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  1. Do we really want PMDG with their foul mouthed abuse of their customers?
  2. World of AI does work, but some models dont display correctly (they are probably fs9 models). Couple it with for real live traffic.
  3. A 1080Ti should power 3 screens, depending on resolution. If you are considering 3x4K, then you would probably need more. Try to avoid SLI if you can. It often causes micro-stutters and only works if the software/driver combination supprts it.
  4. Unless you have access to sales figures, you comment is pure BS. But kudos for towing the party line.
  5. At 20% I get hardly any traffic. I have the free FSUIPC and I dont think that version affects traffic. I usually run at 75%.
  6. There are lots of topics on this issue. Search them. Bottom line is that some people claim affinity/lassoo works for them, others disagree. You just have to experiment yourself. There is no universal solution.
  7. Sounds like a typical shill post, of which there are many here and elsewhere. You just regurgitate xp ###### cliches about flight dynamics, ortho etc. If p3d was so bad for you before, why didnt you jump to xp earlier? Funny that you dont mention any of the many faults with xp like atc, weather, simple bugfixes that havent been applied yet. You sound sure that big name addons will come, but you have no proof of that. You are just dancing to the same shill tune. The p3d forums will no doubt be a better place, until you predictably start trolling there and behaving like another well trained austinite. The minions are well trained and they deserve what they earn. That said, I'm happy you have found a sim you like.
  8. Not really. If they are merging two products, then the price of the merged product will be at least the cost of the individuaL packages. Global = $100 AUS, Vector = $80 AUS. New product (Globtor, Vectobal, whatever) would be at least $180 AUS. Unless they are not just a 'Profits Über Alles' company. We shall see.
  9. Presumably with a unified price hike as well.
  10. Absolutely. But gamers coming to flight sims probably don't know that. But can it run Crysis? But can it run a flight sim maxed at 60FPS, hell no.
  11. I suspect it's because, for most games and gamers, 60FPS is the minimum.
  12. Dear Santa. I've been a very good boy this year, so peerrrlllleeeeeeaaaaaasssseeee...
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