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  1. Thats IRL. But my understanding is that the MSFS APPR mode is just a glorified LOC capture (bit more gentle than NAV) attached to a vertical capture at 3degrees slope. I can capture a VOR in APPR mode. Just like i can capture an ILS loc in NAV (but thats normal).
  2. Hello. In what airplane is that? I actually had a hard time on the CJ4 Citation for the exact same reasons. Was on course ia NAV, route provided by the FMS (the GPS essentially). Then didnt want to mess with the FMS for the approach so switch to VOR to follow the procedure on the charts. Even when reseting the nav source of the PFD and MFD to VOR1 and VOR2, the AP would NOT follow the new source. But indeed, APPR mode would. Very strange.
  3. Lol 😄 Yea, thats what i'll fly wich is why i stated A32NX, wich is the mod's name. I think...
  4. Hey guys, So i kept away from the jets since launch, i was too busy flying GAs all over the planet. Now i feel like i should give them a go. Im used to the 737NG pmdg, and the Toliss A320. Now, i dont really feel like going from topic to topic to gather all little tips and tricks that would help me not crash into the Sahara desert. (first flight going from Fes in Morocco to Lanzarote) Not so much the operating part of any A320 since i kinda now the checklists already but I especially need advice on how to tame the NX and workaround the bugs and limitations of MSFS. Whats vital to know? What in your experience work best to avoid AP issues, rogue elevator, messed up FMS etc? Merci a lot!
  5. Weirdly had this happened to me once, on an approach in Italy. But the twist here is that i was on the Mooney, wich is steam panel. But same thing, everything pretty much frozen in place but still able to steer, accelerate, decelerate, just no moving needles or lcd's. And at about 5 nm from the runway everything started waking up again..
  6. 456.71 here too, and actaully, im not sure, need to do more testing, but think i see a few lag spikes, but maybe its just me.
  7. Holy Moly, ok, im just gonna fly the standard livs for now 😄 thanks
  8. Looks word not allowed good! And, i havent checked all the pages of V2 or V1, but how did you add a livery to the turbo? Is it a pain in the butt to do? Thanks!
  9. I see many other users of the moded A320 really happy and clocking may hours on it... So, how do they do it!? Its wizardry!
  10. I think we have enough G's for now. 😄 i want steam gauges!
  11. I think it just means processed, in their own system. Its gonna be looked at. Probably. Maybe. Hypotheticaly. Hopefully
  12. Do you realize i have to rob your house now... 😄
  13. Think it is now fixed in V2, these are screens of the V1 version
  14. How dare you say that, are you forgeting we had a Turbo V1 ? 😄
  15. Oh i think there is no way MS will allow mods outside of there marketplace. My guess is there will be lots of paid DLC (theres a term that didnt exist in the FS9 days 😄 ), and a few select freeware. But open modding for Xbox, i dont see it happening. Too risky, they cant let unaproved files enter their system. We all know how weak security in an MS OS can be 🙂
  16. Yep, for the Nevada one, skyvector is a must. Adds immensely to the realism and immersion. And usually, i go to devmode and change plane for something i prefer, like the CarbonCub or the Robin.
  17. Jokes on Asobo! They should have hired you! The Programming God himself!
  18. Yep, the lifting missions were pretty fun where you had to transport cargo with a cable.
  19. I would not say that MANY people see it in the thread you linked us. Its more or less exactly the same ratio as your onwn thread here.
  20. At least P3D had a submarine and buyancy(<---hw the hell do you spell that) 😅
  21. The response would have been way worse i think. Peope get mad at a simple Press Any Key screen so can you imagine.
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