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  1. Found that and now work fine, was desable , thank you Geo
  2. Hi any support for PMDG NGX B737? In all PMDG 737 P3D4.1 not able to enlarge the PFD. All other panels is possible with a mouse click. Please advise. Geo
  3. No sorry my my PFD still not working. Someone help?
  4. Ok thank you :(
  5. Thank you so much for your advises. Please any solution why I can not enlarge the primary flight display for any pmdg ngx b737? othet panels as fmc can be enlarge with a mouse click but not the PFD Geo
  6. Hello, please someone can advise me if to use Orbx vector confiqurator for scenery runways OR the Make Runways ? Do I need to run the one, or. both while I install a new scenery for runway elevation correction? Looking forward for advise please Geo
  7. Thank you guys very much, because my main SSD Drive with the op system is not big I will use the new one for the p3d. Have so many sceneries so I need to know the correct way to get it right because it takes many days to get it ready. GEO
  8. Hi all, I plan to make a fresh install of my p3d4 and I need some advise please. I will use a new SSD Drive exclusively for the simulator other than the operating system win 10 pro. Addons like Ezdok, As16, Asca, what Drive should they install? Shall I install as admin? Please Advise Geo
  9. No solution unfortunately
  10. Hi, Taxi 2 Gate LFPG P3D 4.1 Has no runways, just high walls around . I did run FTX Global vector Orbx confiqurator also Make runways but still the same problem. Anyone to help please?
  11. Thank you for you concern. The SSD C: Drive OS Wind 10 pro is installed also p3d4.1, is nearly full and I need to reinstall p3d to the new SSD Drive. Because my PC is only for P3D simulator and there is nothing to clean up than temp files, have only 3GB free. My new SSD is 256 GB completely free. I don’t know other way to move something to the new SSD than reinstall p3d to the new one. Is there anything you advise? Geo
  12. I think something went wrong with my sim P3D 4.1 and need to restore my pc win 10 pro settings one day or even two back so I avoid reinstall again Anyone can help me please Geo
  13. Cyyzrwy24 because my English is not so good please explain me when you have time how shall I do it please. looking forward your advise if it’s going to work Geo
  14. Hi, I want to ask something about P3D 4 folder. My p3D is installed on C SSD Drive in Program Files. I have another SSD nearly empty and I wonder if I can move the main folder of P3D to that one because C SSD Drive is nearly full. Please is it possible ? Because to reinstall it on the new SSD it should take many days with those add ons i have Please advise Geo
  15. Hi, C Drive is my OS Drive (Win10 pro) and on the first time while I installed P3D 4 went into Program Files. Please explain me how is the best way to move it to the new SSD Drive (E:) and if other add ons shouls be infected Geo
  16. Hi, I want to ask about p3d4.1 scenery library. From number 1 to 10 sceneries is not able to click on them or move them up or down. Is it something wrong with the sceneries? Geo
  17. My Friend I uninstalled and reinstalled the scenery and now no pop up window. i thank you so much for your support Geo
  18. When I start my p3d I get a pop up window say that, —————————- SCENERY.CFG file error Could not find scenery 29Palms-LGSK-Skiathos local scenery directory:C:\Program Files\Lockeed Martin\Prepar3Dv4\29Palms\29Palms-LGSK-Skiathos\SCENERY Would you like to unload this area? —————————- Please why I get this msg? Geo
  19. Hi and thank you. Yes their grayed and work ok, but please tell me what’s the add on .xml method? Geo
  20. Hi, please help me solv a problem with pmdg witch happened without I did anything. Usually while I Load a flight with pmdg 737-800 before the scenario is ready the pmdg system was loading counting anti clockwise from probably 16,15,14 until the systems loaded. Now is not happening and the pmdg 737 instruments has no electrical power, not functioning while in cold and dark stage. Starting the APU but no lights. i can not access the fmc please help me Geo
  21. Hi, I agree with this. If you turn off avast do you think is possible that it infects performance of p3d although?
  22. Hi and thank you so much for your support. Finally the problem is solved. The problem was due to a block from Avast antivirus software. I arrange exclusions to program files and now everything is working great without any changes to win 10 FlexNet services. Thank you so much
  23. As I think with no reason the lack in graphics occur unexpected while the scenery is as dense as the Sim loads. My cpu is intel i7 6700k 32 GB Ram 4.2 Ghz turbo. My GPU is Gigabyte 1080ti. Win 10 Pro 64 Samsung 4k 30 htz res 3840x2160 pmdg 737/800 RAAS GSX, Simlink for Navcharts, AS16, ASCA
  24. Hi, I want to report a FPS Problem I get while running p3d. As soon as the Sim loads (London Heathrow) FPS are around 25-30. Suddenly drops down to 6-7 and back again to previous. A lack of graphics occur and I must find out the reason. Anyone to help me please? Geo
  25. Hi, please I need your opinion according cpu and GPU temperatures. i monitor my temperatures and using the speed fan application looks like average cpu temp are 60-70 Celsius and GPU average 70-80 Celsius. is it normal? Are they too high? Any solutions please? Looking for your advise please Geo