles I made. I'll let you all know how it coming. Again, Thank You, you're all a great group to work with. Thanks Walt
  16. Wow, that may be it. I just downloaded the driver. They never had one for MSFS as long as I had my Honeycomb Yoke and Quadrant. Dying to try it out and see if it fixed my problem. Once again Thank You to everyone for your help. I'll let you know if that fixed it. Thanks Walt
  17. OK I will do exactly that and thank you again
  18. You should see the altitude and VS change in the PFD while you turn and enter the info with the quadrant knobs.
  19. Oh Yes. And I appreciate your help. Seems like the dials work say in the CJ4, or the Longitude Jets, but not in the 172 or 182. When you turn the dial to Altitude, and try and dial it in on the PFD nothing. And if I dial VS speed in, no adjstment is on the pfd.
  20. Flying the Cessna 172 G1000 and The Caranedo Cessna 182, and I can't input the altitude or the Vertical Speed with the quadrant dials. Nothing happens. I have to click on the screen knobs to input information. Any idea why this isn't working or If other people are having the same problem. Thanks Walt
  21. You don't have to download any profiles for the Honeycomb yoke or throttle if you're using MSFS 2020. You do have to download a file from them to make your lights on the throttle quadrant to light up tough. As far as the buttons and settings go, you have to create separate profiles for each type of aircraft in the control selection. Like single engine, single engine complex, two engine etc. Seems confusing but it's not once you create one profile.
  22. Thanks MrFuzzy. Actually I'm doing this for my cousin. I'll try and get that information for you. Walt
  23. Thanks MrFuzzy. Actually I'm doing this for my cousin. I'll try and get that information for you. Walt
  24. Thank you Ixoye, I'll give that a try. Appreciate your help. alt
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