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  1. What is different here I think is that I was departing the area. I wasn’t at the « fly flight plan » stage yet.
  2. Hello, If I stop the bgl compiling, is it possible to resume it later? When I restart the process it starts compiling everything from the beginning... When I try manually with resample, I get an error because night bmp are not available... Thanks
  3. Did you find the solution for this? I have the same issue 😞
  4. Will try, but do you think the squawk really will change anything?
  5. I was departing CYXY, around 1000ft MSL and I experienced an engine failure. I tried pressing 0 to get the mayday menu but since I was departing there was nothing but a “return”. So I went to the PDF manual and read this about Maydays: You can declare an emergency any time that you are airborne. An emergency call has the following format: mayday mayday mayday <call sign> <emergency type> <request> This version of VoxATC has five types of emergency currently defined, these are: engine failure fuel low hydraulic failure avionics failure passenger critically ill You can make any standard request, but will most frequently want vectors to the nearest suitable airport. Example: mayday mayday mayday cessna one one five one delta avionics failure request vectors to nearest airport I did the exact same request and the ATC acknowledged I was a mayday but asked for my request again. I tried asking for “vectors to nearest airport” in multiple ways but was unable to get anything to be understood. What would be the correct VOXATC phraseology and what is “any standard request”? Thanks a lot 🙂
  6. Normally ATC doesn’t have to give you altitudes to fly a SID or a STAR, since it’s all on the charts.
  7. Running into a weird issue: can’t retract landing gear. Joystick button or keyboard have no effect and doing it with the mouse moves the switch but nothing retracts. Anyone ever had this?
  8. Do you think that if I activate Engine stress damage engine in P3D this could lead to failures?
  9. That’s what I’m very curious about! Are you sure the de-ice switch doesn’t work?
  10. I really liked how the Realair Turbine Duke had some engine management and failures. I wish we could have this on the DA62. I know the plane is pretty straightforward but at least some overheating issues woud be nice. For now I've been spending a lot of time in Alaska. Orbx has done such a good job, I can't stop exploring this huge area.
  11. This is awesome, I didn't know it was possible to do. I'm looking for VFR charts for Europe compatible with LNM. Any idea if this exists?
  12. After months I just tried Ortho4XP with the Sceneproc plugin and I am so happy with the results! The scenery I got is amazing, beyond what I was hoping for. Now does someone know if the annoying bug of the impossible multiple zoom levels been solved (a few months back you couldn’t add some zones with better ZL because the water masks wouldn’t be created)?
  13. Totally understand. Still been using this plane for an around the world trip with many many stops and with the maximum realism I can use and it’s been perfect for learning IFR procedures and the use of the G1000.
  14. Are there many situations where you fly IFR between a close range of mountains in IMC? The corner overshoot is not that large on approaches. Not saying this shouldn’t be fixed, but I don’t think this makes it unusable. You can always activate the next waypoint in advance in particular situations where you think an overshoot would be a big problem.
  15. Thanks for your detailed answer. Yes I heard that the Vertx G1000 has been written from scratch whereas the Rxp and F1 GTN are based on the Garmin trainer. I also find the lack of pan ability frustrating but I got used to it since I don’t know if it’s even possible to develop this from scratch. I also noticed the turn overshoots, definitely an issue that could be fixed. In the last months I have been using the Vertx DA62 almost exclusively, doing a trip around the world with real weather and almost always in real time. I do small legs and touch and go in various airports, taking my time and having fun. I departed from Paris, France and currently exploring Alaska. I am trying to be as realistic as possible and learning a lot about IFR and VFR charts and rules and I only use VOXATC. I must say that I’ve be been learning a lot during this time. This is where I have trouble to understand exactly how the current DA62 G1000 prevents us from doing realistic IFR: I plan my routes using IFR charts, enter coordinates in Littlenavmap or some other planning softwares and then load my flightplans in P3D and everything appears as it should be in the G1000. I updated all AIRAC data with Navigraph and Fsaerodata, so when i am given an arrival procedure I can load it normally with the G1000. For SIDS I have to use workarounds, that is true, because they don’t appear in the procedure tab. Vnav works very well as long as it’s not a direct-to route. No weather support on the G1000 but I use a radar module and/or my tablet and it’s perfect for me. I’d like to have the airports METAR and TAF at least. Shouldn’t be hard to add. No charts inside the G1000. That’s too bad but I understand they would need some sort of subscription. This would definitely be something I would pay for. I use AirMate or Aerovie instead + Skyvector. No safetaxi. That’s a luxury I’d be happy to have. But these things that are missing are not a deal breaker in my opinion. I don’t see why you can’t fly realistic IFR if you have to load the charts and the weather on your iPad? Everything else is there for a safe flight, don’t you think?
  16. Hi, out of curiosity when you say the G1000 shows only 30% of what it can do in real life, what do you mean exactly? When you download airac data through Fsaerodata you get a pretty much complete navigation base. I do agree that we miss airport charts (but this is the kind of stuff you are better looking on your tablet or computer), weather or safetaxi, but what else you see that is missing that makes it not enough good for training? I’m not a real life pilot so I am curious. Also I see a lot of complaints about this G1000 but is there a better P3D G1000 out there?
  17. Hi, I’ve had quite challenging approaches in this area: 1S2 : Darrington Municipal airport. This is an unattended airfield with no approach plates and no indications. It’s at a 553ft elevation and completely surrounded by high mountains. I believe that the only informations you can get are from this VFR chart. When planning an IFR to VFR approach to this airport, I had to transition from FL013. I found it very hard to find a way through the mountains. Best bet was to follow the river, but it all felt a bit risky. Do you have any tips for this kind of challenging routes?
  18. Came here to ask a similar question. So far for US flights I’m using an iOS App called Aerovie. It’s a not very expensive monthly subscription for a professional app that compares to ForeFlight in many ways (but of course not as good for flight planning) and they have vertical weather profiles with icing, clouds, turbulence... Everything coupled with very complete radar layers and TAF discussions. Unfortunately it’s limited to the US.
  19. Edit: actually I thought I would find the value there but it Isn’t... Edit 2: I guess we need to add it manually? Will try. Edit 3: I think it works!
  20. It’s in Appdata/Roaming/Internal Workings/VoxATC P3D 4/VaSettings.xml
  21. Amazing explanation. Thank you so much. It makes much more sense now. Will try the “true” value for sure. Voxatc is amazingly cool and frustrating at the same time. The advices in this forum help a lot.
  22. Thank you. Yes I already use the AIG traffic files 🙂 I know that in real life most small or medium sized airports are supposed to be in standby most of the time but I like to have some more action. I fly GA exclusively. I have a last question: when I set 100% traffic in Voxatc I feel like I don’t get as much traffic as when I set 30% in P3D settings. Is that normal?
  23. Hello, In my last flights, even though I had the Voxatc traffic slider to 100%, I felt that the sky was a bit empty. Same at big airports, not much action with mostly planes at gates. So I added 5-10% of traffic within the P3D settings. Does it make any sense? Does it interfere with Voxatc in any way? And is it normal that I don’t see many planes in the sky even with the slider at 100%? (I use BGL traffic files.) thanks!
  24. I think that P3D models icing very bad. I installed a gauge called icev10 which simulates icing better (it builds up and it has real effects on the plane). So I can see when icing happens and it’s to be taken seriously like IRL. Edit: best way to create icing conditions is to load the Active Sky Icing scenario!
  25. Nope, it’s just saying that the plane is equipped (IRL) and that you can choose the fluid quantity in game. But it’s not saying that it is indeed modeled inside the game.
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