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  1. 10 hours ago, CJ1045 said:

    When I looked at Meteoblue yesterday there was a big change in the winds in the evening, hour to hour, from light to strong. So depending on whether there was a lag in the data being observed then there would be a big difference in the wind condtions shown. I think that is the cause of the apparent problems initially observed by the OP.

    This is probably the case yes. What mislead me was that the report was shown as « 5 minutes old. » 

    It isn’t impossible that there are some technical issues behind this kind of lag.

  2. 10 hours ago, rtodepart said:

    Hope you felt really good by using the word stupid 👌 you sounded like you did. Good for you .  this different weather issues had been talked over and over again and are being worked on . to start another thread just to point out what many of us including the ones working on this that already know just felt like another useless complaint thats had been beaten to dead .  
    even after this is all corrected to your liking Im going to repeat this for you from someone who had been flying for some years now . In the real actual world we fly around many times the data is not accurate in all platforms.there may be many times where numbers wont match . I dont know you but if you ever take on real world flying one day while checking the weather report you’ll probably  remember me . Yeah that Stupid guy was right. Hope you have a great day or night in whatever part of the world you’re in . 

    I think that you missed the point I wasn’t talking about MSFS but about Meteoblue. A 7 minutes old METAR from an international airport stating there are strong winds in the middle of a global warning for strong winds is hardly inaccurate. Meteoblue showing calm winds with a weather updated at the same time as the METAR, that’s unexpected inaccuracy. I’m not talking about forecasts here. 

  3. 9 hours ago, JRBarrett said:

    Even in the Windy app itself, you will see a definite difference in predicted wind speeds on the animated map, depending on whether you use the US GFS forecast model or the European ECMWF model. 

    Absolutely. I don’t trust forecast models. They are just helping in decision making. I was only pointing out that Windy was showing the obvious: strong winds. When there is a strong winds national alert a day before and all sorts of warnings about strong winds everywhere I was worried/surprised when I saw that Meteoblue was completely out of the loop.

  4. 9 hours ago, rtodepart said:

    If your idea was to start a "Lets talk down on MeteoBlue " thread  you just failed . Just so that you know in real life apps with the same source sometimes are not updated at the same time and there could be sometimes inaccurate info on one side compared to the other that at a later time finally updates to be accurate on both ends . 

    I’m sorry but giving me this intention is just so stupid. This is Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 forum and the sim uses Meteoblue data for its live weather. I’ve watched the promo video where they explain how they model the entire world weather accurately and it’s just awesome to watch. Now I remember that in the video they were saying they also used world METARs in their model and I was just pointing to the fact that LDDU airport had strong winds and Meteoblue was the only weather app out of 4 others I use that was showing calm winds. I thought this was problematic enough to address the issue.


    Edit: the weather was also updated at the same time as LDDU METAR when it showed 8kts winds instead of more than 20.

  5. 11 minutes ago, CJ1045 said:


    Meteoblue for Dubrovnik shows 15-26mph for now - 30 minutes after you posted (it is now 21:00 UK time) seems to tie in with your METAR data.


    Indeed now it does. Weather data was shown as updated at the same time as the METAR but it wasn’t accurate.

    Also if I look at the wind map it’s still not accurate...

  6. Just checking the iOS app and comparing datas: 

    Most recent METAR at LDDU :

    LDDU 171900Z 04020KT 340V080 CAVOK 29/12 Q1011 TEMPO 03020G30KT

    So it says winds at 20kts gusting at 30kts.

    Now I launch my iOS Meteoblue app and it says winds at 24km/h. So the real winds are double to triple what Meteoblue shows. Windy that also uses forecast models shows winds at 18kts with gusts at 24kts so Windy is accurate.

    There is also an official alert by the Croatian weather forecasters for high winds. It’s even available in the iOS Weather app through weather.com 

    Based on this, Meteoblue is proving to be absolutely inaccurate. 

  7. Hello,


    I am used to fly multiplayer with a friend and, as we want to practice ATC together and both to buy Pilot2ATC, we are a bit frustrated because we can't here what the ATC says to each other. So our flights are usually punctuated by me or my friend asking "Did they answer? What did they say?" Of course there are always our readbacks but as we are noobs we sometimes take a "long" time to answer, and anyway it breaks a bit the immersion.

    We usually use Discord to talk to each other. I was wondering if there would be an elegant way, or just a workaround to be able to also share Pilot2ATC sound? 

  8. Hello, 

    Discovering this awesome software. I was flying a VFR flight with clearance from Class C to Class C airports and when I was cleared to takeoff I was never asked to contact approach. Instead I was asked to contact ground but I was already in the air.

    When something like this happens what is the solution? Saving the plan, quitting, reloading? Then contacting approach directly? Or staying with Tower? Should I request the VFR clearance again?


    thanks a lot 

  9. On 6/27/2020 at 1:30 AM, benwbriscoe said:

    I clearly need a computer science degree to even begin to get it to work.

    Now that’s dramatic.

    It’s super easy to use. Just load airlines and download their flight plans with the one click tool. 

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  10. 10 hours ago, Mace said:

    With this in mind...before I install HF2, should I move my add-ons.cfg to some temporary location, then uninstall P3Dv5HF1, install P3Dv5HF2, verify good running, and only then put my add-ons.cfg back?

    Would that guarantee that on first run, my P3Dv5HF2 would be totally vanilla?  (that is my goal)

    This may be unnecessary but it can't do anything bad. Always better to start vanilla, see if it works, before adding stuff. Especially in V5.

  11. I think that ASCA doesn't change textures in the sim folder because you can run P3D without starting ASCA and then you will have default clouds and sky. You can do the test: start a scenario without ASCA open and then start ASCA, you'll see new clouds popping.

  12. 2 hours ago, simbol said:

    Very odd, why TG would do that to P3D? I don't get it..


    I have no idea but I am 99% certain disabling it fixed the issues. 
    Before the hotfix I also had an odd issue where Envtex was making P3D crash (DGXUI error) on the scenario screen. Even after uninstalling Envtex, I had to untick the plugin box to get P3D to load.

    Must be related to my AMD Radeon VII GPU, but it looks like bugs. 


  13. 1 minute ago, simbol said:

    Could you explain to me how you find this out and how you resolved it? 


    So, I just tested installing Envtex and everything was working perfectly. I decided to try adding Envshade. I also installed Traffic Global at the same time. When starting any scenario I would get a device hung error.
    I thought this was related to VRAM, even though I have 16gb and my GPU monitor showed almost no usage. I tried lowering and lowering settings, with no effect. Then I uninstalled Envshade and Envtex because I thought this error was caused by Envshade. But same error. Tried uninstalling and reinstalling the client. Same issue.

    Then I uninstalled Traffic Global but the problem was still there. In the end I found out it was still present in the Addons, so I unchecked it. And voila, P3D scenario started. 
    I then pushed all settings back to high and everything working fine. Still have to try reinstalling Envtex and Envshade to see how it goes. 

  14. Hello,

    To me Envtex and Envshade have been mandatory in P3Dv4 but now with new textures and Enhanced Atmospherics in P3Dv5 I was wondering about your experience? 

    Do you see better runway textures with Envtex VS vanilla? 
    What about water textures and animation since it got a new engine in the v5? 

  15. I’ve had the device hung caused by a third party addon (Traffic Global). Took me many CTDs to find that this particular addon was responsible. 

    If you ask me, this is a P3Dv5 bug that should get fixed ASAP. Addons can cause problems but I see no reasons for CTDs, as this wasn’t happening in v4. 

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