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  1. Win10, X-Plane 11.05/10, LNM1.8.3, FF A320 Ultimate The latest updates are amazingly helpful, thank you. Cheers, Bruce
  2. Many thanks Bruce
  3. Ok, yes this does sound a likely, thanks. Bruce
  4. Win10, XP11.05, V2.3.1.2, FF A320 (beta) Hello Dave, Am receiving frequent instructions from P2A to descend to cruise alt. while at cruise altitude. Baro is set to (Std 1013) and instruments including the VA xacars show the correct cruise altitude. Today this was followed by 'P2A has stopped working and will close" - for info. Cheers, Bruce
  5. Win 10, XP11.05, V2.3.1.2 Hello Dave, I had exactly this problem at EHAM the other day - for info Cheers, Bruce
  6. Win10, XP11.05 hamoody, thanks your advice, appreciate it's still early days with the A320U. Cheers Edit: Ah yes, I have it now, in the data folder, thanks again
  7. I think I understand, but I use LNM for flight planning not another program so how do we generate the plan in the first place ? Cheers, Bruce
  8. Win10, XP11.05 Hello, well we have the new Flight Factor A320 and the flight plans appear to be in a format called '' ? Is this correct and can we replicate the format in LNM I wonder ? Thanks as always, Bruce
  9. Win10, XP11.05, LNM v1.6.4 This is a great tool which I'm already using for flight planning. Is there a possibility of flight plans involving North Atlantic Tracks please ? Cheers, Bruce
  10. Hello Alex, so this is what I did. 1. Put eset fire wall into interactive mode and then saved the requested communications flagged by eset as I went. 2. Blocked Custom Data/CIFP in the Database tool. Database loaded first time, XP11 connected, and now I'm away to learn the map and IFR flight plan basics. Thanks very much for your help. Cheers, Bruce
  11. Again thanks Alex I'll get into the diagnosis now and let you know the outcome.
  12. Thanks for your quick response Alex. I still can't get the database to load though, even when LNM is connected to XP11. "Database Empty" is shown after the tool has run. I wonder if my eset fire wall is blocking it ? Cheers, Bruce
  13. LNM v1.6.3, Win 10, X-Plane 11, Hello, I've just found this amazing flight planner et al, however although the map connects with XP 11, I cannot get the scenery database to load and I have read the tutorials and tried numerous times. I'm missing something obviously, any suggestions would be appreciated. An error msg appears regarding CIFP airports. Many thanks, Bruce p.s. I have the default custom scenery/global airports DISABLED in the scenery pack.ini; and fly with only quality 'add on' airports in the Custom Scenery folder.