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  1. I paid $30 usd less for the other one and couldn't be happier. Does essentially exactly the same thing. And does it very well indeed. Far better then I thought it would be.
  2. That's unusual because I've sat many times in a 747-400 across pacific and to Europe and I recall over wind noise the engine noise is barely heard. Can't imagine in cockpit with headsets you'd hear it even louder.
  3. How does it comepare to the NGX for FPS?
  4. Yes. I could buy the same scenery and airplane add-ons and they'll look identical. But you'll end up with worse performance with P3D once you add on the fluff like cockpit and ground shadows. Then s messed up system with every hotfix that comes out on a weekly basis. But I'm sure V 72.1 will address all those issues.
  5. Eh...huh? Isn't external views for 'gaming and pictures'? Scenery is pointless because it's a flight simulation, not a scenery simulation. And I can't remember flying into an empty airport. That's the realism we look for. Lots of Ai with little FPS loss. Something tells me by your comments the new PMDG 747 is doomed to fail with any AI at all. Interesting. Very interesting.
  6. Didn't look any AI in the TNCM shot. Very telling and worrisome. Add 50% Ai which should be minimum, at a large airport, and we talking now 10 FPS. Oh oh.
  7. No problem. Shame the real world wasn't as exicited by 747-400 hype as we are. Bring it back in service I say.
  8. I don't have the other but I have heard it's not a 'cloud finder' either. Give credit where credit is due. Either that or active sky mislead many people.
  9. PMDG weren't the first to do the wx in the 737. Hopefully all those VA's that took the 747 out of their schedules will now put them back in so we can actually use it.
  10. Never heard of that with FSX. Knew one on me. Install. Set every slider max. 8 x aa and 8 x sgss and enjoy. Simple.
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