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  1. The information on their page is out of date. No idea what is correct and what is not but I know it doesn't support FS2002 as one example.
  2. Sounds almost certain you have a corrupt FSUIPC.ini file. I use FS9 but FSUIPC.ini corruption is quite common and I'm sure it's the same in FSX. Don't restore the old one.
  3. Thanks to all, I have now managed to create working AI at the new airport following the advice given. I haven't done anything about ATC and ILS but will certainly look into it next.
  4. I'm capable of compiling and recompiling using TTools. I can change an airport ICAO and then edit the flightplans for the newly created ICAO. My question is, how could I get AI to stop going to an old airport and instead fly to a newly created airport that is close to the old but not in the same location? I'm looking at the old Bangkok airport which is VTBD. The new one is VTBS but the location is different. I'm happy to change VTBD in the TTools airports text list to VTBS and change all flightplans from VTBD to VTBS. If I change VTBD to VTBS and add the new coordinates for VTBS to the TTools airport text file will the AI fly there? My next question is how do I find the exact coordinates that need to be added for VTBS? Are the coordinates in the FS map the correct ones that need to be put in the airport text file? I do understand VTBD will now be a dead airport and I'm fine with that I just don't know if what I said above will work or how I go about getting the required VTBS coordinates?
  5. I would also like to know similar as above, are there any compatibility problems with any addons made for boxed FSX not working correctly in the Steam version?
  6. Thank you for the response Damian. This sounds completely fair and is very good news.
  7. FSGRW and REX continue to provide what people don't want. They have products out on the market and fully supported for FS9 as far as I am aware. I'm not suggesting HiFi should continue ASE, there does come a point you must expect one developer to be the first to jump ship. I'm suggesting I would consider it fair to continue with ASE updates of a period equal to the other products. I understand developers moving on but I also understand loyalty to your previous consumer base. I'm not asking for new products or updates forever. However, to pull the plug totally on existing loyal customers while other developers are still fully supporting the same user base then I have every right to consider it to be a little "slap in the face." In the end they have every right to run their business model in any way they wish. I also have every right to go with the developer/product which I feel is the most deserving of my $$$.
  8. They said once ASE was pulled off the market they would provide updates for a minimum of 12 months and stated hopefully well beyond that. If they pull the plug in 12 months, I'll never touch AS again even if I move to FSX. I'll buy my FSX weather from someone else. They are now the first major weather developer to dump FS9 users with no product option to purchase. I hope they will at least continue ASE updates for a very considerable time period. I would think inline with whatever update period FSRGW and REX do for FS9 users would be considered fair.
  9. In the Citation aircraft folder should be the panel folder. In the panel folder are 3 files: CitationX.gau (The panel gauges) main.bmp (The panel bitmap/image of panel) panel.cfg (The panel configuration file)
  10. I have it on Win 7 and 2D panel certainly does work. Appears you may have it hidden from what I can tell. Check your view settings.
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