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  1. superflygary

    Voice isn't heard no matter what I do.

    Thanks Dave, Yes the microphone is set to default, I have tried to run as administrator, but that was the first thing I tried and perhaps the other settings I changed while troubleshooting would have fixed that. I tried the "say altimeter" a bunch of times with different key press durations. So I know it's just not hearing me. I've also connected to the sim and tried as well. Unfortunately I'm going away for the weekend and my trial will be over when I return, maybe I'll have time to try running as admin before I go, if the wife gives me a few minutes :) Thanks for the reply. Gary
  2. Hi there, I'm still on the last few days of my free trial, my issue is my voice will not get through to P2ATC. I'm running xplane 11 on windows 10 home version. So far I have worked through everything I have been able to find in the manual and on the web. I have checked my language pack is set to US English, and downloaded the speech pack. I have my audio card set to primary sound driver and the same in the p2atc config. I have checked the microphone using the "listen to" on sound card setting and can hear my voice. I can speak into the mic and have my PC respond when I say for example "open chrome" it hears me and opens chrome. I have used the grammer help, when I press practice, then hold down the PTT button for a second then start speaking, then release the PTT button a second after, in the text box I see "full txt" and that is it. Is there anything that I'm missing, or any other info you need to try and help me out? I had my first full ATC controlled flight last night using the sayit button and it was great fun, I can see me really enjoying this if I can get my voice to be recognized. Thanks for any help superfly