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  1. Not the type of aircraft I usually fly, but reviews & pricing induced me to give it a go. No regrets. Very very smooth & a delight to fly. Need to read the manual, but overall, modelling & cockpit very impressive. T45
  2. Assuming you mean purchases in the market place - I was not successful 6 months or so back, & before that, whenever I logged on to MSFS (PC, not Xbox), as Administrator, but successful when I did not log on as Admin. I was told it was a peculiarity of MSFS. However, it may have been fixed, I don't know as I automatically left mouse click to log on to MSFS now when I want to purchase something. Haven't tried an Admin log on/purchase. T45
  3. Purchased the FSR500 off the Marketplace & have had one update come through so far via the Marketplace. No issues with installation or update process. If you do buy then suggest you don't start MSFS as the Administrator when you go to purchase it. Left mouse click the MSFS icon instead. T34
  4. Ah!! Where do you find the tablet?😀 It's not waving to me in the cockpit. T45
  5. Where do you find the aircraft "Settings", as referred to in the Update notes re adjusting control trim sensitivity? T45
  6. Well, that is a bit of a b-r. Are the releases triggered from Asobo/Europe, or Microsoft/SoCal? Curious, because if it is the latter, then it may turn up later tonight. Or is that whistling in the wind over optimism? T45
  7. When its available could someone run the flag up a pole? Thanks T45
  8. I thought it was being released tomorrow, but you refer to a beta build - could you clarify please. T45
  9. I have WU15 diaried for release today but can't find any info on when. Anyone know? T45
  10. Ok I figured it out & have run ILS landing using the 530 & TDS GPS units. Approaches were very smooth. T45
  11. Could you provide the AP settings for an ILS approach? Haven't been able to figure that out yet. Otherwise, an interesting & enjoyable aircraft to fly. T45
  12. Need some guidance re flying an ILS. Can't get it to capture the Approach descent. I have NAV/GPS set to NAV, Nav1 frequency loaded & aircraft following a HDG that lines up with the runway. In the AP I had HDG, VOR, then APR live, (APR shows CAP in green & ARM in amber), & at 1,800', can't get it to descend, so I wonder if I have the wrong AP settings or have missed something. T45
  13. Currently flying the Pilot's Dash 7 from KJFK to KBOS , IFR for an ILS into 33L. I am using the Dash 7 TDS GPS in the cockpit & somehow the PMS is on the drop down menu bar at the top of the screen. (Not sure how it got there) The TDS is controlling the flight on NAV AP. I have found when I set up the ILS flight in MSFS Scenario that the PMS imports the full flight plan & shows all of it, whereas the TDS just imports the departure airport & I have to enter all the waypoints if I want to see the correct flight plan. Is there a setting in the TDS whereby it will import the full MSFS flight plan, from start to finish? T45
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