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  1. cheers guys, very helpful. I will stuck with True Sky and Active Sky for now. Very impressive I must say. Counting the days until the Nvidia 30 series is out now, at which point I will be sliders to the max 🙂
  2. Just wondering if anyone could tell me whether installing Rex Texture Direct (with soft clouds) and/or Worldwide Airports HD is worth installing in v5. I purchased both a while back and haven't migrated to v5 yet. Thing is, the sea, advanced atmospherics and some other textures are already in improved in v5 out of the box, so curious to know if installing Rex will kind of just get 'in the way' now? Thanks for any advice.
  3. I do. It’s generally slower to load, but this evening I timed it and it took 45 mins to load Aerosoft Heathrow with ORBX TE installed. Seems to stick at 72% ‘Adjusting Scenery Objects’. When it eventually did load, it looked great, FPS okay, taxied for 2 mins and it hung (not CTD) but I had to End Task. Very frustrating. Other airports load quicker but I still get it hanging periodically.
  4. Yeah I used Lorby’s very quickly developed patch. Worked a treat. Think I’ll have the weekend off this and see what people think next week. It’s very odd.
  5. Same here. didnt have any problems at all pre-hotfix. Since then, and overcoming the .xml description issue. It just crashes again again again. Rarely loads any add-on airports instead just hanging on like ~70% my FPS was lower on the rare occasion it did load. I am totally baffled. Kudos to LM on v5 overall as pre-hotfix my performance was great VRAM aside but something has gone very wrong for me.
  6. Any chance I could have a copy of the v5 version too please? I'll follow-up with DM
  7. OK i'll give it a go before I take the plunge. Looks decent on initial click.
  8. I am currently mid-download of P3D v5, upgrading from 4.5 like most. I am contemplating a shift from MyTraffic to UTL (Not particularly displeased with MYT but the aircraft models were feeling a bit tired). My question is, does UT support the ability to create new flights? The website doesn't list it, but I remember a very old version did. I can't gain access to the support forums until i've purchased annoyingly. Just don't want to waste £30. I am taking the punt that compatibility with V5 will be trivial. Cheers,
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