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  1. Martinrex007, thank you! My mistake was not including PMDG in the Navigraph add-ons. I just had P3D. Rookie error. Your answer pointed me in the right direction, and how do get there.
  2. The Navigraph installer says the files for 1806 downloaded ok. I noticed install messages displayed on the bottom of Navigraph installer saying that P3d installation was in progress. However, the FMC in P3d v3 737 still shows the old AIRAC data base. I think these AIRAC files have to get to a folder in the PMDG app. How do I do that?
  3. Hello all, My name is Kim. I am training soon at a major US airline for 737-800 captain. The fidelity of the sims here is amazing. I'm wondering if flying the PMDG 737-800 sim would help my training. I would like to message with someone here who lives on the US East coast. My thought is possibly arranging for some sim time. Thanks
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