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  1. I am too, im not really what they meant by that.Surely the CRJ is gonna have an FMS. And, we from FBW, that coding new lines and logic for a FMS is possible so maybe its just a money and time constraint for them. Dunno.
  2. I actually got a link from a friend and managed to get most of it. So yea. First the 310 early new year, then few months later the Porter. Then the Otter. And possibly in beetween those the 737.
  3. Free, its a port over but properly done, all 3D gauges, 4K Full PBR exterior, fs2020 animation logic etc. it still show its age in some aspect, but all in all, a very good WIP.
  4. Hey guus, Anyone followed the twitch live Milviz 1 or 2 days ago? Would you know what was said roughly? Thanks a lot 🙂
  5. Im going full steam on this, but per nature, it is a slow process 🙂
  6. Not mine, set to release soon, possibly in 2 or 3 weeks. 🙂
  7. Thanks very much! And dont pronounce the Carenado name around here 😄 And YES OF COURSE one of the cargo options will be beers 😄 There'll be a few, this was just a fun place holder radioactive texture for now 😄
  8. So i,ve been talking. Its very possible that a little someone might be onboard to take care of the FDE 🙂 Sssshhhh.
  9. I was talking about the Mooney textures. Those liveries are the same as the P3D version. And you brought the topic up so i dont really see how im diverting the conversation here. And please dont think you'r the only that have acces to top devs for feedback 🙂 Anyways, doesnt really matter that much 😛
  10. Yea but what is he comparing to when he talks about the default one?
  11. Well, you'r no trouble at all sir, but maybe you should adress the multiple comments that told you there is NO C208 Carenado in MSFS. it doesnt exist, wich is why we got confused, and even more when you kept talking about it even tho it doesnt exists....so yea...
  12. Other sources that tells you there's a C208 Carenado in MSFS?
  13. Well, that cuts 30% of the work... In my book thats a lot. And im sorry to say, but across all forums, you always seem a bit bitter in your responses. Almost as if your thinking to be better than anyone else. I get you did a lot of things for the community, some great stuff, but do we really need to have a p*ssing contest here? 😊 Ps:looks like they reused the same texture too...
  14. Yes, you'll see, its very rewarding (and frustrating :D)
  15. Dude, you've got a good thing going on here.Could be nice 🙂
  16. Exactly. With a source file for the 3D model, the port over is really not that hard. So i guess they have a good business model here..... To make money that is... To make us happy? Not so much...:(
  17. LOVE the PC6! Is that your own model?
  18. Its not a bug, they just forgot to model a colision box when they made the 3D model. Wich is even worse than a bug 😄 but i actually agree, i quite like it that way.
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