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  1. I recently did the same flight with the PMDG 737 NG on P3D V4, and with the ZIbo 738 on X-Plane 11. I must say that the latter was far more enjoyable. The VC interaction and the graphics are just vastly superior. Could be that doing non-normal stuff would have been possible only in the PMDG. But for a normal flights I'd prefer the Zibo.
  2. Actually, I hate step-by-step videos. I prefer explanations of the necessary things to do and why they are necessary. That helps me to sort out problems myself. In the case of this software, I made my guesses on how it works in cooperation with the trainer. But a thorough explanation would help.
  3. Okay, I installed the Garmin trainer version above. It works well with the recent GTN plugin.
  4. Thanks. But before uninstalling a nicely working trainer, downloading 10 files and reinstalling, I'd rather wait. It is not that important to me.
  5. I seem to be in bad luck. I just today decided to give the GTN plugin another try and found out that it stopped working. I do not want to download the old trainer. I can wait. Any time schedule for the new version that can use the new trainer?
  6. I know, but it is not finished yet. I have their Chipmunk, and it is a bit dated, but a great taildragger.
  7. I hope for something like the Lencair Legacy with retractable landing gear. It was fast, good looking, had a decent flight model, and had a great panoramic view in the cockpit. So far, there is not really something like it for XP. The closest may be the Epic 1000 with its GTN like SkyView system.
  8. You need a beefy system. The jagged shadows are a simplification to help performance, not negligence.
  9. Has anybody done an integration into the DreamFoil Bell 407 for X-Plane 11? Thanks
  10. That can be done in a different way: Here is a line of my scenery.ini: SCENERY_PACK C:\Users\psch\Documents\Ortho4XP\Tiles\zOrtho4XP_+49+007/ The file itself is in the Ortho folder where it was created (not another drive, however), and in the "Custom Scenery" folder, I have put a link using copy and paste creating a link (right mouse button). This is on Windows 10. By the way, the overlays directory is also linked from the Ortho folder. As this:
  11. I have to take that back. With activated FSL it is possible to have no problem at all. Unfortunately, I cannot delete my last post. So, actually, I do not know.
  12. Okay, I have a possible solution. But I do not know if it stands the test of time. I disabled FSLOptions, FSLEvents and FSLSounds in DLL.XML. And see, no more mouse problems! FSL A320X is a wonderful simulation. But is has its share of problems. I hope that is the solution. Fingers crossed. Paul
  13. I got a problem that plague many others as I see in the net. Is there an "official solution"? After a while the mouse clicks, switches and rotary knobs stop working in the PMDG 737 800 virtual cockpit. Sometimes some clicks still work, but most don't. It happens a varying time from 1 to 10 minutes after the start of the simulation. It does not happen in every flight. I have no details yet on what causes the issue. The PDMG is the only plane with that problem. I tried readjusting the seat to the front, going full screen and back, switching views, but nothing works. Reloading the PMDG does not help too. Restarting the FSX helps, but the problem may strike again. The system is Windows 10 (but I had the same problem in Windows 8 before) and it is FSX Steam Edition. The PMDG is the most recent (the configurator says so). The livery is Air Berlin, but it happens in other liveries too. Addons are only sceneries and ASN. I am not running any view system when it happens. Thanks for help, Paul
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