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  1. WOW. Always super quick answers! I am impressed! Thx Thanks for the answers. Yhe I knowq all good!
  2. I have just installed version 2. I have 2 problems. 1: I try to change audio device. It is possible to change in the interface but when I do the audio test it always come from same source regardless what I choose. 2. When I change from button to voice interface the config-setup line 1 turn red and states that the interface is locked and I can not change. If I restart the sim it is white again but if I then switch to button it will lock again. Is it not possible to toggle betwwen the two interfaces? //Jonas
  3. Sorry. My bad. I was thinking of Aerosoft buses. Sorry.
  4. That is something Fs2Crew dont handle. It is Aerosoft you need to contact about that.
  5. I just downloaded new version and installed. But still version 1.7 I have tried to download 2 times. Install three times. Still 1.7 737Ngxu is updated ok but the difference is that 737 installer ask for install directx. 747 installer do not //Jonas
  6. Thanks. Downloaded but not installed yet. I will check later Cheers
  7. Hello How is FS2Crew detect if it is domestic or international flight? The manual says: Is it determined via the preflight event? If I make a domestic flight (EDDF- EDWW) but choose 60 minutes preflight the boarding will start at +30min? //Jonas
  8. When I ask PM to "Set "ADIRU 2 to NAV" he flips ADIRU no 3. The ADRU's are not numbered from 1-3. They are numbered 1, 3 and 2. Small issue, but still. //Jonas
  9. I understand and can se the logic in that Unfortunately they do...
  10. Ok. Thanks. It would make more sence if is possible to answer FA "no" and not only a positive answer. If just positive answer the question is not needed 😎 (more than making the simulator more "alive") so I hope you find a solution. To bad the solution is easier said than done. In my little world I thought it was so simple as putting a internal paus on the FS2crew-flow. But I am not a programmer 😃 Anyway I hope you find a good solution and thanks for considering it! //Jonas
  11. Today I entered a little to late time for boarding in the ACARS menu. The problem was then when FS2Crew ask if it is ok to board kit will not sync and when FA ask later on if it is ok to close the door all passengers are not onboard yet. Is it possible to implement: 1: Answer FA "no" when he/she ask if is ok to start boarding (it could also be refueling and catering service still running). That would then cause a little delay so maybe the FS2Crew-flow could then paus until PF tell FA to "now ok to start boarding". 2: When FA asks if it ok to close doors it wou7ld be possible to answer "no" and same procedure as in my suggestion 1 that you nweed to call FA to say "now ok to close doors". If at least one of these two suggestion would be implementet it would allow me to "sync" where I am in the process. I hope I explained how I meant. This procedure would also be nice on the other products, especiallyu if you are a little slow in handling the items. //Jonas
  12. Every time I start P3D (and chaseplane start with it) I recieve an error message reading: How can I foun out what is the issue? //Jonas
  13. I just downloaded the latest version of UGCX. In the Zip-fiule there is an instruction how to install if you have a earlier version. I followed that line by line. A little surprise when I came to the part after installation instructions and it says: Maybe the installation procedure should have this item as number 1. Luckily i did not have any profiles thast I wanted to save... 😃 Just a suggestion for upcoming versions. //Jonas
  14. Yes I got i workingSince I was a little to quick to ask for "preflight checklist" (FO was not finished with his parts and had not checked the oxygen yet) i guess that the systemj did not expect me to say "percent" yet and therefore did not realize that it was the word. When FO had made all his pre flight items I could restart the checklist and then FO immediately undertood what I was trying to say.
  15. Oh. Now I saw that FO had not done his check yet. When he had done his preflight flow and I restarted checklist the voice recognition understood what I was saying.
  16. When I start preflight checklist I am supoposed to answer "Checked 100 percent" but FS2Crew understands it as "Check one hundred thousand" There is no way to come past this. How to learn the program the difference between percent and thousand?
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