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  1. Most companies would set up additional mirror sites to compensate for traffic.  Also, host the downloads on servers or in server farms that can handle the traffic if they cant support more mirrors.  Google or AWS can allow you to have a small footprint and can spin up additional VMs as load increases and would spin them down accordingly.  This would save cost, assuming your pricing structure is set up correctly.

  2. What port is XE trying to use?  Is it excepted in Windows Firewall?  What protocol is it using?  Did you reset your internet router this weekend (probably not, but just checking)?


    I am at work and can't look at this on my machine.  I just got Creators Update over the weekend but didn't have the time to turn on X-plane yet.  I can test tonight, but I am running Win10 Home on the simulator.

  3. LOL this reminds me of when I was visiting my brother-in-law and he had just got the Vive.  My In-laws and my wife were all taking turns playing with it, and there was this one VR that put you on a narrow bridge over a chasm.  Even without feet rendered in the environment, they couldn't force themselves to take the step off.  I was sitting there laughing at them saying "you know its not real right?"  They just said "ha, ha, you don't realize what its like yet".  Wo when my turn came, I went to the same bridge, and promptly took the few steps off the side of the bridge.  Now falling wasn't programmed so you just kinda floated there, but the many many years of playing video games has given me the ability to disassociate what I see/hear and what is really going on.  I got dirty looks when I asked what they thought was so difficult (im a sarcastic a**hole).

  4. X-plane can export GPS data to Fltplan Go (free) onto a tablet or into a browser tab (or Foreflight if you have a subscription).  Fltplan GO can give you a moving map  and allows you to scroll around and get the info you need.  I haven't used Fltplan GO so I am not certain on ALL of the data it will give you access to.

  5. 10 minutes ago, Ray Proudfoot said:

    One other question. Is it a good idea to uninstall the drivers before swapping them and then download and install the new ones? Seems the right thing to do.

    100% yes, do this.  you could arguably download them ahead of time, but yes...absolutely uninstall your GPU drivers before shutting the system down to remove and replace with new card.

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  6. 8 minutes ago, AoA said:

    I'm so ready to delete my 500GB of P3D and check out of the OOM forum I'm giving XP another try with XP11.  I really like Ortho4XP, this has to be the easiest way to produce photoreal scenery and the results are great.  I'm in that list that wants real scenery, not an approximation which unfortunately was and I guess still is the design goal.  The textures are good, but the layout is just rubbish.  At least Ortho4XP is a way to correct that but at the painful cost of storage Lvl 16 = 2GB, Lvl 17 = 7.5GB a tile and then there's fixed terrain shadows. If only one of these satellite providers would focus on taking shots at the same time with sun at high noon...grrr.   I've also tried the middle-ground "enhanced autogen" project but I get flashing z-buffer autogen issues with the native set.

    XP11 is a great step forward, and while I can enjoy cheating with her, especially at night..LOL, I just can't divorce P3D and marry her today,  perhaps in a year, but for now this will be a remote relationship. Hopefully her family of support will continue to grow and I won't have to give up all the 3rd party home cooking I've grown to love that P3D has over XP11 currently.  

    I believe you owe me a new keyboard ;)

  7. But how much better is the vanilla X-Plane from a vanilla FSX?  How many frames are you getting in your modded FSX.  Since that info was not listed above I do not know what your are trying to compare it to.  If you are trying to get to 60FPS, I think you are trying to realize a framerate that, although the gold standard with different types of games, is unnecessary for a flight simulator.

    Your running with newer, higher-end hardware than I am.  So my graphics settings are probably set quite a bit lower than yours, but when my sim shows F-act: 28-30FPS, its smooth and without stuttering.  If the sim is smooth and without stutters, does it matter what the F-Act says?

  8. 10 minutes ago, 188AHC said:

    Having trouble getting my CH yoke and pedals to register in 11. Keep calibrating, but won't work.

    If I remember correctly, they have had a lot of issues with controls either keeping their settings or working at all.  I use an Xbox One controller and since about PB11 or so, the right analog stick no longer works within the game.  I can set it to pan the camera around in the settings, but it wont work in the game.  I know I have seen other people complain, but never saw anything from LR on if they would fix it.  The rest of the controller works fine though, just not the right analog stick.

  9. 2 minutes ago, Jimm said:

    Wow, what do you know...someone, just had to have a problem with that statement.  I guess not everyone is familiar with strange expressions from the US.

    "Rotten In Denmark" = Something is strange, amiss, not right, f'ed up, screwed up....


    A line from the play Hamlet, by William Shakespeare. An officer of the palace guard says this after the ghost of the dead king appears, walking over the palace walls. Note: “Something is rotten in the state of Denmark” is used to describe corruption or a situation in which something is wrong. -Wikipedia

  10. 30 minutes ago, TechguyMaxC said:

    There's a misunderstanding here, so I'll straighten it out as quickly as possible.

    The 7700k is undoubtedly faster than a 2700k, a chip that was released in late 2011 and based on a design first released in early 2011.  It's true that no individual chip released since Sandy Bridge has been significantly faster than the immediately previous generation, we are now 5 product generations on from Sandy Bridge so it's all added up to a noticeably faster chip.  

    The problem is the OP thought a 7700k would be faster than a 6700k which is only a little over a year old.  That is an unrealistic expectation.

    Bottom line: 7700k is a major upgrade for you, but not for joemiller.  

    Also, going from a 2700K to a 7700K means going from DDR3 to DDR4 RAM, theres just so much more being changed during this upgrade that will make the overall system THAT much better than just a simple CPU upgrade.

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