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  1. Hi, if someone please to help me after I updated the P3D to 4.2 my DL in Athens and Copenhagen Airports face upwards and I can not get an answer for this problem. Please if someone can advise me? thank you
  2. Hello, please if someone can help me please. while I’m in pre flight or what ever clear for push back I get this pop up menu and I have no idea why, even it never happen before. This device(NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 Ti) stopped working for the following reason:DXGI_ERROR_DEVICE_HUNG. Do you want to exit Prepar3D? Click yes to exit, No to desable rendering to this device or Cancel to keep using this device(Prepar3D may crash). please advise what to do and why happen this Georgios
  3. Thank you guys for your advises I appreciate very much. I learn that there is no need for over clock my GPU GTX 1080 Ti Thank you
  4. Thank you, that’s what I did, I’m on cruise and seems ok. Need to ask please what about to overclock my GTX 1080 ti? 1. Core voltage? 2. Power limit? 3. Temp limit? 4. Core clock MHz ? 5. Memory clock MHz ? thank you
  5. Jim hi, and thank you for your support. My msi afterburner is set to core clock 160 and memory clock 260 MHz my fan speed is at 90 before the P3D 4.2 update I never had this pop up menu as I menssioned my core voltage is far left, power and temp limits far right Now I’m on flight and so far goes ok please your advise Georgios
  6. If graphic driver crashed, what can be the problem? Is it something I can do? I contacted nvidia support team and the only I get was to delete the folder NVIDIA in c drive and make a advance and clean installation of the latest nvidia drivers. I’ve done it, restarted and while was ready to taxi, got the same problem. please someone to advise Georgios
  7. Yes I always do advance and clean installation of the newest drivers
  8. I may miss understood and I’m sorry for that. Now I get it thank you so much
  9. No update in my PMDG Op center so far
  10. Hi, I want to ask about p3d4.1 scenery library. From number 1 to 10 sceneries is not able to click on them or move them up or down. Is it something wrong with the sceneries? Geo
  11. Hi all, I currently have Ezdok installed and I think to start and try using Chaseplane and see how it goes according my fps. i want to ask if i need to uninstall Ezdok first and then install chase plane or there is no need to uninstall it in case I have to reuse it. please advise me George
  12. Thank you so much. I may ask you, why in ezdok while I change a view even in vc of external views my FPS drops from 45-50 with a Pmdg b737 to 16-18? Then I need to press F9 or S to return to approx 19-20 FPS
  13. Hi, I have a second PC and thought to start using it as a network PC for weather engine, Rex SKy Force 3D to release my flight sim PC to load and probably get better fps for smoother flying. But I need some help please or if is instruction how to set up. please advise George
  14. Hello, anyone please advise how to sync the B737 ngx cockpit clock with the systems time? because I use for my flights my systems time and the clock in the cockpit is not sync Also the FMC while enlarged is not a backlighting thank you Georgios
  15. Thank you, please where is HDR within the p3d4 to enable or desable? cant find it
  16. Thank you
  17. Hi, I’m a new to chase plane and I ask if someone can help with a set of pmdg737ngx camera set please. please support geo
  18. Hello All, when I run GSX in a scenery with Animated Jetways I get this message that SODE is unavailable, jetways will not animate. Please anyone with a solution? George
  19. Thank you for your replies. Is Payware airport the airport exist in .....the folder of SODE /simobjects and I can only operate jetway through SODE in p3d4.1 menu. Not via GSX, that’s the problem now I found. Any idea?
  20. Hi, please is someone to xplain me how to setup makerunways in p3d v4? where to put the application Makerunways? in fsx:se I placed and run it in fsx folder. In P3D V4? please Advise!!!!!
  21. Found that and now work fine, was desable , thank you Geo
  22. Hi any support for PMDG NGX B737? In all PMDG 737 P3D4.1 not able to enlarge the PFD. All other panels is possible with a mouse click. Please advise. Geo
  23. No sorry my my PFD still not working. Someone help?
  24. Ok thank you :(
  25. Thank you so much for your advises. Please any solution why I can not enlarge the primary flight display for any pmdg ngx b737? othet panels as fmc can be enlarge with a mouse click but not the PFD Geo