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  1. Hi,


    Are you asking, can it be done physically? Or legally?.


    Physically, definitely yes. I have done so myself, one on my Windows 10 machine here at the house and one on my Windows 7 computer at my office. The one on the Windows 7 machine worked perfectly upon installation, but the one here at home was a nightmare. I have put up a couple of threads about this. I finally got a non-Navigraph/FMC iteration of it flying but it was a chore. As I said,  I have put up a number of posts on this and if you are really hard up for something to read...


    I'm not a lawyer and I don't know the implications of whether it would be licensable on more than one machine but, hey, you paid for it, you're not giving anything away to any third party. For myself I didn't worry about it and, so far, Carenado has not elected to initiate litigation.


    Hope that helps.



  2. Well, I have something to add too. Planenut, you were right, I stand corrected. I just finished another flight and felt around with the mouse very, very carefully and, sure enough, there is a spot that says fuel valve shut down or something like that and it worked! But boy is it finicky!


    Gaz, I hope this means you got her flying. Good luck with it!



  3. Hi,


    I'm going out on a limb here but I'm getting the drift that you have not yet gotten the engines started. Correct? What you are describing suggests that you are attempting to start the engines without opening the fuel valves (mixture full rich). It won't start without the fuel valves open and I have not yet been able to figure out how to do it myself without a key command. So try this: go to OPTIONS-SETTINGS-CONTROLS (I hope we're talking FSX here. There is undoubtedly an equivalent in P3D but I don't know what it is.) Then you need to go to the mixture full rich command and see what key command is assigned to.. If there is none, follow the screen instructions and create one. Back in the cockpit, shove all the ignition levers forward, press the yellow buttons (starters) and press the mixture ffull Rich key command. It should start then. In the real airplane, as Greg Mink the Premier driver will show you, you apparently need to push the throttle levers forward to the first detent, but it doesn't work for me either.


    I have already posted extensively about my experiences with this airplane but I now have it FINALLY flyable if only with a Garmin 530. I have seen all the videos you have described and maybe some others and I agree with you none of them is particularly helpful. The suggestion about the normal procedures manual is probably as good as any.I have gotten to where I can fly it cross-country (I'm on an RTW at the moment) just by trying things. It really is a good flying airplane completely dependable and very honest. It lands like a butterfly. I have found that I don't miss the Pro line/Navigraph at all.


    Hope I am not completely misunderstanding your issue and making an [prohibited word] of myself LOL! Good luck with it . Don't hesitate to PM me if I can help in any other way.



  4. Hi Paul, thanks for that!


    I'm going to be watching with great interest to see if this means that one will be able to retain access to the Navigraph database as I, so far, have not. Sounds like they are trying though, I'll give them credit for that. Thanks for posting.



  5. Happy to report that, thanks to Bert Pieke who suggested I go back to Carenado, and to Carenado themselves  who came up with what turned out to be the solution, my beautiful Premier is flying! The solution in my case was Carenado sending me another Navigraph.dll to replace the one already resident in my FSX root directory.

    My attempt to substitute in a G 1000 for the Pro line 21 was a complete failure, my skills are nowhere near equal to that. But I was right in suspecting that the Navigraph database is at the bottom of it. So now, with the new Navigraph.dll I have been sent, everything works perfectly except the FMC and the Navigraph database which is not present. However, the autopilot works just fine.

    I was able to install a copy of the Garmin 530 from one of my other Carenado airplane, the PC 12 I believe, and that has left me in a situation where I can navigate quite well just using heading mode. I'm thinking it must be able to link into Nav but I haven't figured that out yet.

    I have never liked FMCs or any of the other highly computerized part of flying. Give me a basic Garmin and an autopilot and I'll take you anywhere in the world. That's how I'm doing it with the premier and it works fine for me. What a lovely airplane! I am delighted! I feel so happy to be vindicated with this airplane. I just knew it could be fixed! A lot of people might think it's no good without the FMC and all that computer stuff, but not me. I am delighted!

    So I now have five Carenado airplanes, all five of which are flying competently, three of which I paid for, two of which were given to me by Carenado when I whined about to others which I couldn't make to fly. I finally got those two flying also but only after many, many hours of very hard work, anguish, discouragement, but finally vindication. No, I'm sure Carenado does not like giving anybody their money back. I'm in business myself and I'm very sympathetic to that. But they will bend over backwards to provide alternative solution, in my case I was offered alternative products on two occasions, both of which I was happy with.

    So it's been a love/hate relationship over the last two years. Their grip on upper-level modern avionics can be a little weak at times and I'm sure everybody reading this has endured some of the same misery. But their modeling is outstanding, their airplane uniformly hand fly and ground handle very well and I believe they are sincere honest brokers

    All I need to do now is get the Vnav part of that Garmin GPS to link to the airplane autopilot. I think one just needs to figure out the right buttons to push LOL!


  6. After considerable effort, trying to get the Pro line/Carenavigraph to where it would allow the Premier to be usable (see recent threads in this, the Premier, area, authored by me), I have given up on that and turned my attention to alternative ways of making the Premier a success.

    I got the airplane for the airplane, not avionics; I am not at all interested in either Pro line or Navigraph and would be perfectly happy with nothing more than a GPS. So I have tried to see what might be done about that.

    Unfortunately, my skills in doing surgery in configuration files are very limited but I know enough to at least make backups and I know a little bit about the basics of how aircraft config and panel config files do things.

    So I went to the \sim objects\airplanes\Premier1 folder. First I created refuge folders for Panel and texture common, naming them Old panel and Old texture common respectively. These two would be strictly read only but keeping the original syntax safe. I had decided    that I was going to try to end up with the G 1000 from the Carenado TBM 850 substituting in for the ProLiane/Nava graph. This would be more than fine with me if I could make it work; I'm really not too much into all this new modern flight management computer crap anyway! 

    So I looked into the Panel config folder and let the [Window 00] the PFD and the [window 01], the MFD and substituted in the corresponding syntax from the first two Windows in the TBM 850 panel config. I then did the same thing with the first three gauges in each of these two Windows. I should mention that, in doing this, I only copied the title of each gauge and maintained, on each line,  the comma delimited numerical syntax out on the right side of each line just as it was in the original folder. I then realized I would need to do the same basic thing for the gauges in the VC 00  and in the VC 01 areas as well.

    The result was basically where I am now: I can go to the area which used to be what would be the 2-D panel (where you end up when you hit F10) and there you have the little Premier graphic which, when you click on it, gives you the PFD and/or MFD respectively. Hallelujah! I actually got the PFD and the MFD from the Garmin 1000. But they won't show up in the virtual cockpit panel and they won't do much of anything. So that's where I'm at.

    But I have made some progress: at least now when I flip on the master switch, the entire airplane does not lock up the video immediately. The frame rate screen motion is normal and I can start the engines and I can hand fly the airplane and that's a big step forward because previously none of that was even remotely possible. But I have no autopilot and I have no avionics.

    So, where do I go from here? I freely admit I'm in way over my head and I need some pointers but I am absolutely convinced IT CAN BE DONE. Here's what I need that I don't have

    A.) Get the PFD and the MFD to show up in their respective Windows in the virtual cockpit.

    B.) To get them, and the autopilot, to work. A working G 1000 would be more than fine with me.

    It was Greg Mink, the   P1D driver, who got me interested in this airplane. That I will happily admit. But I must also say that since I acquired it From Carenado I am very fond of it and cannot get it out of my mind. I am just not, not ready to give up on it yet but unless I get some, at least a little, knowledgeable expert advice, I just don't know where to go from here.

    From what I have read, there are a lot of people who are in the same boat as I am with this airplane (and some other Carenado airplanes as well), they just can't get it to work. The Premier is not the only one of Carenado's airplanes having problems with Pro line and/or Nava graph but other than that they are lovely airplanes and it's a shame that they can't fly.
    Now I know that any of you guys who know what you are doing about this stuff and who might be reading this, are clucking and shaking your head because you know right there I have done something wrong, or I have not yet done enough of right. And I am hoping I can get somebody to tell me what it is.

    Any input of any kind from anybody GREATLY APPRECIATED.



  7. Yes exactly. Both of those blocks of text were already there in my DLL.XML file but the Carenado knowledgebase post says to put the Carenavigraph block ABOVE the Simbase line at the top. (both it and the Fsuipc text were already there below). It is only when having the Carenavigraph block above the Simbase line that the airplane will work properly.

    There is another part in the Carenado knowledgebase which instructs the release of permissions. I have done that. And somebody (can't find the post now, sorry) suggested that the GPU must be activated, I tried that also and also no joy.

    And I'm thinking about the GTN 750 and, while I am only starting to become familiar with Flight1 I have no doubt that they (you?) are a quality developer and that the GTN 750 is a worthy value, this still doesn't answer the question of why does the airplane seem to work just fine in my Windows 7 computer at my office (see the earlier post)

    Thanks for responding Bert, I was starting to worry that maybe I need to change my mouthwash LOL! You are obviously one of the most knowledgeable guys around here and I'd be most grateful for any additional input you might have.


  8. I put up a post about a month and a half ago (see "It must be fixable!" above) lamenting the unusability of my 
    Premier and hoping for some suggestions as I was convinced that the problem was fixable and that it is a good airplane.

    Now I am here to report that I have fixed it - mostly. Actually, I didn't fix it at all, I simply found a post on carenado's website (see "Navigraph not loading" in the knowledge base on Carenado's website) which, when I followed the instructions, made my Premier fully operational. And it flies like a princess! But there's one little problem.

    I subsequently discovered that the fix in question, which rearranges some of the syntax in the DLL.XML file is incompatible with Fsuipc; it disables it automatically somehow. This is a deal killer for me as I fly exclusively on Flyteline which is an outgrowth of FS Economy, with which most experienced AVSIM people are, I believe, at least basically familiar. The agent utility for both of these add-ons requires Fsuipc.

    As things are, Fsuipc automatically becomes disabled when one follows instructions from the Carenado knowledge base post to which I am referring. Without something new being done, it cannot reside in the DLL.XML file with the Nava graph statement as instructed. And that statement is the only way I can get the Premier to work properly. So, unless I fix it it's a no go for me.

    That is so frustrating! I am so close! Lord help us, there is an awful lot of brainpower around here, does not anybody have any kind of an idea? I would be most, most grateful.

  9. I have installed the Premier  on two of my computers; at home is my nine month old Dell XPS 8910 3.4 GHz with a GEforce 750 GTX video card running Windows 10. In the office siits my former flight Sim computer an eight-year-old HP Pavilion with a 2.93 GHz processor and a 1 GB video card running Windows 7. I installed the Premier first on the Windows 10 computer and had the screen freeze up (.1 FPS approximately) problem described voluminously elsewhere. Then, just for laughs one afternoon I installed it on the Windows 7 computer now sitting in the office. Guess what? It works perfectly! Unfortunately, I do not typically fly while at work.

    But it's frustrating because I know it must be fixable and it must be possible for that airplane to fly on the home computer unless Windows 10 makes it impossible and I know that some people with Windows 10 have it working just fine.

    So might anyone have a constructive suggestion as to where I might look for the anomaly? I'm certainly not a coder or a developer but I can find my way around a panel.config file and maybe with a clue for a hint I might be able to root it out. I have no doubt that this can be fixed.

    Anybody have any ideas?


  10. Hi,


    I just got mine a few days ago and installed it into my new Dell XPS PC into a Windows 10 environment. I'm having the same issue, it is unusable; it's like it locks up as soon as I flip the master switch on.


    But there's more: a few days ago I installed it into my former HP Pavilion now at my office running Windows 7 and guess what it works perfectly! So is this a Windows 10 thing?


    I realize this is March of 2018, months later, but I'm just now getting to the party. Is anybody else still around on this?

  11. Well, unfortunately, this story is not over. Here I am, back, a month later.


    The vertical speed control still works fine but for the life of me I can't get the large passenger door to open! I've been trying various things in the meantime, including another reinstall which didn't have any effect. So I'm stumped! Could this be some sort of a contact point thing? Anybody?

  12. For those of you who have been biting your fingernails at the suspense of wondering how this story came out, here it is:


    I had to do a reinstall. Stew, the post in response to my initial inquiry very much appreciated but nothing else I could find unaddressed the issue which was really at the heart of the matter, namely, vertical control. I couldn't find anything else so I reinstalled it.


    The good news is, that worked! The fact of a reinstalled working should be a no-brainer but after nearly 20 years of the question of things working always seeming to be dicey, one gets a little paranoid. But this time he flying fickle finger of fate operated in my favor and my TBM is flying like a princess. all I have to do now is get my Wilco falcon 7X to descend below 10,000 on autopilot dependently LOL.


    Carenado, God knows you've got a ways to go to reach perfection but this TBM really is a nice bird.

  13. 4 hours ago, StewartH said:

    I seem to recall Ctrl-D turns off the yaw damper.  Sorry, I don't think I've ever used the vertical speed wheel, so I'm no help with that.

    You're right! It's right there in controls-settings. I never would have thought it was so straightforward and simple. Duh!


    Tomorrow I'm going to see what I can do with the vertical speed wheel. Thanks very much!

  14. I've got most everything working pretty well with this bird now. But the yaw dampener won't go off and I cannot make the vertical speed wheel work or make vertical speed itself activate. I have looked at several videos, looked through the manuals and I feel like I'm stuck. Any ideas? I think I'm staring down at the business end of a reinstall.

  15. Delighted to hear your comments about the PC 12 as it is exactly what I am considering as my next purchase (I can't believe I'm getting involved with all this payware, I went for years with payware being against my religion LOL but the days of Lots of good quality freeware are over).


    But I have no intention of allowing my beautiful little Socata TBM 850 rust away because I couldn't figure out an answer to why it has such altitude difficulties. There's just got to be an answer.

  16. Hi guys,

    I have, by now, had an exhaustive experience with my TBM 850 stretching back over about the last year and a half and it's only thanks to Voice Attack, which I learned about from my now hero and new best friend Scottb613, that I have finally gotten it to where I can fly it at all. The issue was my neurologically defficient fingers, which can not operate a mouse scroll wheel (in fairness to carenado I should mention that when I told them about this problem they gave me my pick of any other of their airplanes. I chose the Malibu jet prop and I am very happy with it) And the solution has been Voice Attack which allows one to create macros which will do things like operate the scroll wheel by voice command. Wonderful! Thanks so much Scott!

    But now that I can select an altitude setting and a heading setting I am discovering a raft of new issues I didn't know I had.

    Mostly, this little bugger is one squirrelly SOB. It doesn't seem to matter whether I am using altitude or vertical speed, the aircraft simply ignores inputs

    I'm remembering with a shudder the Lilco Falcon  7X, a pretty thing to look at but it will not fly except by hand and what good is that in an aircraft with a 5000 mile range?

    I'm becoming very fond of my Socata TBM 850. It's ground handling and hand flying are good to excellent. It lands like a butterfly. If I could just get it to where it would arrive at a previously see elected altitude and do climbs/descents in a reliable controlled way. Then I would feel guilty for having beaten Carenado out of a free airplane (I didn't mean to but that would be the way it would have turned out) and I guess I we just have to go back and buy another one LOL.



  17. Here is a paragraph which appears in the AVSIM review which was one of the first things to be seen in your promotional documentation

    The demo is fully functional too, but is time limited. It will run either 20 times or for ten days, whichever happens first. After that, it will still work – after a fashion - but with greatly reduced capabilities.

    This caused me to get almost no benefit out of the demo as it turned out I only had three days not 10 and I left it for two days. I just need to point out that this sort of leaves a bad taste in one's mouth and pretty much completely took away my chance see if MCE will be beneficial to my particular needs.

    The thing is I do not have very good digital dexterity because I have multiple sclerosis and cannot use the mouse scroll wheel and I was hoping that it might be possible for MCE's verbal commands to enable me to bypass the need for the scroll wheel, thus making it possible for me to fly airplanes such as many of carenado's which have control knobs which are operated by the scroll wheel.

    Now I won't be able to make a determination based on the demo anyway and instead of buying it, I bailed out.

    So let me just ask you straight out; will MCEs library of VoiceCommands be such that I can do the job normally done by a mouse scroll wheel? If I could be convinced of this, I would not viw the price as prohibitive.


  18. Hi!

    Tres Pierson. This is the first time I have ever posted on the AVSIM forum but the truth is I've been lurking around for years, downloading free airplanes and other stuff out of your library but I.ve never posted anything.

    Actually, I am a very experienced simmer, I go back to FS4. Before that, in the 80s, I was a real-world private pilot, accumulated the best part of 500 hours but then I lost my medical when I contracted chronic progressive Multiple Sclerosis. After a few years interim I took up flight simulator and I've been flying a computer and a wheelchair ever since. Oh yes, I am a very experienced simmer. That doesn't mean I am a particularly smart simmer LOL, I've just been doing it in my average way, for a long time. So I figured it was time to jump in here and tell you guys hello. 

    I have been an avid FS economy pilot for the last four years but I have mostly migrated away from FSE. Some of you may be aware of Flyteline, which was an outgrowth of FSE about 10 years ago. I've been spending most of my flying time (I'm usually good for twenty or more flights a week; I fly every day except for three days in the office) there.

    So I have an issue. It is an outgrowth of my MS disability. As I said, I'm in a wheelchair so obviously anything like a Saitek yoke and rudder pedals  is out of the question LOL, I can work a mouse marginally; I can press the buttons and I can hold a joystick and I'm okay with the keyboard, but the thing is, a scroll wheel is out of the question I just don't have the digital dexterity. As most of you know, the most recent generation of payware airplanes by developers such as Carenado, are heavily involved with knobs which are turned utilizing the scroll wheel. Altitude adjustment, heading adjustment and the like. I'll be damned if I can see why they bothered to make the change, the old way with plus or minus values increasing or decreasing control inputs operateable by simply pushing the mouse button seemed to work perfectly well. And it's not just one developer; I think they are all going to it.

    So I need a workaround. I am hoping against hope that somewhere there might be some sort of an app which could alter the code in the control knobs on the new birds and put them back to where an old guy like me can operate them. I have a weak memory of having read somewhere, I think it was on Carenado's forum, about somebody here at AVSIM was helping them with certain things. I would love to encounter that person.

    And as you can see, not only am I long in the tooth, I am long-winded as well. But I'm delighted to finally break the ice with AVSIM.


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