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  1. Yes this only happends with the TBM!! i load it and at the moment it appears at 100% the sim crashes Please help me...
  2. https://imgur.com/a/wIpUJ So your saying that is normal!?
  3. Hi thanks for the replay alltogh it didnt suddenly happend i deleated the cfg and upgraded nvidia version after that i tried rolling back but nothing helped
  4. Ive tried affinety mask.. fiber frame time fraction.. everything..
  5. Ok but i didnt suddenly happend i deleated the cfg and upgraded nvidia version after that i tried rolling back but nothing helped
  6. Hi i've tried putting my setting on the absolute max and it didnt help
  7. The problem is allso in v3 and in v4!!!!! And in V3 i dont have orbx?????
  8. Hello i have a problem with ftx global and i guss with all of the open lc's since i deleated my cfg and installed new nvidia driver the texuers are bluury but when i look below the aircraft its fine but in a range of 1.5 - 2 miles from the aircraft it look terrible. ive tried deleating the cfg shaders bassecly everything tried rolling back nvidia driver tried all the solotions please please help me.. GTX 980TI I7-6700K 4.0Ghz 4k screen https://imgur.com/a/h1DdN settings and the problem in the link Please help me im so frustrated Quote
  9. I think i fixed it i onstalled nvidia version 388.31 and deleated cfg redid all my settings deleated shaders folder and for now its fine will see in a week or so after i've done some flights
  10. allso if a click somthing i hear it but the sim is still frozen
  11. Compleate freez but again.. vat spy acars and sound contintous
  12. Im using active sky v4 sorry for p3d v4 and the sim isnt closing its just freezing
  13. Hi i Have a problem allmost every flight after 1.30 hours and somthimes after 3 hours the sim freezes BUT the flight continuos means that acars showing that flight continious vatspy too and sound is working if i go outide view i hear the sound its like everything is working but its frozen.. i "fix" it by pressing the save button restarting the sim and loading the save thats not a sulotion i thought its a nvidia problem and i tried million nvidia drivers but nothing fixed it.. Please i need a solution its so annoying and im working for over a mounth on fixing it.. please jim.. anything.. NO FSUIPC AUTO SAVE!! I7-6700K 4.0GHz Gtx980Ti 16GB ram all ftx addons using Fiber frame time fraction in cfg on 0.01 active sky 16 vpilot ai ultimate traffic live Linda Fs Fs real time Chase plane.. PLEASE HELP ME..
  14. Yeah but to pay 17 bucks and not get answerd since september the second is a bite wierd sir
  15. WHERE IS THE SEPPURT!??!??!?!?!?!?!?!?!? I PAID MONEY FOR A PRODUCT THAT DOSENT WORK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  16. so guss what Ive reinstalled the 777-200 and 300 and this time i did ignore update and guss what its not crashing!! so now im preety sure that the update is the problem thanks for your help guys
  17. I havent installed anything and again its only in the 300 not in 200 not in 747 and not in 737 and i did went into the event viewer thats why i seid it was ntdll (: although i know a lot about ntdll.. and in this case i know that its the 300 dont ask me how... but i do the same 12 hour flight once with the 747 everything is fine then 777-200 again all is fine then with the 300 and it crashes after 8 hours... in this case im sure its that. do you guys think uninstalling the 300 will work? and if so does anyone know where does the simulation settings are saved so i could keep them?
  18. First i know that the update was only for the 200 and the 737 but!! only since the update.. the 777-300 is crashing its a NTDll.DLL error and i know preety much eveything about it.. so yes i know that the update was only for the 200 but can you try to help me figure out what going on?? thanks Eytan Ofir
  19. Party lights only blinks whtie and not collorfall. what can i do?
  20. Hi i wonder if i can use two gtn 750 units And the rolsasnradar? if so could you guys help me install it? maybe a video or somthing beacuse i do not understand the readme.. thanks, Eytan Ofir
  21. Ok so i tried finding the key but i didnt beacuse i got windows with my pc.. for now u rolled back to nividia 376.33 and my sim works will se if the problem come back. thank you
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