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    FSX Stuff

    Anyone ever get addicted to buying this stuff, and then suddenly you add up your expenditures and realize you spent what a decent used car costs. Stop me... I may have posted this in the wrong topic section, not sure...
  2. Yah, I think I agree with "when" more than "now". It's not ready yet, I won't be satisfied with the current setups.
  3. SceneryFX

    RealAir Simulations Closure

    I missed my chance to buy any Real Air products. What a REAL SHAME!
  4. But I get 1080p in 3D on a projector and I don't even notice wearing the glasses (have glasses that float on my face pretty much). VR is like lower res and some people get tunnel effect where there mind knows they are looking through glasses? No?
  5. How much different is VR from a proper 3D Projector setup? Seems like the 3D on a projector would be better due to the higher resolution? I have a Benq w7000 I use in 3D with a 100" screen sometimes, it is the best way to fly when your eyes can handle it, but it's not something I'd do every single flight.
  6. SceneryFX

    What PC games do you play?

    I would recommend X3: Albion Prelude (not X3: Rebirth though, that one no fun)...