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  1. New hot fix solved the camera issues with my Radeon VII. I'm getting VRAM issues again and I have 16Gb and lowered everything... Edit: issues were caused by a faulty addon. So far it’s excellent!
  2. I have never EVER seen morphing of mountains or terrain anywhere within the vicinity of my aircraft in XP11 or DCS. The bad mesh resolution in XP11 is one of the reasons I stopped using XP11. You need hundreds of GB of mesh data.
  3. I wish there was a functional de-ice system (dummy buttons unfortunately) and a better G1000. Buy I’ve yet to find another P3D plane with such a nice G1000. Using FSAerodata and Navigraph I have all updated frequencies and procedures. Plane management would be nice too (Wear and tear, etc.) Other than that, this plane is vastly superior to most of the GA paywares out there, except A2A of course. Its almost as if people would prefer a badly coded plane with plenty of updates to fix the issues rather than something excellent from the day it was released.
  4. Last time I heard he was having family issues (illness). I’ve been flying the DA62 for hundreds of hours and I’m used to A2A quality. I don’t understand people complaining that it’s a dead project. It was released fully functional and even though I like some support and updates, it’s already close to perfect. No manual but you can read the official manual, it’s all there. It’s a very modern plane, checklists and procedures are easy to follow IRL and in the sim. I don’t understand what people need more...
  5. Mind to explain what is the AMD issue?? Thanks
  6. Many people unhappy with clouds but isn’t it possible to replace the cloud textures with Envtex/Skyforce/ASCA?
  7. What you said was correct but in my opinion it should be used when you don’t have the best setup ever. OP has a beast of a computer and a great screen. I feel like he would be downgrading his experience by doing this 30Hz trick instead of finding better solutions. Again, in my humble, subjective, opinion and with my own experience...
  8. I know the correlation between FPS and refresh rate but this is sometimes very subjective. When I use Joinfs I limit my frame rate to 35fps to get in sync with my colleagues and I often forget to disable it and even limited at 35fps I hardly see any « stutters » on my 60Hz 21:9, 34 inches screen. I’d be curious to see an example of those stutters with an acceptable frame rate in video if you have some links?
  9. This doesn’t mean anything if you don’t give details. I am way over 30fps on photoreal sceneries with max autogen and most settings to the max. Same outside urban areas, for example Orbx Alaska, it will give me much more than 30fps at all time with excellent settings and real weather.
  10. Obviously something is wrong with your installation because you should have an amazing performance with this hardware on default sceneries and aircrafts. With Trackir and when I installed my 9900K and Radeon VII, on an Orbx Scenery with an A2A plane the first time was so smooth I felt my head was turning too fast! Edit: I’m talking about P3D v4. If it’s on v5 then it must be a bug with this new version!
  11. Reason has to be your hardware/settings/sceneries. When flying in complex aircraft, over very complex scenery with hundreds of custom buildings, with a lot of AI traffic in an overcast layer, this can kill your FPS. But then you can change your settings in this kind of situation. I don’t run same settings for a photoreal scenery in Europe and for Orbx Alaska.
  12. Running a monitor at 30Hz is horrible to watch and in my opinion it’s something you do if you are desperate. You shouldn’t have to resort to this kind of tweaking.
  13. Seriously, this is a good idea if you have a bad setup (I used to run at 30Hz sometimes) but it’s generally a bad experience.
  14. Interesting. I am 99% on P3D v4.5 and 1% on XP v11 and indeed, Vulkan added an impressive amount of FPS to X-Plane. But I don’t suffer from stutters in P3D 4.5, even with tons of add-ons, except in some very heavy sceneries like the London area of Orbx Trueearth GB where I will lose some FPS if I don’t adapt the settings. But I also lose FPS in X-Plane if I max everything out in some sceneries and with some plugins. So about the stuttering, is that some new bug coming with the v5?
  15. 😉 I wish I could be in a real plane though...
  16. I may finally be able to use my 16gb of vram then 😉
  17. « Go outside » : are you aware almost the entire planet is on lockdown right now?
  18. This is awesome. And something we probably don’t say enough: you guys are awesome to deliver great products to the community.
  19. This situation is really weird. A manual doesn’t have to be hundreds of pages long. I don’t understand why a dev would create such a quality and complex aircraft for so long and not be eager to describe all about it in a manual.
  20. Awesome Rob! I wish there were more videos on YouTube.
  21. Hello and sorry for answering months later!! The bug I’m talking about happens when you want to create a higher ZL custom zone inside a tile and there are water masks involved. For example if you choose ZL16 for your tile and want to define a custom zone with ZL18 within this tile and this zone has water, Ortho4XP is going to create water masks for ZL16 but not for ZL18. So you will end up with no water in the custom ZL18 zone. The only workaround I found a while back is a real pain: - Create the ZL16 base tile + custom ZL18. - Save a copy of the ZL18 BMP in another folder (so you know which BMP files you’ll need to keep that cover your custom zone) and delete all their .inf files. - Download a new complete ZL18 tile, no need to compile. This way you have the correct .inf files with correct water mask informations. - Move all the .inf files to the ZL18 copy folder containing only the custom zone. This way you can compile the relevant BMP files.
  22. Still running into the same bug from months back: When I choose the option for a higher ZL around airports, the high ZL BMP and INF are created but they are not compiled. If I want to compile myself, I run into the issue I was talking about earlier: I get an error message that the night textures don’t exist. I haven’t tried to put night=false in the config file but this should probably do the trick. It would really be great if everything was compiled as requested from the start. Any tips are welcome!!
  23. Did you do all the Microsoft training? Not only the Voxatc one. I did it extensively and even though English isn’t my native language and I have a terrible accent, speech recognition works perfectly. I’m mostly not ready because of all the frequencies I don’t know to choose correctly (FFS and centers...) and I’m still struggling to use the correct phraseology without text to read.
  24. Thank you very much. Haven’t been brave enough to try the expert mode yet, but will certainly do when I’m efficient enough.
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