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  1. the 787 worked for me for 3 flights but now when i load it it crashes not even starting to load with KARNLEBASE.DLL crash. happends only with the 787. the a330 allso has worked but now i get a ERROR ND LOG could not be found. someone has a fix maybe?
  2. me too, worked at the begining but seddunly after a few flights it stopped loading anyone has a fix for this? since it did work for some flights.
  3. Until active sky relese the update. someone got a solution for real weather in V5? Thanks
  4. Hi. i wonderd if i can have the fo use and mark the ECL as normal on the lower ECAM but without popping out the window? thank you very much
  5. i have allso sent a messege would love to get the mod
  6. For x plane? As in a 3d model inside the cockpit? If so can you please link it to me? Thank you
  7. Is there any chance for the carenado TBM850?
  8. it only works for carenado planes so yeah...
  9. After updating gsx with the update making gsx disabled over 10k. The crash dosent happen. Thanks
  10. exactly this topic but it isnt got a solotion... only turning off coatl but now i cannot fly to fsdt airports
  11. Happends with all aircraft., p3d 4.3 gtx 1080ti i7-8700k oc to 4.7 all orbx stuff gsx active sky ect.. same spot every time its a NTDLL.DLL Error Please help.. http://prntscr.com/kpskmr
  12. justflight have sent me a new gtn ini and that fixed it. thank you for your help
  13. Yes. And it worked for me before a fresh windoes install
  14. Hapenning only with this one. yes main monitor. yes yes
  15. simble as it sounds... i click the gtn once then i cannot click it more... only on the 2d panel. it happends in the warrior 2...
  16. i can only click on the gtn when its 2d on the 3d panel on the warrior i can only click once.... please help Ok thanks. to another subject in the jf warrior 2 i can only click the gtn once then i cant... only in 2d it works..
  17. where is the user waypoint cfg/txt file? thanks
  18. I have the same problem on new install please help...
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