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  1. Just enjoyed an excellent early morning flight from LEPA to Biarritz-Bayonne with Pilot2ATC and the great little ERJ145LR. Mic problem solved. XP11.50b9, Win10, HP Reverb Pro-VR
  2. Go to settings, System, sound and then you can run a test on your mic. This then leads you to an automatic MS problem solving screen which in turn corrected the error which sound drivers caused after the MS version 2004 update. As you say the mic appears to work normally for Win 10 but is causing problems with some apps e.g. P2ATC. This fix worked for me after a couple of hours of head scratching. . . good luck. Cheers, Bruce
  3. KenG, pls see the above post by Davearky, cheers
  4. Can confirm Win10 version update 2004 is causing sound driver problems for some apps (Microsoft response). The driver issue fix was provided automatically on the Settings/sounds page. Cheers, Bruce Win10, HP Reverb VR, XP11.50b9
  5. Me too, suddenly P2A is not recognising speech from my headset mic. I have a feeling this is related to yesterdays Win 10 update which was huge and partially VR-WMR related I believe. Spent an hour last night trying to fix and will continue today ; )
  6. Quote "Using the STEAM app OVRDrop to bring a 2D P2A window into VR I have been able to interact with P2A in the cockpit. I use the Mouse, but the controllers also were able to click on the buttons. There are probably other ways to do the same thing. Many users also just set up the flight plan and file it before going under the hood, and then fly just using the cockpit instruments and interacting with ATC. Dave" I sense that more and more people are coming to flightsim in VR mode and I too have now made the switch. Thanks for your comment above Dave as I am finding the best P2A technique exactly as you state in the above quote, i.e. ".... just set up the flight plan and file it before going under the hood, and then fly just using the cockpit instruments and interacting with ATC" . I look fwd to all future P2A enhancements. Cheers, Bruce
  7. UPDATE - Problem resolved this morning. Cheers, Bruce
  8. Hello Dave, email sent to admin. . . re above problem. I have my key and other details if needed. Very many thanks, Bruce
  9. P2atc v2505, X-Plane 11.25, Win 10 Hi Dave, Two flights with the new p2atc version 2505 and both GOOD - no problems at all. Cheers, Bruce
  10. Mornin Dave & Reiner, I see we have a new update for p2atc so I'll load that up now and also try your other suggestions as well. The problem I'm having with filing a plan is odd as I've been using p2atc for quite a while without problems. . .
  11. Hello Dave, here is a PFPX flight Plan that refused to file a few moments ago. EDDS ETASA Z818 RINEX Z12 XIDOD Q762 LULAT Z104 ROBON UZ104 GESLO UN852 LNO EBBR.
  12. For info, Flight plan refused to file again today. Email sent with info and screen shot. Thanks, Bruce
  13. Hello Dave, and thanks for the refund received today. That was quite a surprise and much appreciated. Cheers, Bruce (enthusiastic supporter of P2ATC)
  14. X-Plane 11.25, Zibo B738 & FF A320 - Plans c/o PFPX & RouteFinder Yesterday I couldn't get any flt plans to file in P2atc with airac 1808 so I reverted to airac 1706 which filed the plan normally. Reloaded 1808 several times but with no improvement. I just re-updated to airac 1808. Hey Presto, the first plan I load filed perfectly - LZKZ DEDIS A42 NIT R23 OKR L856 MAREG DCT MATIG DCT AMADI Q113 NAPSA EDDM What can I say? Anyway thanks for P2ATC, a great program.
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