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  1. PepeBiondi

    FSX-SE to P3D v4

    Yes, but for almost all, no need to buy a new license, which is what the OP was concerned about I believe.
  2. PepeBiondi

    FSX-SE to P3D v4

    don-t know about UTX (even though I have it, didn't really look into getting the P3D4 version), but Active Sky, being he has purchased Active Sky 2016, he should be entitled to a free upgrade to ASP4
  3. PepeBiondi

    Had enough

    Yeah, sorry I don't really wanna be mean, but it doesn't seem like you bothered to check the minimum requirements in terms of hardware to be able to run these softwares properly... Probably the excitement of "getting it", but considering the amount of money, should have read a bit first. Not sure what you can do about it at this point if you wouldn't be able to upgrade your computer, and maybe depends on how long ago you purchased it yuo may be able to get a refund from some of it (like P3D itself)
  4. PepeBiondi

    Had enough

    Not quite sure I understand the point of this post... Is it just a rant/tantrum? Clearly the OP is not even asking for help, so not really sure what he wants by posting this out here...
  5. PepeBiondi

    rob ainscough vr settings for 4.1

    Yes.. of course.. You actually think I'm NOT lazy enough to go back and edit..? :D
  6. PepeBiondi

    rob ainscough vr settings for 4.1

    Also, not to the OP'squestion but to the guy that asked "what's the fun of VR", you can also give AF2 a try...
  7. PepeBiondi

    P3D - Thanksgiving potential release hype

    NO, actually NORTH America has had enough... there's pretty much squat for South America. i would rather have that than Asian stuff...
  8. PepeBiondi

    The case for FSX...

    Yeah, change is scary...
  9. Interesting. Good to know, thanks.
  10. Why would it be X-Plane when he has said (for quite some time now). That "project X" was cancelled and that they won't be releasing anything into X-Plane..?
  11. PepeBiondi

    Black Friday Deals

    You mean the same forum this thread is on...?
  12. PepeBiondi

    Still problems with ASUS Motherboards?

    What? Not really sure where on earth you heard that from (or why even there would be a problem between a motherboard and a pmdg product for that matter...). Asus motheboards are among the best around.
  13. PepeBiondi


    Devs have implemented measures to fight piracy for decades, this is nothing new. Requiring a mandatory constant connection borders the ridiculous, and especially because as it has been pointed out numerous times, this only affects the paying customer, pirates get around it anyway one way or the other...
  14. PepeBiondi


    I will call your "naive" and raise you an ignorance. If that is your particular case, I would avise you to get more savvy with your computer, networking in general, and run packet captures once you've figured out how to lock your computer...
  15. PepeBiondi


    I welcome you to unplug your computer from the internet and see what (if anything) stops working when you sim.