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  1. Not really tho, everything is going MUCH faster than any other sim launch.
  2. Im dying to get a beat up 727. If nothing Come soon i'll have to make it myself 😄
  3. Im baffled as to how they didnt see all those problems themselves. Just looking at the PR screenshots was enough to know that this wasnt ready. Pity, because it would not take a crazy amount of work to make it acceptable.
  4. Its an easy fix, but not a code one. Just flip the windshield UVs upside down. i guess they didnt read the SDK 🙂
  5. Take a look at the SDK, it has a sound section.So study that. Then study the Wwise sound engine MSFS uses.
  6. Amen to that! Especially where there is no real artistic fiber needed. It is more technical than it is art in that case. Now dont get me wrong, some texturers out there are bloody wizards. Hopefully he gets enough cash to hire someone that can update the textures, because, really, with good textures, this plane can be awesome. The exterior already look quite good. Good textures, a few subdivision modifiers here and there, and you have a great VC.
  7. You would be surprised as to what can be acomplished in "such a short time". Now maybe they dont know how to, maybe the guy isnt a great texture artist. But there are millions of free ressources and tutorials on the topic everywhere, so really, it doesnt take much to someone to make good texture after a few days of pratice and training. It wouldnt be AAA level, but at least we could look at it without being nauseous...
  8. I refrainedfrom saying anything, but i have to agree. There is NO reason to release it in such a state. They could have done much better, with very little effort. Specially in 3D and texturing. It looks like they couldnt be bothered. I dont want to diss the devs, i know how long and tedious the process of creating an aircraft is, but the SDK excuse IS NOT ALWAYS VALID. Cant animate the wipers because of the SDK....im sorry, WHAT??
  9. woops, Upside down UV map, easy fix, make sure you tell them.
  10. Guys, Beaver is still going, but i'll be away for a while on a bit of a payware venture. 🙂 more to come 🙂
  11. Doest matter how much it is, you SHOULD get what you paid for, otherwise the sale is not valid
  12. Its just position and angle from a specific point (called the Datum). Its simply x, y, z coordinates. Its in the camera cfg. Maybe try playing around with some values. You could also do it thru the devmode aircraft editor, by opening a dummy project. But surely the values in your cfg are the same as everyone else, so why its acting up i dont know. You dont have track ir or any other camera mods?
  13. And that wouldnt help you since the referencer point from wich the measurements starts is so different with every aircraft 🙂 i'll talk to Wookiee about it, we'll figure something out.
  14. Heard echos about this, on forums and discord channel. Aparently Scruffyduck has done an AMAZING job with it.!
  15. Thanks! Dont worry, your not the first ask, and it might come as an option in the next iteration, as aparently, one goose had aftermarket water rudder fitted.
  16. Thay landing was amazing 🙂 you got caught by the idle monster at the end 🙂
  17. But yea such a big change is pretty strange. Maybe turbulence, the atmospheric sim is a bit weird sometimes.
  18. I dont think you should treat the trim as an AP 🙂 its always gonna need tiny adjusments.
  19. Water rudder on a Goose? No no no no 🙂 Thats not fun 🙂 althought i admit the differential throttling needs tweaking 🙂
  20. On a serious note, its being worked on, but it will need more time to be released.
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