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  1. Assistance required. I'd really like to try MCE before purchase but can't seem to download the demo version. The link on the website is not working? I may be wrong but there seems to be no current posts or updates? I am genuinely interested in MCE, please advise. Cheers, BB (Win11, X-Plane12+, VR - HP Reverb G2, FF A320, Toliss A321/319, Aerobask Phenom & Pilot2ATC
  2. Fraid that didn't work for me still no Merge option, just Open. But - I found a little installer called reg.edit which is now in the 'Open with' menu option. So I open the saved voice with reg.edit click OK and the 'merge' is successful. Phew it's taken hours. . .I now have four new voices in P2ATC. Thanks for your help, BB
  3. The top item here is Open and not Merge. I am the only administrator on this PC. I wonder if ESET is interfering I'll look at that? Edit: No, I cant get 'Merge' to show.
  4. This worked really well right until the end part - merging the edited reg files. . .Wouldn't you know it, MS have deleted 'Merge' from the menu choices in Win11. I haven't been able to find a way round this unfortunately.
  5. Well well! Thank you, this solved my radio freq. problem - would never of thought to look there for a solution. Cheers. Win11,X-Plane12 b13
  6. Hello Folks, So just a couple of observations for Beta 6. Win11, X-Plane11.55r2 - Vulkan - VR, HP Reverb G2 1. Verbal ATC descent instructions seem delayed so that the a/c is still too high at ILS/GS capture (Toliss Airbus series). 2. When making a verbal request to descend, if ATC disagree with the requested altitude then voice stops working from that point. A box appears on the monitor screen warning of unacceptable altitude, but there is no more voice ATC. 3. This is corrected when the pop up box is cancelled, but obviously not useful in VR. Keep up the excellent work and thank you. Bruce.
  7. Hello Dave, Re Beta n. So I just loaded a departure from EHAM and P2ATC showed departure rwy 36L. I changed this to rwy 09 with a corresponding SID. All other preparations were made as required. *Taxi clearance remained to rwy36L and the change to 09 was ignored. At the hold, departure clearance on rwy 09 could not be obtained and an instruction loop followed - between ground and tower. In the Flt Plan tab the only check was in 'Force Pilot Runway Selection'. As previously - on my system this only started happening with Beta n. . . Cheers, BB
  8. Hello Dave, 'Force Pilot Runway Selection' is checked but I just noticed that 'ATC assigns SID' was checked' maybe that caused the problem? I've unchecked that now. The issue only started after moving from Beta m to n. Will try a short flight later and test. Cheers
  9. Hello Folks, I use Beta 2n which seems good in X-Plane 11.55, Vulkan, WMR-VR. Just one small glitch noticed and that is - if I change the departure runway owing to wind direction (e.g.at EHAM with numerous rwys) then in Beta 2n the change is not recognized and the tower will not give take off clearance from the changed runway and instead sticks to the original allocated departure rwy. Thanks for your great work and looking forward to an XP12 upgrade when that is available. With best reagrds BB
  10. Dave, I did try deactivation earlier, but this time I did it more carefully, more slowly and it solved the problem. Thanks for such a rapid response. As ever, best wishes - Bruce.
  11. Hello Dave, I have an activation problem. The message box says P2ATC is on another machine, but nothing has changed here apart from the update. The PC has not changed. I have my key codes stored along with the hardware code if they are required. Cheers, Bruce p.s. Everything was fine in this mornings flight. . .pre update.
  12. I tried and tried that Dave, but originally it was absolutely stuck (i.e. P2ATC maximized or nothing). I found my solution on a google search - for info. Best regards
  13. Yep, I have this problem too. P2ATC in minimized screen has disappeared into the task bar and I cant get it back. The maximized screen comes up but that covers everything else. Have tried many restarts but I'm stuck now. For info. . .Cheers, Bruce *Ok, Try this - Go into Settings/Privacy/Background apps. Select Off. Shut down and reboot. Open P2ATC, hover over the icon in the task bar and select Move in minimized screen. I could then resize the P2ATC screen and recover my normal minimized screen operation. Go back to Privacy menu etc and select the background apps you want running. Well - this worked for me . . .
  14. Just enjoyed an excellent early morning flight from LEPA to Biarritz-Bayonne with Pilot2ATC and the great little ERJ145LR. Mic problem solved. XP11.50b9, Win10, HP Reverb Pro-VR
  15. Go to settings, System, sound and then you can run a test on your mic. This then leads you to an automatic MS problem solving screen which in turn corrected the error which sound drivers caused after the MS version 2004 update. As you say the mic appears to work normally for Win 10 but is causing problems with some apps e.g. P2ATC. This fix worked for me after a couple of hours of head scratching. . . good luck. Cheers, Bruce
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