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  1. Just a FYI. I installed Super Cub X from FSAddons into the Prepar3D v4 Add-ons directory and added an appropriate add-on.xml file and all works without any changes in P3D 4.0. I like this addon purely because of the variation of models you get.. the flight model is not the best and neither are the VC graphics however it's nice to fly around with tundra tyres or skis. No issues were found, all gauges and sound work as it is a relatively basic aircraft. FYI here is the add-on.xml file contents: <SimBase.Document Type="AddOnXml" version="4,0" id="add-on"> <AddOn.Name>FSAddon Super Cub X</AddOn.Name> <AddOn.Description>FSAddon Aircraft Super Cub X.</AddOn.Description> <AddOn.Component> <Category>SimObjects</Category> <Path>SimObjects\Airplanes</Path> </AddOn.Component> </SimBase.Document>
  2. Superb! Nice work Bert! Glad you made sense of it. I just tested and working here also. Fantastic, it's nice that this fine aeroplane can live another life in P3D 4.0.
  3. Yeah I feel there is.. essentially it's one function that is causing the issues with the transponder. Problem I have is LUA to me is so damn awkward to actually read. Perhaps a LUA expert might be able to spot what this issue is with this macro: <!-- Procedure: Numerics, compare button press against screen address (@1;number, @2-@11;screenAddress) --> <Macro Name="keyTest"> @2 if{ 0 (@xpdrCrsr) == if{ @1 (&gt;@adrs0) 1 (&gt;@xpdrCrsrIncr) (@xSquawk) (&gt;@xPrvSquawk) } } @3 if{ 1 (@xpdrCrsr) == if{ @1 (&gt;@adrs1) 1 (&gt;@xpdrCrsrIncr) } } @4 if{ 2 (@xpdrCrsr) == if{ @1 (&gt;@adrs2) 1 (&gt;@xpdrCrsrIncr) } } @5 if{ 3 (@xpdrCrsr) == if{ @1 (&gt;@adrs3) 1 (&gt;@xpdrCrsrIncr) @clrTimerSet } } @6 if{ 4 (@xpdrCrsr) == if{ @1 (&gt;@adrs4) 2 (&gt;@xpdrCrsrIncr) } } @7 if{ 5 (@xpdrCrsr) == if{ @1 (&gt;@adrs5) 2 (&gt;@xpdrCrsrIncr) } } @8 if{ 6 (@xpdrCrsr) == if{ @1 (&gt;@adrs6) 2 (&gt;@xpdrCrsrIncr) } } @9 if{ 7 (@xpdrCrsr) == if{ @1 (&gt;@adrs7) 2 (&gt;@xpdrCrsrIncr) } } @10 if{ 8 (@xpdrCrsr) == if{ @1 (&gt;@adrs8) 2 (&gt;@xpdrCrsrIncr) } } @11 if{ 9 (@xpdrCrsr) == if{ @1 (&gt;@adrs9) 2 (&gt;@xpdrCrsrIncr) } } </Macro> I am currently looking for another example of translating the transponder numerical keys to the display so I can perhaps make some sense of it.
  4. I have it working also, rather than disabling the transponder I edited the gtx327.xml file in the btsRV7.CAB file and it works. The edited bit is the part that is causing the crash with the transponder: <!-- numeric button actions --> (@xpdrMode) @mdTest &gt; if{ <!-- @zero (@xpdrKey) == (@K0) ! and if{ @keyTest(0.000001, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1) @keyAction } @one (@xpdrKey) == (@K1) ! and if{ @keyTest(1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1) @keyAction } @two (@xpdrKey) == (@K2) ! and if{ @keyTest(2, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1) @keyAction } @three (@xpdrKey) == (@K3) ! and if{ @keyTest(3, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1) @keyAction } @four (@xpdrKey) == (@K4) ! and if{ @keyTest(4, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1) @keyAction } @five (@xpdrKey) == (@K5) ! and if{ @keyTest(5, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1) @keyAction } @six (@xpdrKey) == (@K6) ! and if{ @keyTest(6, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 0, 1, 0, 1) @keyAction } @seven (@xpdrKey) == (@K7) ! and if{ @keyTest(7, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 0, 1, 0, 1) @keyAction } @eight (@xpdrKey) == (@K8) ! and if{ @keyTest(8, 0, 0, 0, 0, 1, 1, 0, 1, 0, 1) @keyAction } @nine (@xpdrKey) == (@K9) ! and if{ @keyTest(9, 0, 0, 0, 0, 1, 1, 0, 1, 0, 1) @keyAction } --> } This case in the Update function refers to a keyTest macro in the same file. Any call to that leads to the crash. As to why it is crashing.. I have no idea.. the abomination that is LUA makes it very hard to follow or debug. Anyway, commenting that out makes the original transponder work except for the manual entry buttons, all other functions work perfectly.
  5. Well honestly I don't see much difference between the vertical stability between real life and the sim, in real life if you nudge the stick back and then let go it will climb for a time until the loss in airspeed causes it to descend and it will oscillate like that until it stabilises at the trimmed airspeed. The same is true in the sim, as long as it is trimmed for cruise it will bounce around a bit both naturally and by pilot inputs but will eventually settle back at the trimmed airspeed. However, trimming is definitely harder in the sim than real life, simply because you can't 'feel' it. So no dispute there.
  6. Whilst the GTN is a great piece of kit.. I am totally puzzled by this comment. I don't mean this personally but I think the aviation industry has steadily instilled this dependence on GPS navigation coupled to autopilots. Whilst of course it brings huge safety benefits, it takes allot of the fun out of it. In the real world, first of all the vast majority of light aircraft do not have whizz bang avionics because frankly they are superfluous, it is like buying a self driving porsche.. And most puzzling of all over this comment is this is a flight simulator, where the safety benefits just don't apply. The aviation industry is pushing for more aircraft drivers to drive their automated units around the sky. What happens when you want to try some real flying in a fabric aircraft where you don't even have electrical source? Advancements in technology that do all the thinking for you, make it all very mundane. Where is the fun or challenge in programming a route in a GNS, hitting AP ON at 2,000ft and then selecting an approach into your destination for the AP to fly? It's one thing on an airliner for obvious reasons, but light aircraft?!? Really, I know this post will come across as a criticism.. I am not aiming at you personally, virtually all pilots everywhere are being seduced by automation of thought and that is where my 'beef' lies.
  7. My lowly 750Ti card is running P3D surprisingly well, no stuttering at all, with 2xMSAA and 16x Anisotropic.. in most cases around 30-40fps. It is basically double the FPS I was getting in FSX with the same scenery/aircraft and also with higher slider settings. It is definitely not optimal as a card for P3D, but it's running great for what it is.
  8. I suspect those seals will account for the sluggishness you feel in the a2a 182, because it doesn't have them. If the claim of 100% increase in roll rate is true then it's going to feel quite different.
  9. Interesting, it sounds like it might be related to your yoke. I find the 182 roll rate just about right. Has your real life 182 been STC'd with the aileron kit perhaps? That is supposed to dramatically increase the roll rate.
  10. Kiek first of all thank you for PSXseecontraffic, it is amazing! I was just wondering if you had looked at positional error correcting. Like for traffic in close proximity to an airport, do a check to see if the expected track for a runway matches traffic in bound and perhaps from that work out an offset required. The reason I ask this, is I have been using it now for awhile and there are quite a few cases where aircraft are taxing just 5m from the taxiway or just missing the runway by a few feet. It was something that crossed my mind whether these traffic could be interrogated to see if their position looks to be off and if so to correct it.
  11. Yes the card is the main issue. In respect of the memory.. at the moment I have just 6GB and honestly not had any issues at all. Using UK2000 scenery, Orbx , Gen-X and so far have done multiple long trips UK->Jersey->San Sebastian->Lisbon in the realair Lancair. A2A C172 from UK->Iceland->Greenland->Newfoundland, and C172 Shoreham->Scotland->Faroes->Norway->Torp. Along with several trips in the PMDG 747, EGLL->KORD, OMDB->EGLL. Most of these trips or flights are many real life hours and were flown in real time. I am not saying 6GB is optimal, however so far it's worked out flawlessly and has not caused a single stutter or issue what-so-ever.
  12. Well I came from FSX and have a 6-7 yr old PC and P4 runs MUCH smoother than FSX did for me. I installed expecting just to preview it as such without actually using it, but what I found surprised me.. that it outperforms FSX by a noticeable margin at higher settings than I used in FSX. My spec is: i7 930 2.4ghz, 6GB RAM and Geforce GTX 750Ti with 4 SSD drives. My expectation for your PC would be that it will run P3D v4 at LEAST as well as you currently run FSX, but the odds are it will be better. Your graphics card will definitely let you down a bit though, so that would be a good candidate to replace first.
  13. FSXWX at least for me works extremely well in V4 and it's free! I like the fact that it is small fast and lightweight, so whilst it lacks the features of AS16 it does the core job really well. For textures, ENVTEX is much higher quality than REX and look really realistic (unlike most of the REX stuff). Naturally I expect the REX marketing team to go into full buzzword mode and come up with new marketing terms to sell more low quality material.
  14. Worry not, my system is way older than yours and P3D V4.0 runs smoothly. Vastly improved over FSX on my system. My spec currently: i7 930, 6GB RAM, Geforce GTX 750Ti. I run most sliders towards either full right or at least high with MSAA 4x and Anisotropic 16x. I see 30-40fps most of the time, no stuttering whatsoever. I will be upgrading this PC in the very near future however I am truly amazed how nicely P3D performs on essentially an 6-7 year old PC (aside from the graphics card which I got about 1.5 years ago as a quick replacement for a dead card). I can't comment on V3.4 beyond the impression that V4.0 will run at least as well on your system as V3.4 according to most reports.
  15. Yes the RealAir one, it works great.. a few missing sounds is not a huge issue in the short term.
  16. If you want something fast and capable whilst not not needing a 5 figure LDA then the Lancair Legacy is a really good little IFR ship. 2 Hours would still be a bit of a stretch but if you fly a tight route it will get you there pretty quick. For routes around the Euro IFR area then in real life I use: https://www.autorouter.aero/userhome and it works great for sims also.
  17. FXAA should be turned OFF, it will degrade your textures by blurring everything on screen (particularly you will notice this on text). FXAA is a good option for those with low end graphic cards who suffer too much FPS loss from using MSAA or SSAA. Basically, FXAA should only be ON if the anti-aliasing is set to NONE.
  18. There are much better alternatives out there just saying.. marketing ware direct however should work as is.
  19. I am using the Gen-X photo scenery and no blurries here with default cfg settings. At least on my pc it's much improved over FSX.
  20. SSAA is quite expensive, so if your machine can handle that without bringing your pc to a crawl then sure. Also yes to the 16x. Blurry you mean the standard ground blurries at distance before textures load in?
  21. FXAA is almost certainly the cause of this, you don't need it enabled if you are able to run MSAA 4 or higher IMHO. FXAA is a shader which basically blurs everything, giving the effect of cheap anti-aliasing. It's generally used IF you are unable to get decent performance with proper AA, not in addition to it. FXAA will degrade all textures in effect.
  22. It sounds like you have FXAA enabled, try turning that off.
  23. It points to something being screwy somewhere.. my system is way way below yours and not a stutter to be found with high settings. Drivers perhaps? or an unusual graphics card setting? There are a number of people reporting poor performance with really high spec PC's.. it points to something outside of P3D standard settings. The dual cards maybe..
  24. Just a post because I keep reading comments about memory usage in P3D 4.0. I think there is a certain amount of lack of understanding over how memory management works in a 64 bit operating system along with a 64 bit application. Applications require a certain amount of ram in order to function.. I have no idea what P3D NEEDS.. but my best guess is around 2-3GB's. Windows will basically look at it's available free memory and assign it to processes as required. The objective is to use as much of the free unused ram as possible. Therefore.. whilst P3D's NEEDS 2-3GB's it will be assigned a much larger amount to make use of. If all that is available is say 5GB then P3D will happily operate within that budget, it just means it will unload things from memory at a much higher rate than if it had 32GB available. Rushing out and buying memory is unlikely to give you better performance of the sim to any noticeable degree unless you are truly starved of it (2GB-4GB). If you are running P3D my message is stop worrying about your RAM usage! I believe people see P3D utilizing 16GB of ram over a long session and believe that it needs to be given more. Conceivably over a very intensive and extremely long session cirlcing the global.. P3D could use up all of 128GB+ of ram. Performance benefit.. negligible to zero.
  25. If this helps in anyway; my system is older than yours: i7 930 3Ghz with 6GB RAM, 4xSSD's, GTX 750Ti (2GB card) and not experienced any issues with OOM or indeed crashes, it is running smoother with higher fps at higher graphic settings than I ever could get away with in FSX. I will be upgrading the PC shortly, but honestly it's running nicely enough right now. I use MSAA 4x, Anisotropic 16x, 5m mesh, 4096 textures all autogen Dense. Ai traffic 15%. Cloud shadows on the ground and volumetric fog. Generally I get around 40fps or 25fps-30fps in clouds.. but it's silky smooth.. no stuttering whatsoever. In terms of your memory usage.. you absolutely WANT P3D to make use of the ram you have installed, given that windows and background processes take about 1g of ram then 7g usage in your case is ideal. To be clear, unused ram is wasted ram. If you add more ram to the system you will find P3D will utilize it, however it in itself is unlikely to be the cause of your woes. I think you are thinking of OOM because of the history with 32bit.. but that is a different sort of OOM. In 64x bit you will not get that issue at all.
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