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  1. I merely asked what the reason would be to require someone to continue to have to use their full name if (a) they had already done so in their initial support request, and (b) if it was also in fact, their screen name. I know that the mods/devs cant be here full time as they have normal jobs to do, and allowing the commentariat to assist in resolving issues that may be a user issue and not a development issue (user development not withstanding) is generally ok. But to also allow the fu*kery that some person(s) exhibit towards someone who merely asked a question should be questioned by all, and should not be allowed to continue.
  2. And the justification of the requirement for persons who are posting but are not requesting support? Also, two days ago someone posted requesting support, signed his full name on the original post, but only his first name on a follow up post. He was "attacked" by a person without a "PMDG" signature about the forum rules, except...his full name was also his screen name! It seems some people who read this board seem to do so with the only intention of being the first person to jump on someone for failing to follow this one specific rule. This is what they live for.
  3. Go to NVidia's website and download the latest driver...assume by your most recent post you are trying to update the driver using Windows Device Manager. This would not be the way to do it. Get the driver from NVidia directly and run the executable.
  4. Heat is a nasty bugger, and one of the first things I look for if a system does a hard shutdown for no apparent reason. I hope that was it, let me know if it keeps doing it. We can keep troubleshooting.
  5. Ok I know Gulfstream wont allow a decent authorized aircraft, what about Dassault? Same issue? Id really like a nice long range bizjet for XP11. Looking for in-depth systems and modeling. I have done some searching, but haven't found anything that jumped out at me (though my work network prevents its own obstacles as well). Sorry, 7X or 8X (miss-type in title)
  6. I made dinner and opened a bottle of wine. As we have a vacation in a month and a half, I asked if her "V-Day" gift can be obtained on said vacation instead of now. She agreed. I also got to use the vacation as an early Anniversary Trip too
  7. Dumb question, but you checked all 3 event logs right? (Application, System and Security). Also, are you checking your thermal temps on the processor, maybe your CPU cooler is either failed or not working as it used to. Just ideas...
  8. Simple - I moved the computer to the Family Room. *Reduced* the annoyed glares I got for being on the computer, but the computer(s) predate the wife so she tolerates it. In the past I have used the "At least I am home and not out at a bar" line, and it worked...the first time.
  9. Not a huge knowledge base on Radeon cards as I prefer NVidia, but I don't think you'll have too much issue. It works now, it shouldn't have any issues working in the future. I would suspect if you were to have issues, you may (as again I don't know too much about Radeon cards) have an issue if you upgrade your OS (if your not already on Win10) and the driver isn't optimized for it.
  10. In my personal opinion, replace the motherboard/CPU and RAM first. You'll notice the biggest difference there between what you have and the newer stuff. Afterwards, you can work on a newer graphics card. I'm in the same boat as you: i7-2600K @ 4.75 16GB DDR3 NVidia GTX 780 Since I don't currently have a 4K monitor and only running 1080p, I'll be upgrading the board/CPU/RAM first since I wont really be stretching the legs of an upgraded graphics card all that much. And whereas eventually I will get a new card, it wont be before a new monitor with a much higher resolution to justify the card. However, your money, your decision. Good Luck
  11. So full name in the Original Post isn't good enough? You not allowed to shorten to first name on follow-up posts? -Johnathon Batholomew Doe III
  12. For what it's worth, I am still investigating which Sim platform to go with. Yeah I have FSX:SE, but I don't have much money invested beyond a Steam sale. But its an archaic architecture and in investigating what add-ons and aircraft I could get for it, I found this site and a few others. Before then I didn't even KNOW other platforms were out there and all that was available. My mind was truly blown when I got here. After my weeks of lurking and reading everything (and trying the XP11 demo), I think I have settled on XP11. I work in IT and I cannot in good conscience spend untold amounts of money on a 32bit architecture knowing that at some point that it would be upgraded to 64bit and having to repurchase everything. Waste of funds. /CSB (and I apologize because the following is giant pet-peeve of mine. I know this is only my second post on this site, but I wasn't born yesterday) Someone mentioned some Customer Support issues above and I have to say, it was extremely noticeable to me. In a previous life I worked Customer Service, and now working in IT I get to work with Developers on a daily basis. One thing is perfectly clear, with very few exceptions, Developers should not be allowed anywhere near the customer. Customer Service takes a unique set of skills, as does Software Development, and they don't mix well. People are going to complain, especially when they have spent a deal of money on a product and they feel it has an issue and should be resolved. Likewise, Developers have spent tens of thousands of hours producing a product. That product is their baby and they take someone criticizing that baby personally. It makes sense, I get it. That is why those companies (2 are glaring) should hire some CS people to be the buffer. The responses I have seen here from the Developers are atrocious and I cannot believe the community lets them get away with it. Luckily choosing XP means I wont have to deal with those 2 companies.
  13. Hello all, been lurking for a couple days now and decided to register. I have played Flight Sims off an on for most since the 386 days but took a long time off and only recently picked it back up. Working off a copy of FSX:SE with a few of the DLCs but nothing crazy. I had purchased it a year ago for my Father-in-Law since he has a Real Cessna 150 and we got it for him for when he couldn't go out flying that day due to reasons. Recently installed it on my system at home because my 2year old loves to crawl into my lap while I'm playing other video games and the wife doesn't like it when I play violent FPS games with my daughter in my lap She is showing a real liking towards aircraft and is constantly telling me to "crash into the water!" Hey, she's two... After installing the game and starting to have more fun with it I wanted to see what stuff I could get for it and about lost my mind after a 5 minute Google search. Which lead me here as well as elsewhere on the internet. I will apologize in advance, I will have a lot of questions which may seem common sense for those of you have been here for years. First question - Do I stick with FSX:SE? This question I understand will bring out some bias, so a good quick pro/con of the various products (P3d, DTG, XP, FSX) would be good. My goal is to have a stunning but flyable simulator (The thought of OOMs scare me, because as someone who has been around computers my entire life, am an avid video gamer, and work in IT; this VAS issue just seems like something that should have been long resolved, about 15 years ago.), I enjoy taking off from one of the major US Int'l airports and flying to another one (LAX to ORD, DFW to KLGA, etc.). I would also like to do some US to Europe flights. Love the airliners, military aircraft are only fun in a multiplayer fly-shoot-kill. Current Hardware is: Core i7-2600K OC to 4+GHz 16GB RAM GeForce GTX780TI WD 500GB HDD Corsair H80 CPU cooler 23" Monitor Xbox One controller At some point Ill start collecting real aviation controls and will ask for feedback on what I should get. BTW, where I work, we have multiple Quantum3d IDX's, though we are converting them to Quantum Mantis. So I get to play with the big Flight Sims at work -Gavenger
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