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  1. Got to say it isn't rocket science, just reduce all your settings down to the basics so everything runs fast and smoothly and then start pushing sliders and settings up gradually until the balance is found. There is no compulsion to run everything far right, we have years for hardware to enable that without slowdown.
  2. For clouds 32bit is far better generally because they depend on Alpha channel and therefore are free of the artefacts you get from DXT compression. Marketing-ware(REX) clouds have generally sloppy work on the alpha channel and honestly at a 512 resolution you would be better with the default clouds.
  3. Yes in V4, it works flawlessly as far as I can tell and other users also report it working just fine.
  4. FSXWX might be worth a try (it's free) to see if you see any improvement. Personally I have been using FSXWX and it's been running really accurately whilst not being a resource hog.
  5. I understand the frustration, just I don't understand why you don't just reduce your settings? By lowering settings you should be able to find what is causing your slowdown.
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