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  1. On 2/8/2020 at 7:10 PM, KFXE said:

    I had no trouble downloading all the files.  Albeit slow.

    from the air above 2500ft, the scenery is awesome.  Totally makes the flights realistic to me.  A bit dated (Like 7 years ago ish?), but still looking around from any altitude above about 2,500 ft is awesome.   You'll want to turn off RWS for night flying.

    KFXE Yes, I found the same thing as you.

    I contacted the developer on FB and happened to catch him (Tim)  as he responded right away. There was a problem initially with Dropbox and downloading the files, but he resolved it. I then followed his suggestions to get the files into my scenery library. The downloads were slow, each part took about an hour each. 

    Used Free Download Manager (FDM) to download the files
    Used 7-Zip to extract them
    Put all the files into one folder (e.g. RWS-Florida) and then ran the .exe file from each module (NE, NW, CTRL, SOUTH) to install them

    BTW, you have to make sure the sim time of season is set to summer. Winter makes those white patches as DJJose mentioned. 

    Looks great from 2500+ as you said,. which is what I was looking for. 😉 

  2. On 1/21/2020 at 7:41 PM, KFXE said:

    So after a few more hours of flying RealWorld Scenery Florida SOUTH......

    I reinstalled some files and cleaned up some problems and now.....no flickering.....and for me, I could never again enjoy FSX without this scenery.

    I give it my highest recommendations.  

    I did not reinstall the 3D offering since I suspect (no proof) that that may be what caused a lot of the flickering I was having.

    Beautiful now.  As if I'm in a real plane flying over the real area.   Can't get any better except "maybe" MS Flight Sim 2020?

    Hi Guys,

    I purchased the RWS-Florida scenery from the developer website directly yesterday. I wasn't quite sure how to install it, but I managed to download the 2nd part (NW Florida 17 files - How I missed part 1 I dunno) and was able to install it. I can't download any of the files from the developer page now. I get an HTTP error 'page not found.' 

    I got all four from the RWS sight for $15 and change, but now I can't download the other three parts (hmmmm?)

    I guess, by luck, I wrote a message to them on FB last night in messenger and was answered immediately! It was Tim, who is the developer. He gave me good instructions on how to install. BUT, now I can't get the other 3 packages to download from the site. I put in a message and email into him. Perhaps he'll get back to me. He said if I needed any more help to let him know.

    I've been 'flying' all over Florida and am anxious to see how the scenery looks. I did go ahead an get ORBX Orlando as well. DJJose, are you happy with it? 

    I'm going to go fire up the sim and see how things look, if any different... and hoping I can get the other three parts downloaded.

    Any thoughts?


    Jeff ... aka beck

  3. On 1/24/2020 at 7:23 PM, DJJose said:

    I just finished testing RWS FL and it's awful. Stay away from that junk! What a waste of time and $10 bucks.

    So, DJ you got all those scenery files from RWS FL loaded and it sucked? They all come as dropbox files with no install app. How did you get those flles into P3Dv4x if I may ask? I spent $15. 

    So, RWS FL 3D is good, but not RWS FL (they say you need that or a 'similiar' photo package. So, that's the MSE FL that works I take it?

    Thanks, Jeff 

    45 minutes ago, threegreen said:

    "I don't want to be the party pooper here but what I always liked about the default ATC is that the voices sound pretty good and not robotic at all. These voices, to me, just sound like TTS voices with radio editing and very robotic. This is not to say I don't appreciate their effort or the result."

    Ditto... (robotic voice) 😉


  5. In addition to running CC Cleaner, I did a wildcard search for any other 'latent' UTLive files. I found a couple of empty folders, manually deleted them, emptied the trash (recycle bin) and did the did the install again.

    Also, did you use the Flight 1 Purchase Agent to install it? 

    Sorry, I don't mean to send you on a wild goose chase, just trying to rule out the obvious things that I found could be an issue.

    Prior to my second attempted install, I suspended all my plugins and other things that auto launch when the sim starts, so it's basically just your FSX:SE and UTL are loading up. 


  6. Hey Jetsmell,

    I've been re-installing my entire sim over the past week. I feel your pain. It took me two tries to get UTLive working correctly. I run P3Dv4 and haven't been in FSX SE for some time, but this little not so obvious checkbox can snag you. Do you have your FSX:SE and UTLive both running in Admin mode? Sorry to ask the obvious that you stated, but this box needs to be checked as well. 


  7. Keven,

    Thank you for the response. My apologies for the delayed response. 

    I was able to to get the install completed. I sent a request via the PldProp website support requesting an activation reset. (https://oldprop.com/sim/support/activations/). I'm not sure if that was the 'trick.' But, I tried again the next day after submitting the request and it downloaded and activated.

    Thank you again very much. Two years strong and I LOVE Chase Plane! 

    Jeff, aka 'beck' 

  8. Greetings,

    After 2+ years I just did a complete clean install of Win 10 Home on my pc. I loaded the latest version of P3Dv4. I installed VFXCentralI went to OldProp, signed in and my existing purchases all show up. I clicked on precip FX direct install and it downloaded and installed. I tried the same with ChasePlane and a popup comes up and says "ChasePlane require the Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable Packages or more recent to be installed. Please refer to your product's manual." Also, VFXCentral isn't launching automatically when I start PD3v4. I unchecked the option in preferences and then checked it again, with no luck. 

    My rig meets all the requirements and I have Microsoft .NET Framework 4.6 installed so I'm wondering what's going on. Does anyone have a suggestion?

    Thank you in advance for your assistance.

  9. Greetings! 

    I just purchased the Cera Bell 412. It "flies" quite nicely in PD3v4. 

    I'm a retired FF, and I downloaded the LAFD skins only for their 412 from https://flyawaysimulation.com/downloads/files/5725/fsx-los-angeles-fire-department-bell-412/ which are compatible with FSX editions. 

    I was wondering if those skins would be compatible with P3Dv4. Does the 64-bit pose a challenge? I attempted to load them, but no luck. 

    I worked in OC CA, and they purchased two 412's just before I retired. I would love to have someone do a "paint job" for me on the 412's that the OC has.

    Does anyone have any recommendations?

    I'll add, I love flying the biz jets and am exploring the Northwest in Orbx. It's nice to have a chopper to hope on in and do a little check out of the local surroundings.

    Thank you in advance for any assistance! 

    bEcK ;)



  10. I went back and re-worked all my camera assignments, and thus far it has resolved. I have an issue in FS1's Mustang where my camera cockpit views will not let me switch any switches with my mouse now. I've looked all through preferences, etc. I'll add, if I bring up the "panel manager" in the program (it brings up a popup of various controls such as throttle quad, MFD Controller, ignition switches, etc.), I can mouse click and switch on those. 

    Other craft I "fly" allow me to operate switches in the Chase Camera window.

    Perhaps I am missing something?

  11. I had presets for about four AC working fine. Saw the auto update and now all my presets are not working properly. eg. I pan left and suddenly it snaps back. Perhaps it has something to do with new instructions to settings. I haven't tried it yet, but I'm going to go back and clear presets out and redo. Anybody else having this issue?



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