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  1. Anthony Biaggio

    Missing Airports

    I'm going through similar issue right now trying to find "Flor fr Oro" airport in Bolivia on the FSX map, its part of a Rolling Cumulus bush mission I'm supposed to be flying to, but its not appearing on the map or the GPS map, its as if its not in the FSX database. Hope you find solution to your problem.
  2. Anthony Biaggio

    Help increasing clarity 3 monitors

    Hi, I have a decent system, 1 yr old Alienware Aurora, I dont have the specs in front of me but had it designed for flight sim. it runs nothing else. I have 3 monitors running, & all seems good but I cant get over seeing screen shots on Steam pages for FSX-SE with users with very crisp clear images. I'm starting to think the three monitors running decreases the clarity of the program, any advice? Thanks much.
  3. Anthony Biaggio

    Missing airport missing FSX-SE

    Hi, I purchased a bush pilot add-on from Rolling Cumulus, and my destination airport, which is a real airport in Bolivia, (Flor De Oro Airport (SLFO) ), seems to not be in the database of FSX_SE. Maybe it was supposed to be added within the uploading of the add-on & I didn't load the files right, but either way it should still be in the main data files of FSX, right?
  4. A lot changed. I refreshed my entire fsx cfg, but what really did the trick was some weird tweak to my computer that I saw on YT video. Never heard of it. I typed “mscfg..”, something like that, into the “run” area in left hand corner of screen. Then over to a box menu containing my core info, clicked on advanced settings, and sure enough like the guy said by default only one core was activated. On drop down menu 8 of them appeared and set it to that. Like magic everything was much much better.
  5. Anthony Biaggio

    affinitymask i7 7700k

    I have i6700 with 8 cores. This driving me nuts. I have it at 255 right now affinity mask. I learned on a YT video to activate all my cores at once in “mscfg” in windows, something like that, and it improves everything a lot. Maybe i’ll just leave AM off.
  6. thank you very much i will try it soon. I was hesitant because so much text mushed together I can’t really tell where the 1070 material begins or ends but i’ll try. Thanks. also, I don't know how to insert photo on this site, when I click on insert media it says no attachments exist but I see no place to add them
  7. Hi all, I hope I'm posting in right section. Problem with running FSX-SE. I have a good 6 month old Dell Aurora R5, i6700, 3.4 GZ, 3 monitor setup, GTX 1080ti, don't have exact specs in frt of me, but I had it built decent for FSX. Recently, I cannot get the clarity part of the graphics that good, that is my main complaint. I understand on 3 monitors I shouldn't expect the same clarity/resolution as single monitor. I have tried some reputable tweaks, both in fsx.cfg and in Nvidia. I have purchased Steves Direct10 which helped decent amount. The only way the picture seems clear is on the center screen with overhead view, looking down, only then does the ground scenery look clear, otherwise looking out to distance & to the sides it appears blurryish, almost like a painting. I even tried changing the cfg LOD setting from 4.50000 to 6.0000, but did not change anything. Other points- I have the inside FSX autogen & scenery set to sparse. 6 months ago I upgraded from the 1070 to the 1080ti, but in the fsx.cfg file there is old 1070 text/file there, not sure if that's an issue. Also, after loading FSX the main page which used to have advertised photos of Steam sales & things like that on it, is gone, its just red & black text. To clarify, the VC & the aircraft itself looks great, its just the ground scenery, looks like a water painting unless doing birds eye view from above. Not sure what to do. I've read about deleting everything & then reinstalling, but I'm worried about loosing Direct10 & my Orbx. Any help I'll appreciate, Wish there were FSX field agents in every town that did house calls lol. Thanks very much.
  8. Anthony Biaggio

    Misson add-ons

    Hi all so I was wondering others experience with mission add-ons, especially bush flying ones. I've done all the ones available on the official Steam store, which isn't many. I've done a couple from a sim store, Air Alaska, etc, but just tried my 2nd add-on from "Rolling Cumulus", and no good. Tried many times to activate it, deleted & reloaded 3 times, & no good. It corrupted some files, well, was probably me trying so many ways to activate it that corrupted it, luckily I fixed it, but was a mess. I have a 3 monitor new Alienware geared up just for flight sim. Air Alaska was cool, official Steam "Treasure Hunt" was good. Have A2A software on a 172, as you all probably know they are amazing, wish they did missions too. What add-on missions do you guys have & enjoy?
  9. Anthony Biaggio

    Chart reading

    That one seems to be possibly under development, here is one I've used before at my local airport in NY.
  10. Anthony Biaggio

    Chart reading

    Thank you also, I will check this all out later tonight and hopefully get it to work in sync with FSX.
  11. Anthony Biaggio

    Chart reading

    That's awesome, I will check it out, I was thinking about this again last nite because the chart would obviously also give land elevation, something else that one would want to know. Thanks much.
  12. Anthony Biaggio

    Chart reading

    wow, looks like great idea, i'll check it out, thanks much, will def help to add to the experience.
  13. Anthony Biaggio

    Chart reading

    Hi, I have a comment. So, what I would really luv to be able to do, is you know when you pull up "world map" and it shows you your position & some of the other details? Well, the one thing they should have is to make it so you can hold a navigational plotter up to the screen to figure out VOR radials and bearings to destinations, to me that would make it much more realistic.
  14. Anthony Biaggio

    Treasure Hunt

    Awesome add-on! Wish there more like it!
  15. How is dangerous approaches? Anyone here try it? Also, I had what I think is a good idea, they should make an Amelia Earhart mission add-on, that would be awesome.