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    Aviation, recreational pilot, fly rental 172's out of KISP. Main passion is to be a bush pilot one day. Also enjoy chess, hunting, archery, camping, travel and Brazilian jiu-jitsu.

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  1. Hi all so I was wondering others experience with mission add-ons, especially bush flying ones. I've done all the ones available on the official Steam store, which isn't many. I've done a couple from a sim store, Air Alaska, etc, but just tried my 2nd add-on from "Rolling Cumulus", and no good. Tried many times to activate it, deleted & reloaded 3 times, & no good. It corrupted some files, well, was probably me trying so many ways to activate it that corrupted it, luckily I fixed it, but was a mess. I have a 3 monitor new Alienware geared up just for flight sim. Air Alaska was cool, official Steam "Treasure Hunt" was good. Have A2A software on a 172, as you all probably know they are amazing, wish they did missions too. What add-on missions do you guys have & enjoy?
  2. FSX-MS

    That one seems to be possibly under development, here is one I've used before at my local airport in NY.
  3. FSX-MS

    Thank you also, I will check this all out later tonight and hopefully get it to work in sync with FSX.
  4. FSX-MS

    That's awesome, I will check it out, I was thinking about this again last nite because the chart would obviously also give land elevation, something else that one would want to know. Thanks much.
  5. FSX-MS

    wow, looks like great idea, i'll check it out, thanks much, will def help to add to the experience.
  6. FSX-MS

    Hi, I have a comment. So, what I would really luv to be able to do, is you know when you pull up "world map" and it shows you your position & some of the other details? Well, the one thing they should have is to make it so you can hold a navigational plotter up to the screen to figure out VOR radials and bearings to destinations, to me that would make it much more realistic.
  7. Awesome add-on! Wish there more like it!
  8. How is dangerous approaches? Anyone here try it? Also, I had what I think is a good idea, they should make an Amelia Earhart mission add-on, that would be awesome.
  9. I luv almost any type of bush flying add-on, this one is nice too, great graphics, but Ive only done like the first two missions or so because they are long, as in a long distant to fly. They were exciting so far so I will eventually finish them, but I'm doing a South America mission right now in a C206 Amphibian.
  10. HI all, new to this site, I purchased this and did this add-on, was a lot of fun. My future goal is to become a bush pilot, so I really took a liking to this mission, and looking for more!
  11. Just read this now, thanks much! Awesome info. I just did another donation also, this site is excellent. I'll check out what you recommended.
  12. Hi, I have a new good computer, 3 monitors, and have been having a good experience so far but wanted to let others know of a very good improvement I found, which actually may be outdated or well known, idk, because I'm kind of new to flight sim. I changed my config setting from "WideViewAspect=False" to "WideViewAspect=True". Objects that I couldn't see before appeared, the resolution increased significantly, and the field of view ability increased a lot also. I'm very happy with the change, its a whole new experience. Of course I don't know if this is because I'm running 3 monitor's or not, but I wanted to share this info regardless.
  13. So, was just curious, I luv missions, especially bush flying, did all the defaults, there's barely any in official FSX-SE store, so was wondering, on the various different sim stores that sell missions, is there a preferred company that's best? I know for aircraft there's A2A I think it is, I have a 172 from them and its amazing, but what about missions, anyone in particular? Thanks.
  14. I don't do chopper flights but I know in some of the airplane flights there are programmed engine failures that happen and you have to figure out what to do in that case to save yourself, you sure its nothing like that going on?
  15. I remember that one I think, in the Idaho forest or something?, it can take 45 min to 3 hrs? Yea, what I do anyway is after I find something and I'm very close, I turn on the mission pointer only then, just cause the mission may have a certain point where you need to pull up to. I'll tell you what, I luv missions, especially bush flying ones, did them all, now searching elsewhere for more mission add-ons because the official FSX store has almost none.