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  1. When "I'm on the ground" My rudder and flaps act crazy . I hold Rudder full left and it pops back to center, Hold rudder full right and it pops back to center. Try to set flaps and it flutters back and forth. "Now" this is what's puzzeling to me...... was that as soon as I get airborne, the control functions work fine. Haven't a clue what would cause this.
  2. Not liking this........... Hope MSFS gets this back together like it should be. And thanks, you can fly with me anytime. UPSPILOT handle in MSFS. Thanks again
  3. I agree. I input flpns through Sim brief, Navigraph Charts, or from World Map. Either way plane should follow the inserted flight plan.
  4. Not sure. Do they show up as way points in the flpn?
  5. All of a sudden I am having a problem with my NAV mode. Have a flight plan selected and when I go to Auto Pilot mode select NAV1 or GPS Mode the plane does not follow the flight plan. Even though I have NAV1 or GPS selected, it still does not follow it. Plane will not move to the Magenta flight plan. Never had this problem before so it's not as if I'm doing something wrong. at least (I think.) Any ideas what is going on? Thanks Walt
  6. I fly MSFS2020 with my brother. We entered a flight plan from World. We both picked the Cessna 182. Departing Airport is KLOL Arriving Airport KRNO. When we go to Low Altitude IFR my flight plan shows " KLOL WADDS FMG KRNO" When my brother does this he doesn't get "WADDA or FMG" Just KLOL KRNO. I noticed he does not get waypoints like this on other flight plans too. If you select a from and to, then select low altitude IFR or High Altitude IFR, MSFS 2020 should be adding other waypoints in. Mine does..... but his doesn't. This has me baffeled why he is having this problem. Anyone have any ideas I can give him to help him out? Thanks Walt and Happy Flying
  7. -This is driving me nuts. Elevator in the yoke is assigned to the elevator Axis, nothing else assigned to it. Auto pilot not on and it still does it. Pull up on the yoke, elevator goes up for about 2-3 seconds and drops back down to center. Push forward, elevator goes down for a few seconds and pops back up to center. Changed the yoke to the default selection and it still does it. The last thing I did before this started to happen was to adjust the rudder pedal sensitivity to less. But that should not have anything to do with the elevator, at least not from the rudder pedals. There has to be something right in front of my face and I'm just not seeing it. Tried different planes to see if it happens to them too and it does, same problem. One of my awesome follow pilots will pull through for me I hope. Anyways I wish all of you Happy flying, I'll be up soon I hope. And thanks, hope to hear of a solution soon. Walt
  8. All of a sudden I can't take off. I have the honeycomb Yoke and Bravo Throttle Quad. I noticed that when I'm on the ground and test the control surfaces. When I pull back the elevator goes up and snaps right back to center. If I push in the elevator goes down and then snaps right back to center. checked the profile and everything seems to be ok. Any ideas why this is happening, Thanks Walt
  9. May have something there. Let me remove the WT G3000 and seeeeeee if everything works again. Thank You I'll let you know. Not sure how to find you direct in the forum though.
  10. Experimenting with a few flight plans. Did one with Navigraph and imported it into MSFS2020. Did one with Simbrief and imported it into MSFS 2020. Problem seems to be in the Citation Latitude, when I try to use the PROC function for Departure, Arrival and Approach selections. Again with the test flight from KOXC to KBDL, I want to select Runway 33 for my approach, and I don't want any of the transitions. So the CDU should show KOXC - HADUX at 2500' , HOMEY at 1800' and then KBDL ILS 33. (108.55 @ 328 degrees). So if I created this flight plan and imported it into MSFS. Then when I start MSFS2020 and "LOAD" this plan, should I just select from the PROC (Approach) and enter ILS33 and nothing else. I'm still playing with this to figure it out. Haven't tried another jet though, will try the CJ4 and see if I have the same problem. I do appreciate the feed back tough. Hope you enjoy flying as much as I do.
  11. Doing a short test flight from KOXC to KBDL, Landing RWY ILS33. Entering flight plan in the cdu and in PROC Arrival, I select rwy 33, but I don't want any of the transitions showing to select from. But I can't select none, so how do I bypass of get rid of the transition? When I select ILS rwy 33, flight plan should take me to HADUX then to HOMEY and then land on RWY33. Thanks for any help I can get on this.
  12. Yes, I am doing everything correctly. Have done many many ILS approaches before without any trouble. So can't figure out why I have this problem all of a sudden. Going to try another test flight now from KOXC to KBDL. Landing ILS Runway 33 108.55 Coarse 328. Lets see what happens.
  13. Yes I have the WT G-3000, and don'tthink I'm having a problem with that.
  14. Really? That's interresting, because I did notice the glide slope showing up on the PFD while in GPS mode. I'll have to play with this. Thanks
  15. Yes, Everything is set for the ISL, APP, NAV1,ILS Freq checked, CRS checked. this bad boy should be going in for a perfect landing. Yet, when I switch over to the VOR1, the plane decides to go sightseeing.
  16. Did a flight and when I tried to set the coarse I clicked on the Nav Source button and it did nothing. Could not switch from GPS to NAV1. After a while it did change. Also when I did an ILS approach, and switched over from GPS to NAV1 the plane didn't follow the approach. I was close to final, activated APP, went from GPS to NAV1, correct ILS freq was entered, Coarse was set and plane did not follow approach. Anyone else have this problem? Or any suggestions on why this is happening? Seems like I did everything right and everything was set. Thanks, Walt
  17. OK Here's where my problem came from. In my community folder I have the workingtitle CJ4 Workingtitle g1000 and the working title g3000. I also had the workingtitle-g3000-road data. The workingtitle-g3000-roaddata was the file that had MSFS2020 hanging when I went to close. I removed that file and everything works fine now.
  18. Solved the problem. Make a new folder on your desktop, I named mine "community folder files". Copy all the files from your community folder (All of them) to this new folder you made. Run Flight simulator and see if it closes. It should. Now you can start to copy those files back into the community folder one at a time, try the sim each time. Then you will see which one caused the problem. It fixed mine, so that was causing the problem, msfs just didn't like one of those add on's. Good luck let me know how you make out, and happy flying.Walt
  19. All of a sudden MSFS2020 will not shut down when I close it. I have to use the Task Manager to close the program. Any ideas how to fix this? Thanks Walt
  20. Fixed the problem. Had reinstalled WT CJ4 0.12.1 and that was the problem. Installed the WT CJ4 0.12.5 and everything is working now. So it's important to check the version numbers. And thank you for your help. Happy Flying Walt
  21. Not sure when you say "Database page" Where is that and thank you for your response. I had to reinstall the WT CJ4 and now I am having all sorts of problems. MENU ADV and DATA knobs not working. Navigraph Charts is "Linked" but unable to get charts Engines not running if I start on a runway (And they should be) I reinstalled it twice and still the same. WT CJ4 v 0.12.1
  22. Had to reinstall the Working Title CJ4 and having all sorts of problems. Started flight from runway and engines should be running, and they are not. Menu ADV and Data knob not working. Navigraph says "Linked" in CDU "MOD" and and charts not showing up in CDU Working Title CJ4 is version 0.12.1 Anyone else having problems with this. It was working fine untill I had to reinstall Thanks any help would e greatly appreciated. Walt
  23. Trying to figure out how to enter N041.497936 W073.077112 as a waypoint into the World Title CJ4 FMS. Haven't figured out the correct format yet. Can anyone help me please? And is that also possible with the GPS in a Cessna 182? Thanks Walt (As always you guys are great/>)
  24. Hi Noncon. Have it all fixed. Contacted Zendesk and they fixed it all for me. Seems there was a transaction that was hung and they had to clear it. Everything is all set now. Thanks for the feedback though. Have a great day.
  25. Trying to make a purchase in msfs2020 Market Place but Purchase/Buy option is grayed out.
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