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  1. Actually. I deleted my camera.cfg and then reloaded ChasePlane WITHOUT the fix and seems to work like normal. Glad it's working again. Not sure what you can do to help other people though.
  2. Yes I do have the temp fix enabled. Sadly it's still acting up.
  3. The update today hasn't changed anything I'm afraid.
  4. Alright I will test it then :) Thanks!
  5. After some testing it still is the same and performance has decreased. Really messed up.
  6. I'll check it out now. I am using a basic Logitech wireless mouse. Worked perfectly fine before.
  7. Any other options? I would really like my sim to work.. -Sam
  8. I enabled this and then restarted my sim and it didn't change anything. The camera seems to get stuck and move on its own as well. I've asked 2-3 other people and they are have the same issue as well. :(
  9. I have just loaded up my sim after a few days and I have noticed when panning around that the mouse is lagging behind and studdering. The start of the week it was fine but I think an update has messed something up. Any help would be appreciated, as my sim is pretty much unusable.
  10. Hey Jim, I'll take a look, thanks. I do have a substantial OC running on my PC. 4.5 ghz to be exact.. would your recommend trying removing that first?
  11. Hey everyone, I just did a full reinstall on Windows in the past 3 days. I reinstalled P3D but have run into a CTD issue. It only happens when I am doing long hauls. Short hauls are fine, it is has happened in both he PMDG 747 and 777. Any ideas would be helpful. Event Viewer:
  12. So could I use the zoom hot keys I set in preferences?
  13. Hey everyone, I was wondering if cameras all had to have the same zoom level? Thanks.
  14. That's the thing, I have. There is just constant blurries. My sim used to look awesome, now it looks like this.
  15. Alright thanks for your opinion, what would you think is a good zoom level for cinematic?
  16. Here is a photo of cinematic (really blurry) :
  17. Evening everyone. Lately I have been noticing that ChasePlane has been putting some really bad blurries into my sim. At first I thought this was my CFG/sim after deleting these, shaders, scenery indexes, the whole thing I then though chaseplane could be causing problems. I noticed on the right wing of every aircraft that the ground textures are ok, then on the left it is fairly blurry then in cinematic it is really, really blurry. Anyone who could help, I'd appreciate it!
  18. Yep, Kevin is an awesome guy and I am sure that he will have it working again soon but for now we need to just wait and see..
  19. I just updated ChasePlane and they added zoom when you press the middle mouse button, this is so annoying, is there anyway to get rid of it?
  20. Same everything was working fine but as soon as I updated it stopped working. Hopefully they can fix!
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