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  1. Same. That video was embarrasing. Amateurish is a nice word to describe it. I think I'll pass on waiting for the KA 350i and anything else they 'develop'.
  2. iFly just released the 747 in v4. Just like the 737, you can use ACARS wx download during flight. Very handy. Grest that if I use FSX amd want to try p3d or use both, I can switch pretty effortlessly using it.
  3. I don't get OOM's in FSX either. And I don't have dx10 fixer, nor a big, fast rig. And I have sliders just as right then many I've seen using p3d v4. I used the NGX and orbx airports/ regions even with decent ai and had great performance. No saving flight and coming back because I'd often only be at 1.6-1.8gb at the end of a 2-3 hour flight. That's with all airports and scenery loaded as well. I guess some just don't know how to set up their systems.
  4. It is just not possible to get smooth at 17. 'Smooth' yes. But not smooth. Yes, true about higher FPS. 30 or 60 can also not be smooth. But a smooth 30fps will trounce a 'smooth' 17 anyday if the week. But enjoy your low FPS with the latest hardware and 'modern' platform.
  5. Good news. That might* just convince me to turn from FSX to P3D. I used the NGX as well in FSX but tried the iFly out of curiosity and for the extra models. Like many, i found the VC more then acceptable if not better from the eye point of view. Better performnance then the NGX as well. Id use both for sometime. Now I find myself only using the iFly. It seems a more polished product. The 747-8 I'm awaiting with excitement. *might. :p
  6. No. I lock at 30 and that's what I get...in FSX. With full ai as well. And only a GTX 560.
  7. So incorrect that it's not funny. Smooth isn't achievable when you can see the frames move. And at 17, you can see them. From 25 and under it's pointless. Fps is everything. Many simmers must have some poorly set up PC's and flight sims if they think 17 is good. i got better then that by a long margin in FSX with less capable hardware.
  8. Top of it's game with a 'smooth' 17 FPS in external view? Wow, p3d has hit the big time.....not.
  9. Why does the autogen end and, what looks like blurries , appear in the distance?
  10. Interesting comparison. Of concern is when he's looking at the terminal. It's actually LESS FPS. Ok, only 1, but even he said the airport isn't finished. So when it is...maybe less again. No AI traffic in shot, so half the FPS if you add a decent amount in. Wx programs etc will take off some as well. And add in a high quality payware aircraft - PMDG - and you'd be lucky to get 15 FPS.
  11. I always thought FSUIPC was just an alternative to simconnect anyway?
  12. I've never had one either....in FSX. And what was with the NGX, Fly Tampa YSSY and other orbsx regions and payware airports. And with traffic. Usually there was around 1.4 - 1.6 GB remaining after a 2-3 hour flight. I suppose the possibilities are there so maybe V4 will take that possibility away. Remains to be seen what true performance will be for at least another week.
  13. Indeed it would. It seems to have a horrible blurries and lack of antogen problem just outside the radius of the aircraft it seems. I'm not swayed either way at this stage.
  14. There was nothing in the video that convinced me to change. The VC rain looks non-exsitent compared to FS9. And the same wahsed out cartoon textures remain unchanged from FSX days. 64 bits of boring sameness. Yikes.
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