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    Aviation, recreational pilot, fly rental 172's out of KISP. Main passion is to be a bush pilot one day. Also enjoy chess, hunting, archery, camping, travel and Brazilian jiu-jitsu.

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  1. Thanks John, I'll try to look into that. Things seem to be getting more difficult w time in regards to computer knowledge needed to stay up to par with things. Anyway, yea I'll look in my config settings & see what I can do. Thanks again.
  2. Hello all, I just purchased the new KISP airport add-on from the XP store, its my home airport, and it is very realistic, I luv it, however I noticed one strange thing, the main heavy border lines, that are supposed to be yellow, like the taxiway or runway lines, they have a shade of purple over them, pretty much look full purple. Its not my monitor settings, & everywhere else in XP the lines are the correct yellow, but not in this add-on, was just wondering if anyone had any thoughts on this? Thanks.
  3. thanks much for the info, all the info out there is sure overwhelming, I'm probably going to hire a tech guy to come to my house to help set this all up, I'll show him your post here too. Thanks.
  4. ha, that’s awesome! I briefly went to one monitor on FSX right before I deleted everything for the heck of it & was like no way, once you go three you’ll never go back lol, so was just curious. I have an Aurora coming soon so psyched to get the 3 monitors set up with X Plane. Thanks much for heads up.
  5. Hi, I'm purchasing a new strong computer to set up X-Plane for first time, I was previously using FSX for years with 3 monitors, but now want to move to X-Plane but was just wondering is using 3 monitors with X-Plane do-able? I would think so but just curious if anyone had any input. Thanks.
  6. Hi, I’m thinking about trying live FSX-SE but I feel like it’s too much to take on? How is it? Any fun? I just need to go buy a mic head set?
  7. Hi everyone, not sure about the rest, but I enjoy mission add-ons to my FSX-SE, especially bush missions. I've had some great ones, like Air Alaska & Treasure Hunt, but my latest one, Beaver X Mission add-on seemed good for first few missions but now glitching. Main problem is objects not appearing where intended, like water not being where supposed to, so aircraft automatically in a "crashed" state & mission ends, or boats being about 100 ft above the ground. I ran my Steves DX10 fixer which always worked in the past but not this time. Sucks because it was fun while it lasted the 5 out of 12 missions. Just curious if anyone else runs into these issues with things not purchased direct from Steam official page? I would luv to buy from Steam but they have almost NO mission add-ons, only airports & aircraft. Thanks for any advice.
  8. hmmm, Josh, I was thinking that, and I'm almost looking for a reason to buy a new computer, I'm going to make sure I cant fix things, if not, I may have to get that toys r us feeling again & go shopping.
  9. much thanks to both you for the advice, I will look into what you both mentioned. I appreciate it alot.
  10. Hi, I have a fairly decent 2 yr old Alienware Aurora, 1080Ti, whole system set up for flight sim only, "FSX-SE". I recently had system freeze doing a default FSX-SE mission, Catalina Resort. I also notice sometimes white screen flashing when toggling from VC to spot view. Although I specked out the computer with a Dell rep & they said it was more than capable to handle FSX, I now have Orbx. I don't know, I'm starting to wonder if its the processor speed, its only 3.4 GZ, I'm thinking of selling computer & getting stronger one. Just curious, what is the average speed others use on here? Thanks.
  11. VeryBumpy, yes, your right! It is the Milvis lol, You know your stuff. And thank you very much for the info, I tried searching everywhere online for answers but couldn't find anything, you saved me a lot of time and headaches.
  12. Hi all, I apologize if this is a bad question, I've just been out of simming for awhile and getting back into it. So, I have FSX-SE and I want to buy an aircraft add-on, a DHC-2 Beaver from Aerosoft, and I noticed in the system requirements it says " DirectX®11 compliant video card". I think I have the Steves Direct 10 I think it is. I have that and Orbx. So, is Direct 11 available and should I get it and where from? Do I have to first delete Steves 10? Sorry for all the questions, I've been away for awhile. Thanks much for any advice.
  13. I'm going through similar issue right now trying to find "Flor fr Oro" airport in Bolivia on the FSX map, its part of a Rolling Cumulus bush mission I'm supposed to be flying to, but its not appearing on the map or the GPS map, its as if its not in the FSX database. Hope you find solution to your problem.
  14. Hi, I have a decent system, 1 yr old Alienware Aurora, I dont have the specs in front of me but had it designed for flight sim. it runs nothing else. I have 3 monitors running, & all seems good but I cant get over seeing screen shots on Steam pages for FSX-SE with users with very crisp clear images. I'm starting to think the three monitors running decreases the clarity of the program, any advice? Thanks much.
  15. Hi, I purchased a bush pilot add-on from Rolling Cumulus, and my destination airport, which is a real airport in Bolivia, (Flor De Oro Airport (SLFO) ), seems to not be in the database of FSX_SE. Maybe it was supposed to be added within the uploading of the add-on & I didn't load the files right, but either way it should still be in the main data files of FSX, right?
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