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  1. clif9464

    GTN v2.5.2 mouse not working

    Absolutely, it is how much I enjoy your product!
  2. clif9464

    Customer Appreciation

    To anyone on the fence about whether to add this to your aircraft, this is the most awesome garmin there is! This software makes your flying experience a joy. It has terrain , aircraft charts- the true whole deal!
  3. clif9464

    GTN v2.5.2 mouse not working

    Confirmed working again. Many thanks jean-luc!
  4. clif9464

    GTN v2.5.2 mouse not working

    If you are on 11.21 it is busted.
  5. clif9464

    GTN v2.5.2 mouse not working

    It’s busted in 11.21 sorry 😥
  6. clif9464

    GTN v2.5.2 mouse not working

    Well, after testing I can confirm gtn750 is the issue in the cockpit. Shelving this and hopefully it is not a lost 50 dollar piece of software. Loved using it while it worked
  7. clif9464

    GTN v2.5.2 mouse not working

    Looks like I will have to shelve the GTN for a while till it’s fixed
  8. clif9464

    GTN v2.5.2 mouse not working

    I have this issue with the Carenado F33 and C210 with REPS as well as just flight tb10 and tb20. You cant turn some controls an no scroll wheel - I have reinstalled the c210 and when I did it started working even with RXP gtn750. As soon as I put the rep plugin the a/c broke. That does not explain the tb10/20 issue. I may have to reinstall Aircraft with this latest xplane upgrade.
  9. clif9464

    C337 V2 has lots of flaws!

    No landing lights! no interior lights! The only lights are the instruments. Flying like a bat - nothing is visible - good luck starting it in a night scenario - 1.0 reinstalled (carenado gives me headaches. Frooglesim and novawrap telling people about it. Wish they would stop so there is less unhappy people. :(
  10. clif9464

    C337 V2 has lots of flaws!

    V1- sticking to it. This not an upgrade but rather a product downgrade. I won't buy another Carenado Alabeo product likely due to their serial numbers mess ups. Everything thing they do is broken. Not one thing they made has been right from the start - Did they ever fix the Phenom 505 fuel issue? Honestly I am done with eye candy and only want study level functionality.
  11. Yep bugs abound but the sounds are better and the textures- just fix something break something carenado :(
  12. Installed - no landing lights and taxi light illumination. This makes it a day plane only. I have tried both dx9 and 10 and it is broken. Also the menus they added are a little messed. If you look at it you will see the shift + menus don't match what they say. Every time they touch something they break something