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  1. You should see the altitude and VS change in the PFD while you turn and enter the info with the quadrant knobs.
  2. Oh Yes. And I appreciate your help. Seems like the dials work say in the CJ4, or the Longitude Jets, but not in the 172 or 182. When you turn the dial to Altitude, and try and dial it in on the PFD nothing. And if I dial VS speed in, no adjstment is on the pfd.
  3. Flying the Cessna 172 G1000 and The Caranedo Cessna 182, and I can't input the altitude or the Vertical Speed with the quadrant dials. Nothing happens. I have to click on the screen knobs to input information. Any idea why this isn't working or If other people are having the same problem. Thanks Walt
  4. You don't have to download any profiles for the Honeycomb yoke or throttle if you're using MSFS 2020. You do have to download a file from them to make your lights on the throttle quadrant to light up tough. As far as the buttons and settings go, you have to create separate profiles for each type of aircraft in the control selection. Like single engine, single engine complex, two engine etc. Seems confusing but it's not once you create one profile.
  5. Thanks MrFuzzy. Actually I'm doing this for my cousin. I'll try and get that information for you. Walt
  6. Thanks MrFuzzy. Actually I'm doing this for my cousin. I'll try and get that information for you. Walt
  7. Thank you Ixoye, I'll give that a try. Appreciate your help. alt
  8. Getting flickering on the screen when I use MSFS2020. What could this be from? Thank You
  9. Is there a way to select a season say between Summer and Winter? Thanks Walt
  10. Trying to fly the 172 G1000 and the aircraft bobbles too much as if there is turbulence but there is not, so not sure what could be causing this.
  11. In the Cessna 172 G1000, unable to switch from Nav2 to Nav1
  12. In the Cessna 172 G1000, unable to switch from Nav2 to Nav1
  13. Thank you. I appreciate your help. It means a lot. Walt
  14. Got it and thank you for your assist. Walt
  15. Thank you my friend. Appreciate your information. Walt
  16. Thank you friends. As always, I appreciate all the help you give me. And I say from 1 pilot to another, ........"Thank You."
  17. Doing a flight from KOXC to KHPN. Entered Departure and arrival in the Welcome screen. Flight plan shows KOXC KHPN. I go to the search box and enter CMK VR. select it and all of a sudden the map zooms way in. Can't select the "ADD" because it now in view. Is there a way to stop this from happening? I noticed that if I select the waypoint from the search box immediately and shoot my cursor onto the screen as fast as possible I can sometimes catch the ADD box. Am I doing something wrong?
  18. Is there a way to modify the flight plan in the G1000 after its loaded. In other words, delete a way point, or enter a way point? In PROC, select approach, showing a STAR in the list. Select a STAR but can not delete a Transition. You are forced to select one of the transitions showing. Thought I could get by that by selecting a transition, then all I would have to do is delete it from the list when I select FPN. But you can't edit the flight plan in the G1000. Or is there a way to edit it?
  19. Flying the Cessna 182. With the Honeycomb throttle quadrant. I can't adjust the alt or the VS through the quadrant. Have to make these adjustments with the mouse and on screen knobs. Any Idea why this is? Or what I have to do to get the Quadrant to adjust the on screen panel? Thanks Walt and "Happy Flying" Any advise is always appreciated for sure.
  20. RW, thanks man, that does make it work. Appreciate the help. Happy flying. Walt
  21. John Thank you very much. i appreciate your help on this. Walt (Happy Flying my friend)
  22. Hi. In the CJ4, when I load a chart in the MFD, the toggle (Up,Down,Left,Right) switch is not working. It use to work but now it doesn't scroll. It used it to scroll the charts in the MFD so you could see the whole chart. Any idea why it's nt working? Thanks Walt (Happy Flying)
  23. I'll give it a shot and Thank you everyone for your support. It is greatly appreciated. From one pilot to another, "Happy Flying." I'll wave to you as I pass 30,000'
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