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  1. Ok, with all of the negative comments, I was really unsure about this plane. I bit the bullet and bought it anyway. I just completed my first flight from Tupelo to Nashville at 15,000 feet. It flies like a dream. Autopilot gave me no trouble at all. Maybe you all should quit nitpicking tiny things. This isn’t supposed to be a study level aircraft. This is after all a game.
  2. Ridgw003

    You guys had me scared...

    Excuse me? I’m sorry that I don’t have all day to sit and post on a forum. You had 4 posts at one time as well. I came here to research a purchase before making it. I felt the need to state my feelings on the product as well. No need to be a Richard about it all. Wont happen again, Matt
  3. Ridgw003

    Engine cutoff

    Purchased this great looking plane a couple months ago. I've been really busy so I've only recently started putting it through it's paces. Despite ensuring everything is up to snuff with there being fuel on board, not at max power, and coming off the condition lever a bit, within ten minutes of takeoff, both engines just quit. I cannot restart them. It usually finishes with a spectacularly fiery crash where both my passengers (a group of old folks headed home to San Diego from Laughlin) and I, being able to exit the flight to reload and try again. The problem seems to be happening regardless of how I control the airplane, either AP or manual. Hell, I even had my buddy Manuel come over to give it some Latin flair. Always the end result, disappointed old folks. As you can imagine, with me being the nice guy that I am, I just want to get these folks home safely. After having blown their Social Security checks at the penny slots. I have checked through the cfg file and have found no obvious signs of issues. Has anyone else had these problems? Anyone come up with a fix? Thanks, Matt AKA Bionic Pilot
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    Engine cutoff

    From my brief turboprop aircraft training (I jumped out) I wasn't paying much attention to the levers. To adjust rpm, aside from coming off the throttle more, what else can be done? The engine magically cutting off isn't helping at all.
  5. Ridgw003

    Iris Global Express Repaint

    Trying to ressurect a zombie here. I have scoured the google box, avsim, simviation, and all the rest. I am trying to find a repaint for the Iris CRJ-900. Any US carrier will do, I just need something in place of that God awful mesh look. Anyone have an idea where else to look? Matt