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  1. Did you unlock the red tabs that are a throttle lock. That is what had me stumped. You have to click the tabs to unlock and then the throttles will move. Good Luck ................... Walt
  2. I love the Honeycomb Yoke and Throttle Quadrant. Took a while before I understood with the set up, but I got better. You do need to create the profiles though. Prop, double prop, 2 jet engine, 4 jet engine etc. Finally got everything working smoothly and must say they are the best investment for flight sim. I emailed Honeycomb about my problems with the quadrant and the new Aerosoft MSFS CRJ. They said that these problems were likely from Aerosoft and they were working with Aerosoft to correct the problems. So I'll wait it out. As far as your Honeycomb Yoke, there is shortages on some of these. But hopefully you will get yours soon, I can't say enough good things about mine. I love it. The Quadrant you can't find, and if you do, their charging double for it. I see them go for $500.00. Give Honeycomb an email and tell them what kind of problems your having, they have always been good getting back to me with answers. So I'm sure they will help you. "Good Luck" Maybe we will pass at 40000 feet some day. Happy Flying. Let me know how you make out. Walt
  3. Loaded flight plan in cdu. When I go to "Dial" in the altitude with the quadrant, altitude does not change in the PFD. Also when I started the flight, I got aiborne, I have a flight plan loaded and have the PFD nav set to FMS1. When I turn the auto pilot on and hit nav, the nav button turns off and the HDG button goes on. Turn HDG off and hit NAV again and the same thing happens. HDG stays lit, but it does follow the flight plan. And one more thing, If I'm entering a flight plan, and make a mistake, I hit DELETE to correct the error and "DELETE" stays in the scratch pad. Can't get rid of it. Any one else having these problems or any suggestions on this? Thanks Walt and "Happy Flying" see ya'all at FL400
  4. Have the Honeycomb Quadrant. Trying to figure out how to dial in feet in 100's for the altitude. Dial just changes altitude in 1000's. How do I dial in say "twenty thousand five hundred" (FL 250 ) just using the quadrant dial? Thanks Walt
  5. When I try to take off, as soon as the tail wheel comes off the ground the plane cuts to the left and I can't correct it back. Checked the rudder peddles and everything seems to be ok. Not sure what's causing this to happen. I even try to increase the speed steady and evenly, but off to the left it goes. Any ideas what is causing tis. Thanks Walt
  6. My brother and I both purchased the Carenado 182 from MSFS 2020 MarketPlace. Whenever we try to fly the 182 together in multiplayer in 2020, either he, or I or the both of us get kicked out back to desk top. This only happens with the Carenado 182. We both downloaded the latest Carenado 182 patch from MSFS and yet the problem still exists. Any Idea as to what is causing this. Thanks Walt
  7. My brother and I both fly multiplayer in 2020. We both purchased the Carenado 182 from the MSFS 2020 marketplace. Yet when we try and fly the 182 together, either He, or I or both of us crash to the desk top. This only happens when we both try and fly the Carenado 182 together at the same time. Is there a solution to this by any chance, or what might be causing this? Thanks Walt
  8. Deadbender said this is a bug and thinks the next update might fix the wing rocking.
  9. Bendead, thanks man............. It's been driving me crazy. Good luck with this new patch, I sure hope it fixes the problem. I love the plane, thats the only problem I am having with it. Happy Flying and again......THANK YOU Walt
  10. Good question, I am sure I have plenty of those issues. Have the Honeycomb Yoke, (Throttle will be here end of December) , keyboard, X52 Throttle, and the X-box controller. There has to be something conflicting in there somewhere. WINK........... May have to set some time to set them all to default and re-program the settings right? What a job that's going to be. But I can't imagine how that would cause the wings to rock back and forth. And let me say, "I do appreciate your help."
  11. Awesome, good to know thanks. By the way I just submitted another ticket. In MSFS2020 the Citation Longitude........ When I fly it as soon as I take off the wings keep rocking back and forth. Not Violently but just a rocking back from side to side. Any idea why this is happening? Thanks
  12. Awesome, good to know thanks. By the way I just submitted another ticket. In MSFS2020 the Citation Longitude........ When I fly it as soon as I take off the wings keep rocking back and forth. Not Violently but just a rocking back from side to side. Any idea why this is happening? Thanks
  13. When I fly this Citation as soon as I get airborne the wings continue to rock back and forth constantly. Not violently but as if you were rocking a baby back to sleep. Can't figure out hot to stop this rocking or what is causing it to happen. Anyone else having this problem. And are you able to correct it? Thanks Walt
  14. Thank's Highflyer.......... I did end up finding the Load/Save and it worked. Thank you very much for the assist. Happy Flying. Maybe we will see each other at KBDL some time. handle UPSPILOT642 Thanks again Walt
  15. I created a flightplan in simbreif. I exported it to my flightplan folder. When I start flightsim2020 (Flying the Citation Longitude), how do I import this flightplan I created into the aircraft? Thanks Walt
  16. Yes computer has the resources, not a low end machine, so this should that should not be a problem. I'll have to submit this to that Zendesk I guess. I do appreciate you trying to help me. Thank You.
  17. Flying together with a friend. We are at the airport. He can see my plane but I can't see his. And ideas what may be causing this? Thanks Walt
  18. Thanks Turbo! Appreciate your help. Kept playing trying to get it to not crash. Got connected at KSEA and picked gates next to each other. He could see me but I could not see him.Not sure why that is happening. We didn't crash to desk top but as I said I can't see his plane and he can see mine. Any ideas on this one? Thanks Walt
  19. I am not. The only add on aircraft I have added to my fleet is the Carenado Cessna 182 that I downloaded from the MSFS market place. On the other hand My brother did download some liveries at his end for some of the big planes. Do you think that could be part of the problem? Thanks Walt
  20. Been trying to fly with my brother in Multiplayer. As soon as we hit "Fly Now" and we connect, I crash to my Desktop. Tried different planes, different airports and the same thing. Crashing to desk top after hitting Fly Now ! Getting me ticked off since we can't fly together. And help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Walt
  21. MSFS was working in Multiplayer but all of a sudden as soon as my brother connects with me, MSFS closes and sends me back to the desk top. Checked all the settings and tried different servers. I set up am sitting at the airport, and as soon as he connects, he sees my plane and then "Poof" Im back at my desk top. Please if anyone know how to fix this please let me know. Thanks Walt
  22. I was confused when it said to restart to load the update. Thank you for getting me back on track. Thanks for the quick response also. Walt
  23. It seemed that when ever I started MSFS 2020 the screen would show checking for updates. I don't see that any more. In the profile content, it shows that a "Core Content Mandatory Package 80.74 GIB" available to download. It says to relaunch the program to update but it doesn't do it. It also does not allow me to check the check box for it. How do I get this update. And does MSFS automatically check for updates anymore. Thanks Walt
  24. Thank you for your support guy's. I solved the problem. When I reloaded P3dv5 I forgot to download and install the P3Dv5 patch and that corrected the problem. Once again Thank You All. Walt "Fly High my friends."
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