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  1. Purchased the PMDG 737 and the Function buttons do not light up when pressed. They do on the other aircraft but not on the PMDG737. I tried to run the AFS Bridge from with in the Community folder and when I try to execute it I get ": Failed to initialize SimConnect to the line." Have no idea what that's telling me. Also in MSFS content manager the AFCBridge is showing up as not installed. If I select it in the Content Manager It wont give me the option to install it from there. Kinda of hung up on this. Any help will surly be appreciated and happy flying. Thanks Walt

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  2. Created a flight plan in Navigraph. Saved and exported it to MSFS2020. It saved and is in the list. I start MSFS2020, Select the CRJ700, select load flight plan and load it. When I select flight plan on the CDU there is nothing loaded. When I select legs in the CDU empty fields, so it seems as if the flight plan selected in the world screen, is not getting loaded into the CRJ CDU. Any ideas why this is happening? As always,  Thanks Walt

  3. Going to fly the msfs2020 Aerosoft CRJ700. I create a flight plan in Navigraph. I export the plan to MSFS2020. When I start MSFS2020, I select and load flight plan (Which is in the list), but it does  not get loaded in the CDU. I select flight plan on the CDU, blank fields, I select legs, blank fields. So msfs2020 doesn't  seem to be loading the flight plan into the cdu. Any ideas why this is happening? Thanks Walt

  4. Thank you. You're right. Just hoping Aerosoft is aware of the issue and can correct it. I received a reply from Honeycomb and they said "Unfortunately, some addon creators use different code than the base code of the simulator, so the controls don't work properly with the plane itself. That may be what's causing the issue in your case as well. We apologize for the inconvenience, but we are limited in the scope of the code we can use, as we use the same type as the base simulator. We recommend checking with the forums as you have done to see if there are any ways around this issue!" and hopefully this can help Aerosoft fix the problem. I'm seeing $500.00 for a Yoke and Quadrant and $70.00 for the CRJ, and for $600.00 I want these things to work. I'll be patient, but at least have Aerosoft look at this problem. I Love the Aerosoft planes and I love my Honeycomb controlls. Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Flying

  5.  I purchased the Aerosoft CRJ Package. The 500,700,800 and 900. For some reason none of the dials on the quadrant change the settings in the plane. I have to use the mouse to set ALT, VS, HDG, ALS, Course, etc. I can only make these settings "on The Screen". The Speed Brakes, Throttles, and Flaps work on the Quad, just the dials are not seeing the CRJ. On my honeycomb yoke I also noticed the Light switches don't operate the switches in the plane, I can only move them on the screen. I'm thinking this is an Aerosoft/Honeycomb problem because I just now tried switching the aircraft to the Cessna Citation and the QUAD dials work as they should. I notice when I select the CRJ the Altitude window is always showing 10000' before I even change the ALT. Anyone else having this problem? Any solutions? Thanks Walt

  6. 40 minutes ago, fppilot said:

    That Microsoft Visual C++ update has gotten my Rex WF working again as well.  Thanks to WaltPop for advising.  I have not experienced even an ounce of performance hit from Rex WF.  I must say in fairness that my experience over the past seven days with default MSFS seems much improved.  Makes me wonder if it is regional.  I fly mostly in Mid Atlantic states to Great Lakes states.  I am currently on a trek from Kansas City to Denver to Vegas, and then up and down the California coast between Orange County and San Jose.  It is on this trek that default wx appears to be more accurate.  And the fact that it is California is not a factor.  There has been weather, including below minimums.

    Glad I was able to help. We're all a team here, and that means so much. My special thanks to all of you. 

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  7. 17 minutes ago, CaptainNightBeauty said:

    I stopped using it after the latest update. Issues same as you, even EGLL or KLAX dosen't come up in the search. 


    Honestly though, after using it for a few months now, it's been a breath of fresh air going back to MSFS's built in live weather. It's not perfect, but I feel it's improved greatly since I got REX. My biggest gripe with REX of late was weather just popping in out of nowhere, i'd be flying a GA aircraft and all of a sudden a layer of clouds builds up below and eventually swallows me in a matter of 10 seconds. It actually looks quite frightening in VR, especially if your flying over the Bermuda Triangle. 

    Many thanks,


    Thank you Cap ! I think Rex does have a problem with SU6 Update. Will have to wait and see how they make out. But Thank You. At least now I know it's not only me. See you up around 40,000'

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  8. Anyone here using Rex Weather Force 2020? I have it. It was working fine until I did the Rex update, and now it's not working. TAF data not available, Not sowing Temp/Dew Point/Wind/Wind speed or gusts. Search for Airport and I get "Your search did not result in any records." It's like it isn't getting weather Data, and airport data. Did anyone else have this problem and were you able to fix it. I uninstalled and re-installed Rex 4 or 5 times and same results. Also I don't know how to insert pictures to show you in this forum. Not sure how to get a URL link to my pictures.  Thanks Walt

  9. On 11/4/2021 at 11:28 AM, James Callan said:

    No disrespect intended, but they've had the AFC_Bridge software to activate the LED's since day one, available from the Honeywell or Aerosoft websites.  Been using it without incident since before Christmas 2020. NOTE: Just run the .exe file and it will find your Community folder and install the AFC_Bridge file.  DO NOT put the .exe file in your Community folder directly.

    Oh no that's OK. I know they had a download from day one but that was just to get the lights working on the Quad. But They did have a new download this time. Not sure what it did but I downloaded it and installed it. I did find out what my problem was though. It was from profiles I created for the different planes. So I'm back up and running. But I do want to say Thank You for trying to help me. It is greatly appreciated. Walt

  10. Honeycomb did have a new download for MSFS2020. I was really surprised when I saw it. I downloaded it but it still didn't fix my ALT and VS problem. I am going to try something now. I think I have an idea what is causing it. I think it has to do with my profiles I made. I'll let you all know how it coming. Again, Thank You, you're all a great group to work with. Thanks Walt

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