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  1. Mylucro

    P3d v4.3 Wont launch

    I meant that ezdok is not launching and that it doesnt show up in the addon manager. Na all of my textures and sceneries are gone. For example my ORBX vector, global arlanda, kiruna. And i dont know how to add it manually if you even can do that.
  2. Mylucro

    P3d v4.3 Wont launch

    After trying these and different methods my p3d seems to be working. But all my sceneries and my ezdok is not in the sim
  3. Mylucro

    P3d v4.3 Wont launch

    I did what you said, i moved the maps to another folder and launched p3d. But nothing happend, but when i put them in again and launched it it asked my if i wanted to activate them and i clicked yes and the p3d logo actually showed up for a few second in the tool bar that the window button is in.
  4. Mylucro

    P3d v4.3 Wont launch

    I found the scenery.cfg but i couldnt find the scenery since i didnt activate it in the sim because p3d wouldnt start after i put the scenery in the game files. I didnt go in the sim and put it in to the scenry libraries since it wouldnt start.
  5. Mylucro

    P3d v4.3 Wont launch

    I turned on the show hidden folder in the file explorer options but i cant seem to find it in the game files here: D:\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v4
  6. Mylucro

    P3d v4.3 Wont launch

    I looked truh all my p3d folders in the appdata section, in the program files section in my c drive (i have p3d installed on my d drive) and i looked truh the actuall game files on my d drive and couldnt find, it so I searched on google and a saw on forums that it was in the program files in the p3d game files and there wasnt a folder named that in my game files either. Sorry if that sound confusing.
  7. Mylucro

    P3d v4.3 Wont launch

    First of all i want to say that i tried to make this post on the p3d forums but after searching for some button and searching the internet i couldnt find anyway to make a new post. I dont know if its just me not being able to find it but whatever. So basically i downloaded a freeware scenery for the sim. I put it in the 'addon scenery' folder that i had made and when i was going to start the sim to put the scenery in the library it would start and the icon in the button of the toolbar wouldnt show up (though the loading screen came up and in the task manager). I started searching on youtube, forums etc... for any fixes but the only things i founf was: deleting the cfg in the appdata roaming folders, running the delete generated files exe, and then deleting some more files that they said the simulator would generate again, but nothing worked. I also went truh the list that p3d provides for troubleshooting but i have everything there checked. So at this point i dont know what to do. I really dont want to reinstall my sim because that would be a few hours gone from my sunday. Tanks for the help 🙂
  8. Hi. I recently got p3d v4. Everything was normal until about 3 days when you rudder pedals would act weirdly. I thought it was because i turned off automatic rudder but when i enabled it the problem still occured. When i push slightly to the right the rudder goes to the left. And it has a very weird sensetivity. But when i push all the way it goes to the right. The problem does not happen when i push to the left.
  9. Mylucro

    I cant activate my pmdg 737-9800 and 737-7600

    When iselect it to use as the aircraft i says that i havent activated it yet so it automaticly exits the sim. Btw thanks for the respons :)
  10. Hi, I just bought p3d. THerefor i needed to buy pmdg 737 aircrafts again so i did that. But now when i try to play with it says that i have to put in the activation code. But i cant find anywhere to write it in. I have tried installing an updating simconnect but it still doesnt work. Please helpl!