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  1. Actually I don't remember, I never put my real name in web, it was few years ago, and I still got it just on computer, I've got updated version. If the files missed, what do you think I could do? Jsut please, only no reinstall fsx!
  2. Hi, I got issue with WHITE boxes in places where should be road/street lights placed. I am so tired to trying this repair. Please Steve, help me. I will show you how its seems. In addicted in DX9 problem doesn't exist. I have ORBX FTX Global, Vector, OpenLC and WideWorld Airports. In night everything seems to be good. https://zapodaj.net/e2bc7044ea625.png.html https://zapodaj.net/7ae83e05f67d9.png.html Please, help me, greetings! Daniel
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