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  1. It has always been crystal clear to me that LM wouldn't watch XP improving leaving  P3D in agony. This way we'll end up with quite improved XP11 and P3D4, or whatever it will be called. Not the worst situation isn't it? 


    Thanks for sharing, Michael

    Exactly! I like this situation...

  2. Hello,


     I fly on FS 2004,FSX and with P3D from the beginning and with very good ORBX scenery only,since 2008...Since the videos appeared about X PLANE 11 on youtube I watch every hour if there is not a new one come!.With the first video I watched I took a slap...This simulator overwrites all other I do not need to make comparisons or talk about it for hours....The potential is there and what i see in the "beta" Is already incredible.I understand now that the scenery and the plane do not do everything inside the simulator and I will reconsider my sim by X PLANE 11. It will not do good for some sim company...Austin Meyer has succeeded a real masterpiece 

    The world of simulation will finally move!

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  3. ... and how does P3D look like without ORBX?

    With all due respect Jeroen - really - but i think You are comparing apples and oranges here.

    I - and i am sure many, many others do so as well - are very much hoping for more and more dedicated 3rd party developers to join XPlane.

    It is the good old "chicken or egg - dilemma" i guess, meaning more customers/users, more dedicated 3rd party developers.

    Anyways, we'll find out anyway where X Plane 11 will be heading, or as You have mentioned it:

    ... to see where it is going ...




    Could not say it any better.


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