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  1. enek0id

    Autogen disappearing... caused by unlimited frames?

    The same for me. I don't know why, probably the internal fps limiter is buggy since long time, because also with v2 and v3 people used nVidia inspector to lock frames. If you want to try an alternative fps limiter, use MSI Afterburner with Riva Tuner (and keep unlimited fps ingame of course). Personally, after many experiments I managed to get rid of autogen and black texture anomalies (never had blurries) with the following settings: - Fast Sync in nVidia 3D settings - unlimited fps and Vsync off in Prepar3D settings - TEXTUREMAXLOAD=30 and TEXTURE_BANDWIDTH_MULT=160 in Prepar3D.cfg
  2. enek0id

    CPU or GPU? my upgrade suggestion

    Yes you are correct, my estimation of 10-15 fps is based on his configuration (i7 2600K @ 4,4 GHz + GTX 1070) at 1080p though. If he has an average of 40-45 fps now, with a 7700K @ 4,8 GHz (easily achievable even with an air cooler) he would get 50-55. CPU is the bottleneck at 1080p, and +40-50% IPC would give +20-25% fps IMHO. There are too many parameters, including P3D internal settings, it's very difficult even to give a rough estimation actually.
  3. I will give you my impressions and personal opinions, having tested them both. Graphically, P3D v4 looks much better once you install at least ORBX FTX Global textures. You can save money on HD trees, since the default animated 3D trees look awesome. I like P3D graphics much more than XP11's, which looks underwhelming to me even after tweaking it and installing HD mesh, water overhaul and VFR landmarks, because glitches such as color banding on sky and water and reflection bugs persist, ruining the experience. On the other hand, XP gives you the opportunity to download real world ground textures from Bing, Google maps, etc. and improve at least the look of the terrain significantly, at the cost of much time to be spent looking for good sources and downloading, and huuuuge amounts of hard disk space. P3D v4 ATC is basically the same as FSX and therefore much better than XP11's. In XP11 you can't even tune on ATIS frequencies and request airport directions and landing clearance in VFR flights, and often (always!) the controller keeps requesting for instructions you already have executed. XP11 ATC is very bad, I would not even consider it beta, rather alpha. On the simulation / flight model point of view (premise: I am neither a real life pilot nor an expert!) to me XP ground handling is terrible and the effect of wind gusts seems exaggerated. On the other hand, XP has sloped runways while P3D hasn't, and looks a lot smoother than P3D at fps <30. Add-ons: yes, most P3D add-ons are payware. Real world weather, however, can be obtained for free with FSXWX + FSUIPC (the unregistered version works just fine). Altough with the sad, strictly personal consideration that all flight simulators currently available for PC are still underdeveloped with respect to the hardware potentialities, I believe that P3D could give you something - at least something "different" - in addition to XP11 experience. So if you have money to invest, you may consider to buy P3D as well.
  4. enek0id

    CPU or GPU? my upgrade suggestion

    I was talking about the overall IPC increment indeed, which is highlighted by synthetic benchmarks. Of course +50% * IPC is very different from +50% * fps in gaming! From a 2600K at 4.4 GHz to a 7700K at 5 GHz I would expect +10-15 fps in Prepar3D. If it's worth the upgrade, it only depends on the OP pockets :)
  5. enek0id

    CPU or GPU? my upgrade suggestion

    OMG That website is well known to be rubbish, it's just self-generated numbers based on an algorithm, please! Check the link I provided and the following: http://www.gamersnexus.net/guides/2867-intel-i7-2600k-2017-benchmark-vs-7700k-1700-more/page-2 https://www.hardocp.com/article/2017/01/13/kaby_lake_7700k_vs_sandy_bridge_2600k_ipc_review/4
  6. enek0id

    CPU or GPU? my upgrade suggestion

    Mine is not delidded and rock stable at 4,9 GHz - 1,25 V. Besides, between 2xxx generation (Sandy Bridge) and 7xxx (Kaby Lake) there is a 30% average IPC improvement. https://www.pcper.com/reviews/Processors/Intel-Core-i7-7700K-Review-Kaby-Lake-and-14nm/Clock-Clock-Kaby-Lake-Skylake-Broad Therefore a 5 GHz 7700K is about 50% faster than a 2600K @ 4,4 GHz.
  7. Bing is the default and is fairly good in general, but has some issues in certain regions, such as clouds and different color tones due to photos taken at different time of the day. Checking Bing Maps would be a good solution to prevent downloading of these bad tiles. At least in central Italy I found the issue with the different tone color in the same tiles I downloaded. Google maps have the same issue in the same spot, actually! In general I observed that local sources (IT for Italy, SE for Sweden, FR for France, etc.) are better. Cheers
  8. enek0id

    CPU or GPU? my upgrade suggestion

    Yeah, probably the GTX 970 is a bottleneck there, having only 3,5 GB of available VRAM...
  9. enek0id

    CPU or GPU? my upgrade suggestion

    For your information between Sandy Bridge and Kaby Lake i7s there is also a substantial improvement in IPC (+30% avg), therefore you don't have to look only at the frequency. Even at the same frequency a 7700K is much faster than a 2600K. https://www.pcper.com/reviews/Processors/Intel-Core-i7-7700K-Review-Kaby-Lake-and-14nm/Clock-Clock-Kaby-Lake-Skylake-Broad
  10. enek0id

    Water reflections bug

    How could that not be a priority?
  11. Hi Guys, I have read many threads, searched many websites, but could not manage to find a fix for this. Can you help? Any chance it will be fixed on 11.02 final? Thanks for any suggestions.
  12. enek0id

    Fast Sync

    I use fast sync anyway, and though obviously I cannot reach a framerate higher than my refresh rate, I get the advantages of vsync disabled without tearing or input lag induced by vsync on + triple buffering.
  13. enek0id

    Autogen V4

    The situation drastically improved for me by setting autogen draw distance to max, eventually decreasing building and trees density if the framerate suffers in proximity of large cities. Cheers
  14. Hello Everybody, First of all I apologize for my English (I am Italian). If something is not clear please let me know. I have read some reviews and watched some videos of this new FS under development, and I am getting curious. It seems to me that it can grant a photorealistic experience with very good performance (so far, we will see when a full weather implementation and AI traffic will be included) but two aspects raise my concern for the future of the project: 1. The size of the DLCs*: as far as I understood, at the moment we are talking about 100+ GBs for only part of the USA territory with few airports. When (and if - how long will it take?) the entire world will be covered, the size of the full package will be insane, unless they are working on some more efficient compression system for the scenery (are they?) *This is the reason why I did not buy XPlane 11 after having tested it: the default scenery is underwhelming and even covering small parts with good orthophotos requires terabytes of space! 2. The final cost of the sim package. I would prefer to invest 100-200 $ today and be assured that I will get the full package when it's ready, rather than spending 50 $ at a very early stage of the project and being totally unaware of the cost of the future DLCs. In my opinion a flight simulator conceived to be competitive with XPlane and Prepar3D must cover the entire world with homogeneous scenery quality since the beta (or at least v1.0). I would like to know the opinions of people who are testing Aerofly FS 2. Thank you for any comments :) Happy landings.
  15. enek0id

    Blurry Textures?

    Try it on a clean install. You should have no blurries at all with your config, especially the OP.