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  1. Thanks for buying our plane. As @Chock mentioned above, with the correct trim she'll take off fine. You still need a rudder pedal dance, but that is correct for type. Come and join our Discord (link below AND in our manuals 😉 ) and get some help from the community.
  2. Thanks for editing your post after I posted my response 😉
  3. Yup, payware is meant to be better than freeware ;) Especially when we are doing a native conversion of a default FSX model and textures with intrinsic restrictions. However I'd like to point out a few inaccuracies in your above statement: The Goose does not use any legacy XML in the modeldef and was fully converted to ModelBehaviours as a way of learning the new method. We DO however have two remaining XML Gauges ;) and I love that you've been able to update your gauges to HTML now. BRAVO! The Goose does not use the legacy air file and the flightmodel was updated by Pam Brooker who did the original flightmodel update for the original OzX Team The Goose has full PBR textures ;) I do not compare the two as they are both very different products though they are sister aircraft :) As developers we always strive to release wonderful products for people to fly and I really like what you've done with the Widgeon and am looking forward to your continued success! Great review as always @Chock :) love watching your videos mate.
  4. As I mentioned above, we did not break this rule, not sure what's going on with your install, but it's certainly not how it's setup.
  5. 1) Default view is NOT Landing, not sure what's going on with your install. 2) If you spawn on the runway, ensure that you push your throttles forward as old engines cut off at "idle throttle". Idle for an engine like this is around 1500rpm. As this is an Early Preview we have not completed everything, in particular for your situation, we have only completed the ramp starts. Part of the enjoyment (personally) is getting to learn about these old beauties, which is why we focused initially on the child and dark stay for the ramp.
  6. OK HotFix 1 uploaded. Fixes electrical issue, reversed pitch attitude indicator and hopefully the CTDs from sim loading Goose as traffic.
  7. OK So looks like we’ve narrowed down the CTD issue being either: No SoundAI folder Some issue with LODs I’m guessing it’s the former and so have to try replicate the issue first so that I can test my fix. Hoping to get a hotfix out before XMas but that will be the last update until late Jan.
  8. Hey @leprechaunlive thanks for posting here <3 Here are some pics for you all I <3 this one @leprechaunlive
  9. VR Rotorcraft SDK because I now need to port my projects to the new sim! 😄
  10. Oh word not allowed, forgot that that is an absolute MUST HAVE!
  11. Yup really looking forward to the new sim as Choice is EXCELLENT for the consumer and with fantastic Heli's available for both X-Plane, AeroFly FSII and DCS I'm really hoping that Microsoft come out with another excellent option for us rotorheads. Aside from excellent flight models, I'm also really looking forward to the missions from FSX and hoping that they also transfer, well the idea of missions as I'm not expecting them to allow us to transfer existing stuff, into the new Sim as well. Really hoping that MS is treating this as a new product and are not beholding themselves to backwards compatibility.
  12. Hey guys so you have HTR working accurately in P3Dv4? I was trying it the other night with the ND MD500 and with no wind HTR had me crabbing wildly
  13. Yea that's OK I'm using this separate from my XP as an experiment. Pretty easy to support mesh as it gets downloaded pretty sure you can just hand it off to resample also (from memory) Can I also recommend that you look at possibly multi-processing the images as a single tile @ ZL16 on a i7 8700K (it was almost idling too at only 15% CPU usage) took: That's BONKERS! The same tile only takes 20 minutes to do for XP.
  14. OK So generating a NEW tile we have some progress: Resample Info File: 'D:\Flight Sim Sutff\Ortho4XP_FSX_P3D-master\Orthophotos\+50+000\+51+000\BI_16\21632_32768_BI16.inf' [Source] Type = 'BMP' [Source] Type = 'BMP' [Source] SourceDir = 'D:\Flight Sim Sutff\Ortho4XP_FSX_P3D-master\Orthophotos\+50+000\+51+000\BI_16' [Source] SourceFile = '21632_32768_BI16.bmp' [Source] Layer = 'Imagery' [Source] SamplingMethod = 'Point' [Source] Lon = 0.000000 [Source] Lat = 52.052490 [Source] NumOfCellsPerLine = 4096 [Source] NumOfLines = 4096 [Source] CellXdimensionDeg = 0.000021 [Source] CellYdimensionDeg = 0.000013 [Source] PixelIsPoint = 0 [Source] Variation = 'January,February,March,April,May,June,July,August,September,October,November,December' [Destination] DestDir = 'D:\Flight Sim Sutff\Ortho4XP_FSX_P3D-master\Orthophotos\+50+000\+51+000\BI_16\ADDON_SCENERY\scenery' [Destination] DestBaseFileName = '21632_32768_BI16' [Destination] UseSourceDimensions = 1 [Destination] CompressionQuality = 100 Cell 595 of 654 (90.98%); 0:00:26 elapsed, 0:00:03 remaining... However, you'll need to take into account that if I have already downloaded a tile and I maybe want to try a new Mesh source for example I may not need to download any new images.
  15. The file downloading code is not running as I have already downloaded that tile.
  16. OK Just ran it and got this: -> Encoding of the DSF file Final nbr of nodes: 990655 DSF file encoded, total size is : 22277950 bytes (21.2M) *Activating DSF file. ESP_build_dir is None inside of resample... something went wrong, so can't run resample Completed in 32.85sec. _________________________________________________________________________________________________ Batch process completed in 32.87sec There are no files being created in "Ortho4XP_FSX_P3D-master\Orthophotos\+50-010\+51-001\BI_16" # TODO: these globals are hackish. try to not use globals build_for_ESP = False do_build_masks = False ESP_build_dir = None ^^^ is the current state of O4_Globals.py so I'm assuming that ESP_build_dir is not being set since there error mentions "None"
  17. Thanks, I'll try that. I am running the EXE as the python version does not want to work (I've already got the normal Ortho4XP 1.30 running in a different directory by the python file so not sure what's wrong there)
  18. Downloaded fresh tonight. Edited the .cfg file and I get this error: -> Encoding of the DSF file Final nbr of nodes: 990655 DSF file encoded, total size is : 22277950 bytes (21.2M) *Activating DSF file. Exception in thread Thread-2: Traceback (most recent call last): File "threading.py", line 916, in _bootstrap_inner File "threading.py", line 864, in run File "src\O4_Tile_Utils.py", line 173, in build_tile_list File "src\O4_Tile_Utils.py", line 127, in build_tile AttributeError: module 'O4_ESP_Globals' has no attribute 'ESP_build_dir' This is the extract from my Ortho4XP.cfg use_decal_on_terrain=False ESP_resample_loc=C:\\Program Files\\Lockheed Martin\\Prepar3D v4 SDK\\World\\Terrain\\resample.exe create_ESP_night=False create_ESP_summer=True create_ESP_spring=False create_ESP_fall=False create_ESP_winter=False create_ESP_hard_winter=False
  19. Outstanding! Haven't tried ScenProc before. Is it difficult?
  20. Yup make sure you copy make the overlay and copy the yOverlay (or something like that) into your scenery folder. Also check out XOrganiser, great scenery and plugin organiser =)
  21. Yea certainly a LOT more work than Ortho4XP... We've been spoiled =(
  22. Yea that's been my experience with FSET. Great tool but Ortho4XP is definitely faster. One thing to check, did you set it to create seasonal textures as well? That certainly adds a lot of overhead to the process, and so I don't bother with the seasonal textures.
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